What's Your True Energy Vibration?

28 Nov


Discover Whether You’re Really Open To Unconditional Love and Reunion - A Quiz To Find Out How Harmonized You Really Are

Do you feel that the people around you value you and treat you well?
What kinds of romantic partners have you tended to have in life?
Do you feel scared/anxious/sad/vulnerable from being separated from your Twin Flame?
When was the last time you gave to or helped someone without expecting anything in return?
Do you feel that other people or outside forces are sabotaging or getting between you and your Twin Flame?
When was the last time you smiled at a stranger?
How do you see yourself? As an Infinite Soul in a human body or as just a “regular human being”?
Do you keep having bouts of running/chasing with your Twin?
Do you feel mostly tired and heavy or mostly vital and energized?
When you receive spiritual guidance, what is it like?
When was the last time you talked negatively about someone else, no matter what reason?
When was the last time you felt a glowing sense of inner peace knowing that life is a miracle unfolding for you?
Are you able to connect fully to the present now moment and feel good?
When was the last time you talked down to yourself or felt bad about your appearance or abilities?
How do you feel about the future? For your Twin Flame connection especially
When was the last time you felt irritated at someone stuck in ego or 3D modes of acting/thinking?
When was the last time you did something to show love for yourself and nurture yourself regardless of anyone else?
When was the last time you felt nervous, anxious or worried?
When was the last time you laughed, belly laughs?
When was the last time someone angered you?
When was the last time someone treated you unfairly?
Do you believe that life is hard and that it is meant to involve suffering, or do you believe that it is or can be, joyous and easy?
Is your income high enough to make you feel abundant and appreciated?
How do you feel about people who oppose your views - i.e. if you’re a Democrat how do you feel about Republicans, if you’re an Environmentalist, how do you feel about people who don’t Recycle and so on?
Do you trust that things occur as they are in alignment/“divine timing”?
Does the state of the world/politics/the environment anger or sadden or upset you?
Do you feel safe and right to show your true self to others? And do you know what your deeper identity is?
Do you feel powerful? Like a divine soul in a human body?
Do you believe that the Twin Flame journey is a struggle?
When was the last time you felt a glowing sense of love for every living being on the planet?
Do you spend time analyzing the “spiritual side of life” and in-depth information such as which ray you belong to, or not being able to rest your mind until you “understand” why your Twin said such-and-such or why you are feeling a certain way?

  • Kimberley Anne

    Thanks Cassady for making this quiz! I’ve been working with clearing blocks to abundance and there has been a lot of discussion around the David Hawkins scale and how it relates to our path. I really enjoyed finding out where I stand on a broader spectrum and how it relates to the energy of union with my twin.

    • Thanks Kimberley!

      Glad you liked it : )That was actually one of my “gateways” into energy healing – an abundance/spiritual growth program I took at the beginning of my journey which completely transformed my set point and I realized how profound energy work can be. From then on, I became a clear channel and spirit suggested I start this blog and sat me down to create the program… Energy work is so exciting, can open us and our lives up in the most amazing way!

      Sending you love and light <3 x

  • Annie

    I scored 404.. i guess it’s not bad.. but could be better… working on it.
    Cassady why when me and my twin seem to be getting closer something always happen that he ends up pushing me away? For the first time I was verbally angry with him. Maybe to shake him up a bit. Anything triggers his anger. I wish I knew better what happened to him. But he has a tendency to push people away, like his parents and sisters.. i wish I knew what happened to him. The other night I dreamt he was so angry with me cos he thought i wouldn’t wait for him.. and funnily enough i told him that in real life but doesnt believe him. I send him love. And love and light to you yoo. I loved the quiz. Thank you so much xx

    • You can clear your Twin’s anger with/for them – try the Inner Child healing, you can really help someone who’s “stuck in ego” shift out of negativity very swiftly that way by bypassing their defences. And it’s in alignment with free will <3 Sending you love and light x

  • Cazan Mihaela

    Wow!! That’s great…I’ve scored 476 after almost 4 month of using every single day all’ of your meditations just the way I felt!! I’m so happy!!! Thank Cassady, I love you very much for showing me the right way to live my Life and understanding it more!!

  • Renegade1122

    Very cool Cassady, I’m at 430! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next week.

    • Well done Renegade1122! Yes, I love quizzes, the spirits were smart when they suggested this one! We can have fun and get something useful at the same time!<3

  • Mark McAdams

    I scored 523. I want to go higher on the chart. Thank you for this great quiz. Glad your guides got you to do it.

