Q&A: Twin Flames and Psychics – “Why Am I Getting Such Conflicting Messages?”

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Identifying the True Twin Flame Connection – Why some Psychics add to the confusion and tell Twins things like it’s “impossible” to come together: Plus the secret lesson your Soul is trying to teach you with all of this …


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As I’m sure you know by now with Energy clearing and spiritual guidance no one rule fits. We all have a different journey and are at different stages of develoment.

With that in mind I know awakening and being a Twin Flame can be a challenging journey. It’s not something “regular” people can always help us with or even understand – sometimes we feel the need to talk to someone who “gets it” and can help us unlock certain issues or questions we may have…

For a long time I’ve been asked for a solution to this for you to speak to someone who can provide insight and real assistance.

If you’ve been looking to talk to a psychic to get insight into your unique situation but please first have a read of my helpful tips I’ve created below before you do to get the best results –

**5 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Talk To A Psychic**


#1) Everyone’s Channel and Abilities are Different

When you talk to a psychic, remember that you’re talking to a human being who’s grown up in a particular situation, has had years of life experiences that have coloured their perceptions, and who has taken on certain beliefs and energies from people around them.

This means that no matter how amazing a person’s clairaudient or clairvoyant abilities may be, the information is usually being transmitted through a vehicle (the human) that can distort or misinterpret the information. 

Usually psychics who are reliable will get important information such as the identity of a Twin in a number of different ways for verification.

This is how I’ve worked myself. Identifying a Twin Flame is not something to take lightly, because the answer will strongly impact the life and emotions of the readee. So look for someone who takes your Twin Flame connection as seriously as you yourself do.

For example, a reliable psychic will use several methods of receiving your answer, for maximum accuracy. They may feel the energy (clairsentience) of the connection between you and the person you’re asking about, then they will receive symbolic imagery (clairvoyance) from their higher self and guides indicating what the connection is, and they will also have the information verified in the form of automatic writing or auditory information (clairaudience).

If you are speaking to a psychic who tells you right off the cuff “No, this isn’t your Twin” – be wary. This is a hunch, it’s not verified information!


Be mindful of whom you choose to speak to and always read testimonials from previous clients. If in doubt, ask the person what work they do prior to giving readings – how do they connect to spirit, and how do they clear their channel on a regular basis? Not everyone who claims to be psychic is actually able to get you clear and truthful information

#2) Your Energy and Mindset Influence Their Ability to Access Truth

When you go to a psychic, you’re not only bringing your mind, you’re bringing your whole energy field with you. Even if you’re talking over Skype or on the internet in a chat box. When the psychic attempts to read you, your energy field is the first thing they come into contact with.

This means that if you’re nervous about the answer you might get, your energy field will be chaotic and make it harder for them to read you. You and your stress can even block the psychic from accessing your guides to get the right information. Or if you have a lot of other people’s energy in your space, this will also negatively impact the clarity of information.

Subconscious counter-intentions can also influence the results you get with a psychic. If you’re terrified of what answer you might get, your energy will be powerfully directed to protect you and this means you could be blocking the psychic from reading you properly.


For best results when getting a reading, clear your energy beforehand and come to the session in “peak state”, i.e. be calm and open. Set the intention that the person will always be giving you information that is truthful and to your highest good.

(If you’re interested in getting easy, quick ways to clear your energy regularly both for increased wellbeing, to speed up the release and Ascension process and to tune into your own inner knowing – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.)

#3) You Are Learning a Lesson About Self Empowerment and Self Trust

One of the biggest lessons we’re asked to learn in this life – in fact, we ourselves have set to learn this – is self trust and self empowerment. We are being reminded to stop looking outside ourselves for answers all the time. And sometimes the lesson is presented in a tough way because we haven’t been listening.

The truth, you see, is that you as an energetic being have access to any information you desire – you have the ability to read energy and connect to information once you remember or are reminded how to.

Your soul carries within it the blueprint information of who your Twin Flame is and why you are on earth right now, and your emotions and energy will always show you a clear path for how to get back to Unconditional Love and togetherness if you just tune in and stop questioning your inner knowing.


Write down a list of the questions you want answered, and ask your soul and your higher self to deliver you the answers somehow.

Sometimes you will be denied getting the information from another human source, in order for you to learn how TRUTH feels in your body. This is part of the path back to self empowerment: Knowing that you don’t need other people to tell you what’s true for you.

