Q&A: “Do Same Sex Twin Flames exist?”

5 Jun
Same sex twin flames
This week’s question comes from Tatiana B.: “Do Same Sex Twin Flames exist?” Thank you so much for this important question, Tatiana! I have not seen this really discussed much in Twin Flame circles, and I am happy you gave...
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Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 1st-7th June

1 Jun
Sagittarius full moon Twin Flames
An intense week ahead – especially for communication and emotions – with a Full Moon in Sagittarius challenging Neptune and Gemini Sun/Mars, while Mercury continues his Retrograde.  Have you noticed the busy, stressed out vibe around lately? Three important planets are currently...
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Twin Flame Ascension Message Summer 2015

27 May
We are still in the midst of a cosmic purge as a part of the ongoing Twin Flame Ascension process, and I have been asked to bring through a message from spirit: “Dear ones, we know these past few months have been...
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