    • Well done Mark! And yes, I agree it’s an amazing journey – it’s incredible to be able to rise and rise and gain new perspectives and experience new things and expand into “heaven on earth”! <3 x Cassady

  • TwinFlameAngel

    Cool quiz. 318.
    I’m still growing.

    • It’s a journey TwinFlameAngel – congrats on rising up! <3 x

  • Anna N

    Wow! 548! My inner work past years has really paid off! And I remember all the lower states I’ve been through on my way to inner peace and love for all. Thank you so much for guidence! Even though I found this Amazing blog not long ago, it always resonates with my latest insights and The energier I feel. That gives me spiritual confidence and ease. Thank you!

    • That’s so wonderful! That’s when you know you’ve really grown – when you look back and go “wow, that was how I used to feel?” <3 x Sending you love and light

  • Genee Williams

    This was so fun I have came a long way!

    • Great! Thanks for that – I’m so happy spirit suggested it : )

  • Angel Rose

    Thank you for this.. My result is 243.

    • Well done Angel Rose! You’re growing each and every day <3 Your Twin is right there with you – your other guides too but your twin's presence is right there. He's very proud of you and he doesn't want you to be sad x When you cry, he cries with you. He's showing me hugging you and giving you love <3

      Sending you love and light

      Cassady x

  • found

    564 😀 I have progressed lately <3

  • Isabelle

    Thank you so much Cassady :))
    358 about the middle of the scale and seems quite right to me : I feel like I am oscillating a lot between the top and the bottom of the energy field! I feel one moment great and like light and the next confused and worried, and mostly trying to find some balance into all that :-). Yes your energy tools management help me a lot, deep thanks for them <3

  • ShaMecha Simms

    This was great! Some of the questions were tough to answer as the wording didn’t always capture how I feel but my score (436) let’s me know I’m healing and pushing higher. I hope my twin feels the same way as me. Thank You!

  • Nicole

    Thank you so much! I only scored a 255, but recently my twin told me he never wanted to have contact with me again, so I have been hurting. However, I am looking forward to continue to do the work so we can be together.

  • ShaMecha Simms

    Wow I swear I just posted but I can’t see it. Anywhoo I scored a 436 and I do feel like I’ve made progress in the last several months. I hope my twin can feel it too.
    I enjoyed this quiz! The way some of the choices were worded gave me some hesitation on how to answer but I tried to go with gut.

    Thank you Cassady!

  • jul

    I scored 488. I reconnected with my twin flame through a mutual friend after a bad break up and since being with him for a year now I feel like my awakening process has skyrocketed due to a lot of insight on his part. Love this.

  • Y333

    what about free will? “to help my twin clear block from their side of connection” what if they dont want anyone mingeling with their energy? What if its not right to mess with their proccess? Isnt that against my twins free will if i go and do this cleanse thing with out asking or with out permission?? Also isnt that robbing them of their own experience of clearing their own blocks? i just dont want to break any universal laws, and id hate to rob him of his experience of learning his powers…. i just want to do whats right. These questions have been with me for a year now! And i cant find the answer…

  • Kerry Chu

    I have 545 🙂 Thank you for this fun quiz! Love you!

  • Marilena Fiscan

    Oh! 305 is OK. But I don’t know who my Twin Flame is!!!! I don’t have any idea!!!

  • Nicholas Joshua Parish

    375, it used to be 230 I guess I am growing overtime 🙂

  • mo15

    532! I knew it would be high… I can feel it! I can also feel it helping others around me, including my Twin Flame. Even though we live so far apart. I know that each Time I work on me and my abilities, journey, and others that cross my path, that it is helping him too. Thank you for this… Namaste to you in the very Highest with all my Unconditional Love that I have!!! <3 xoxoxo

  • Shali

    I have just literally had the concept of twin flames put in my face just a few weeks ago – and it resonates with the complicated relationship I’ve had for over 4 years. Some of my answers were eeny meeny miny mo as they fluctuate from day to day. I’m trying now to learn as much as I can to grow in this area that I have always just known but not explored.
    Thank you for so much awesome info it is greatly appreciated

  • Jennifer Moore

    Wow 479! My twin and I are not together in the physical but I feel her love all the time and mostly do not feel separated from her. I have done a lot of work, releasing negative attachments, self-love/self-acceptance, and am currently working on abundance. I feel more and more at peace with myself and the situation. I am a work in progress, but I feel so in awe and have such appreciation/gratitude for my journey and am proud of the progress I have made thus far. I’m excited to keep progressing and feel I am becoming more self-realized. Thanks for all you do Love, keep up the good work Cassidy and I look forward to seeing more of your great work! <3 <3 <3

  • MoonlightSeeker

    475 It has bees a very tough year for me. Healing and letting go, and learning. But it has definitely changed my life.

  • JH

    Wow, how funny I got 333!