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#4) You Already Know Who Your Twin Flame Is

Again, the knowing of who your Twin Flame is, is already in you. The awareness of who your Twin is, is as basic to who you are as a soul, as your own name is to you as a human being. It’s always there. The issue is that you as a human being have been taught that you are small and have limited awareness, and that you should look to others for answers.

Therefore, your soul and your higher self might at times block you from getting genuine answers from others – in the effort to teach you to go within and realize what you knew all along.


When you feel that you can’t get clear answers no matter who you turn to or how much you read, take this as a sign that you’re being asked to go within. Meditate, spend some time relaxing your mind on a daily basis. As little as 5 minutes a day will make a positive difference.

This helps attune you to your inner truth. As said before, you already know. All you have to do is clear out congested energy, stop your mind from questioning everything, and listen to what your heart and your soul is telling you. 

If you’re interested in getting easy, made-for-you energy clearing tools and guided meditations for attuning to your intuition and reconnecting with your Twin on a soul basis, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program – created as an empowering step by step roadmap to Twin Flame Union

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#5) You Might be Asking The “Right” Questions But The “Wrong” Way

Spirit and our souls work in what often seems like mysterious ways to us here on earth. They do this in order to help us evolve and learn and grow.

For example, if you ask a psychic “Is X my Twin Flame?” looking for a Yes or No answer, this doesn’t teach you much.

In fact, in disempowers you because it encourages you to keep looking outside yourself for answers and this in turn robs you of creative power over your life. It contributes to making you a passenger in life rather than the driver of your destiny.

Same with questions along the lines of “When will my Twin and I reunite?”

On the other hand, if you ask “How can I best tune into knowing and feeling who my True Twin Flame is?” or “How can I speed up the process of reuniting with my Twin, and make the journey happy?” spirit will gladly help you. In fact, they may show you useful ways of doing this and help you actively.

Because the above is seen as an empowering question, because you will learn something from it – to connect back with your innate abilities. Your truth. It will strengthen you.

Your soul and guides will gladly answer any question that seeks to learn something rather than just being told.


Be mindful of how you phrase questions when you speak to an intuitive. You may want to write things out in advance. Questions that are designed to get a Yes/No answer are rarely effective with getting real answers from spirit.

This isn’t because they don’t want to answer you – it’s because they are aware of a multitude of other factors involved which you don’t know about. And to them the situation might be more complicated than what a simple “yes” or “no” can convey. 


From Hazy to Even Hazier

Often this journey can feel hazy at best, and it often seems like there are dozens of things going on behind the scenes with learning lessons, ego involvement, karmic patterns and so on.

So at some point on this path, many if not most of us choose to turn to an intuitive, a psychic or a spiritual channel to get answers and guidance.

However, what most often happens here, is that we end up getting conflicting feedback, confusing advice and even discouragement – and we end up feeling perhaps even worse than we did before reaching out for help.

The True Twin: How Do You Ever Really Know?

The most common source of confusion lies in the truth of the Twin Flame connection. Often Twins talk to one psychic who confirms that the person they’re with is indeed their Twin Flame, only to later talk to another psychic who says that it’s not their Twin.

In some cases a psychic might even claim that it is impossible for you and your Twin to come together in this lifetime and that you should simply focus on your life and give up on the whole idea of being with your Twin Flame, otherwise known as the infamous “You have to let them go” or “You have to release them” lines.


Confusion Comes from Other People

I experienced this confusion and disappointment myself early on with my journey, and I see it happening to Twins all the time.

In fact, one of the first things my Twin imparted to me when we began connecting was “Do not listen to the ‘mainstream’” – he said that speaking to non Twins about this journey would only confuse and disappoint me.

“Listen to your inner knowing instead,” he said. I’ve kept this up as best I could for years now, and it’s saved me from hurt many a time.

Along the way I’ve also discovered just how much of a wealth of information our souls, guides and higher selves actually help us connect with if we just pay attention and stop looking to the outside world for answers and advice.




Remember that you can always ask your guides and your soul to answer questions directly, without you having to go through a psychic. Write down your questions, put the note under your pillow and ask that the questions are answered through a dream or some inner knowing you connect with.

Then be open to keeping a dream journal, and you’ll soon find you’re learning a lot more than just that one answer.

A few months ago I found the first note I ever wrote after encountering my Twin in dreams years ago.

I asked who he was to me (I didn’t know about Twin Flames then) and how we could connect more. It wasn’t long before my questions were answered and much more, through a variety of sources and in an array of different ways.

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


PS: If you are looking for some guidelines around the most common signs and indications of a True Twin Flame Connection, I’ve written about that here.



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