Relationship Karma

17 Jan


Is Negative Karma Blocking Your Relationships?

Do you feel like when you pray and set intentions for your dreams to come true, all that happens is that things get worse?
Do you have someone you can’t stop thinking about and being drawn to no matter how badly they hurt you? (Like your soul is pulling you towards them to resolve something once and for all?)
When you look back to childhood, do you feel that your relationship with parents/caretakers as a child is somehow reflected in how your adult relationships have been? I.e. if you were always trying to please mother or father but they never seemed to truly recognize or appreciate you the way you desired
Do one or both of you periodically “escape” from the relationship either physically or emotionally (withdrawing) - especially in order to feel calm and “normal” again?
Have you experienced abandonment or being cheated on or feeling let down in love repeatedly?
Do you feel like no matter what you think or hope or intend or how positive you are, things just don’t change?
Do you feel like you have kept meeting the same kinds of people over and over in love?
When you’re with the person you have an intense connection with (most likely your Twin Flame), you feel like they bring out the worst in you - all your insecurities, your fears, your “ugly” traits (fear, anger, vengefulness, jealousy)? Even if they also bring out the "best" in you?
With this person, did you come together in a sudden and unexpected way, and did it all began with intensity? Then as time goes on it feels less like love holding you together than some underlying feeling of not being able to let go?
Do you have strong fears of things you haven’t experienced in life - such as a fear of water even though you’ve never been in danger from drowning, or fear of dogs even though you’ve never been hurt by a dog in life, or fear of someone betraying you with another even though you’ve never actually been cheated on in life - or similar issues?
Do you have recurring patterns in love - the same kind of themes repeating?
Have you met people in life where you felt you “already knew each other”?
Do you feel like “destiny” has been working against you in your love life?
Do you have one person in your life (most likely your Twin) where you somehow mysteriously always keep coming back together no matter how bad things get? Even if you hurt each other, you keep ending up with each other as if some force is pulling you together?
With this connection, do you share a deep emotional or physical connection - especially with an addictive quality to it?
No matter how badly this particular person hurts you emotionally, do you still feel drawn to come back together?

Do you have dreams that are about the past, including the far past such as things that seem to be about situations hundreds or thousands of years ago?
Do you have physical symptoms that don’t have a clear cause? I.e. a rash, digestive issues with no allergies or clear diagnosis, repeating headaches, sensitivities to people/places/things without there being a clear physical cause?
Despite challenges, do you for some reason feel unable to permanently walk away from the relationship even though it’s hard to be involved with this person?
Do you feel like outside people just don’t understand how you *feel* on the inside about this person? Maybe they try to talk you out of being together...
Do you find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster of extreme highs and lows in this relationship?
Do you have “irrationally strong” (i.e. not logical or reasonable) reactions to what others experience as regular events? Such as, hysteria over thoughts of someone cheating on you, threats to end your life if someone will leave you… Extremely strong feeling and sensation reactions that are more intense than the situation may warrant.

  • Alyson Jadlocki

    51…..yeah seems about right….I know I’ve got some things to work on. Thanks for this quiz.

  • Angela

    71 – I need to get down to some serious work – enough avoidance

  • Amber Johnson

    85. I knew it was gonna be high. Things are incredibly intense right now. In fact, he is currently (as I type this) selling his car for a bus ticket to run…again. We had an intense argument 2 days ago…
    4 days ago….2 weeks ago…a month ago.
    Its always over the same issues. We both say we need to stop, we both say we are never going back. And then a day or two goes by and we miss each other so much we cant stand it.
    This is hell. We can stand to be apart from each other…yet we cant get along.. No matter how hard we try.
    I feel I’m going crazy. He feels like he’s growing calloused.
    How can i stop this cycle?

  • Stephanie Pugh

    Hello everyone just joined Happy To Be Here!!!! I’m Stephanie

  • Thank you

  • I’ve got 43.

  • Wes

    My score was 46. I’ve taken this quiz before, months ago. Both times it came out as medium. I wonder how much really is his part as suggested in the explanation.
    I still work on myself and do the clearings fairly often.