  • Penny Phillips

    459 and getting higher daily until my twin Mike and I move in together very soon. Union is beautiful! We appreciate you so much for all you do. Mike and Penny

  • Matt Catlett (Matt)

    433. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken this quiz. I’ve recently been focusing on myself and took a break from thinking about the TF part of my journey and have been at peace recently so I came back just to check up. I could swear that I was going to get a much higher score… But, It’s still a very good score, just a little surprised. It dosnt really matter, I feel quite good about my progress anyway.

  • Kimberly Robertson

    Hi Cassady, thank you for sharing and caring. I scored 459. If I took this 2 months ago it would have been a completely different reading. I was so focused on my TF separation I was not growing and loving myself unconditionally. I went through soul shock that was so soulfully painful, I just was beside myself feeling close to deep depression. I became aware of how I valued others more than myself. Not again. So, I am at a stage now where I can speak my truths and feel balanced more than ever. I am hearing a lot these days, that people are seeing beauty in me. I take that as my inner light must be shining. It helps to have people like you who are here to help. thank you!

  • Athena

    442! I’m really excited and happy to see my score increase because I took the same quiz a couple of weeks ago and I was in the 350-400 range, I dont remember the exact number. But since then I’ve been doing the free energy clearing meditation tool nearly every day. I’ve done the Higher Heart Transformation journey once (I actually cried twice during this journey because I ‘saw’ my past hurt with my TF. I released it, and interesting enough, I saw my TF appear before me, took my hand, and released it with me — it was actually pretty cool). I’ve also completed the intense energy clearing session twice so far.

    My personal favorite, so far, is the intense energy clearing session 1. I feel much lighter and less worried after releasing negative energy related to past hurt, pain, and karma.

    My TF (or at least I perceive him to be) has had moments of running, especially because our situation isnt the most ideal for reunion (i.e. we cannot reunite without deeply hurting other people involved in our lives). However, since I started several of the energy cleansing programs, I feel a sense of peace with where I’m at. It’s a peace with my journey, my situation, and whatever happens. It’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve learned to let things flow and unfold, rather than trying to worry about the future or lament any past decisions. Super cool to see that reflected in my higher score compared to when I first took it weeks ago without doing any inner soul work or energy clearing!

    I’ve only just started the vibration alignment program so I cannot say much about it, but I am excited to take this quiz again next month to see where I stand!

  • Kym

    I loved the quiz but my twin flame and I are not physically together, so I’m not sure all of the quiz applied to me. In this last year he has come to me in my dreams, a few times, unexpectedly. I know what he smells like, we’ve kissed, we’ve been intimate, we’ve cuddled, held hands & I’ve actually felt him in bed with me but I’ve never seen his face. I’ve been single since 2004, I had a handful of casual dates in 2008-2011 but as I became more honest with myself I realized they weren’t what I wanted. I vowed to never settle again. So for the past 13 years I’ve been doing deep work. I was in a local store about a month ago, I passed a man and I felt our hearts actually connect, my heart was beating so fast, we were going opposite ways, I don’t know why I didn’t look at him at that point in time, but when he was at the other end of the aisle he looked back at me but there were people between us so I didn’t get a good look at him. This meeting haunts me! I’m 61 and didn’t believe I could ever feel that way again. It was only a few moments in time, but it was intense for a chance meeting! I was thrilled to see I’m in the #4 category. I think it’s time to download the material you are offering. Perhaps this will bring us(whoever he is) together in physical manifestation. Thank You for all the info you put out for twin flames. I appreciate you!

  • Mm

    501as of today…now I see the results of this year’s unimaginable work I did with the great help of my soul family,angels and the universe. Can’t believe however I can feel it,every day. I now understand the purpose and meaning of all the things,synchronicities, people,events that were involved. Gosh!!!unfathomable

  • Dulguun Narantuya

    396. Cassady thank you for this wonderful quiz. Know I know where I stand and thank you for believing in US. <3

  • Tulip

    My score of 555 is not a consequence!!! I woke up this morning at 5:55am..I am so excited my inner work has paid off, from my first score two years ago at 324…thank you Cassidy for your dedication to helping Twin Flames reach healing, harmony & union..much love & respect to you…

  • alien baby

    Hahah, I got 333. Seems auspicious even if not that high.

  • chassity mcdonald

    343 wow

  • Liz

    407! Wow, thank you for creating this quiz!!
    About a year ago I would have been much lower energetically, and most of my life I have faced challenges which made me lack in self worth.. however, as I believe for all of us – there is always a bright light within us, when you foster that part of your soul and let it shine, things just fall into place and the synchronicities are so validating! I met my twin several months ago, and we still talk even though there’s a distance between us. I am so grateful for this journey, and all these wild experiences! I tell ya, some days the signs can make ya feel a little crazy, but it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one having these experiences. I’m going to keep working on myself to reach that higher vibration! Will check back in, thank youuu & namaste! 🙂

  • Sulieman M. Ali

    i got 295, but thats still better than nothing. we still have much to learn.

  • msjake

    I believe it has increased…436 now.

  • Lisa B

    score 261 – I know it’s low but I’m proud of this score. Going thru this journey has been a roller coaster ride and I’ve come a long way from 4+ years of constant crying, anxieties and heartache. I’m learning that my happiness is all on me and not dependent on my TF (who’s currently married, unhappy but stays because of his “obligation” for his kids but agrees that we belong together which is why we’re still in the affair). I finally have some sense of peace with myself and I’m working on changing my outlook on things as I was always a negative person. I can finally breathe without it hurting. I’ve only learned about what TFs are and this website just a few months ago. Cassady’s program and guidance has been God sent. Thank you so much!

  • Afsha Hanif

    Brand new score and we’re only moving upwards! X
    It has been an tough 4+ years.
    I couldn’t care less for anyone but myself!
    We are born to fear and live fear until Universe saves us, then though fear stronger until Love gives light, shines bright and stays!
    It is not easy born to Religion, the family is tough by standard, very little love and zero harmony.
    Soon I will be 31.
    My life to this point, like noir, a memoir, a horror genre.
    I pray to Light life flips on its head after August the second for fortune. Amen
    I live with non-psychics, that or pretenders.

  • Monika Preysler

    342 🙂 considering I just landed on your site yesterday…. i think i’m off to a good start. Just downloaded the free stuff and started the meditation exercise yesterday and that 1 session already elevated me compared to how i was feeling 1 week ago. I look forward to this journey and hope to score higher in the coming months. I know I can do this and I just want to open my self up and learn in any way i can on how to embrace the good things and blessings coming my way. I have always known that I am an old soul with a purpose.

  • OElizabeth

    This made me feel very lifted today. I am at ease. I am calm though. I am glad im doing well lol. It makes me feel like ive gotten plenty of golden stickers? xD

  • JoshuaPC

    554 was my number this time.

    The first time I took it was one week ago, 440. If I had taken it when i first found this site about a month ago, probably would have been 300 or less…

    All of the resources on this site have helped me so much! After I took this test last week, I went through and reflected on any answers that may have lowered my score and prayed that Inmay overcome them this week. I estimated my new score to be about 500, so when 554 came up I was ecstatic!!! I will continue to walk in this state of peace and love (especially self-love) for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine going back to my older and more destructive ways…

  • Justin Morgan

    I did this test about 6 months ago and got 424, I did the test just now and got 395 did it one more time to double check and it bounced back up to 414 lol. It makes sense though, I just left a toxic 2 month relationship that kind of messed with me. But it served it’s purpose… I just found out I’ve been suffering from codependency for my entire life and didn’t realize it until a couple of days ago. It’s time I did myself a huge favor. I need to be in a relationship with myself for a while, I need to start doing the inner work/healing, loving myself, and finding my self-worth. I’ve made it a personal goal to raise my number above 500. I want to have a union with my Twin Flame… I have reason to believe that her and I have met about 8 times in our dreams, and I FEEL our union is close… I’ve consulted with others and they agree. But I need do this for myself too. I know that codependency isn’t healthy. I want to be the best version of myself. I want to become whole and complete. I feel blessed to be finding this stuff out at only 24.

  • Nancy Gerlach

    I enjoyed your quiz very much. However, I have never met my Twin Flame yet nor has there been any contact in any of my dreams. I have no “gut feeling” where he is or when we will meet so I am having to advance on my own self. I should be ready soon and because I am older then most twin flames when they initially meet, perhaps will give me an edge on relationship difficulties and how to control difficult situations.

  • Mason Feary

    This Journey has been amazing.

  • Guardian Angel

    My twin flame journey has been an amazing experience for me because it has changed my entire state of being and the way I perceive everything about the universe and me. Most importantly, my entire view and perception on the true meaning of love has been transformed. Everything is energy and I am just pure love and light energy that is a fragment of source consciousness. I am here to build heaven on earth. Score 565