How To Make 2017 Your Best Twin Flame Year Yet

23 Dec

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Essential Twin Flame Resources! We cover everything from Indications and Signs of Reunion, How To Awaken Sleeper Twins, Putting An End To Outside Sabotage, The Power Of Crystals, Ending Running, Discovering What’s Written In the Stars for Your Journey, and more…

Today, I want to share a comprehensive resource for the coming year along with my wishes for a wonderful holiday season for you – no matter what faith you belong to or where you’re at in the world.

Remember you are always loved, there is support all around you and especially at this time of year the veil thins as we in the Western world connect with the spirit of Christmas and the energy of peace.

This time above all is a time when loved ones who have passed away step forth to let us know they are still with us in spirit, this is a time when the energies lift up collectively to allow higher beings to communicate with us, and this is therefore a time when the energies open up for soul interactions (5D/astral planes) between Twin Flames.

So make a little effort right now and you’ll be rewarded manifold – my Alpha Level Guided Meditation for Twin Flames is created to make it as easy and smooth as possible for you to begin connecting with your Twin Flame soul to soul. Download it for free here!

I believe in you, always – remember you came here to life for a reason. You always knew you could make it on your way back home to love, listen to that inner knowing of your soul’s wisdom. Things can change faster than you ever believed.

With all my most heartfelt best wishes for an amazing 2017 for you!

Cassady x



twin flame journey

5 Crucial Insights For the Twin Flame Journey

“As within, so without”, “What you focus on, you get more of” and Other Essential Insights I Learned From Coaching Twin Flames from All over the World – The Bad, The Good, The Ugly…


twin flame reunion

A Guide To Ensuring Physical Twin Flame Reunion

Are Soul Contracts, Past Life Karma and Secret Fears Keeping You Apart From Your Twin? A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Love and Union Happen on All Levels…

twin flame reunion

Twin Flame Reunion – Signs And Indications

How Do You Know If You’re Getting Close to Reuniting With Your Twin? Here Are the Key Signs and Indications. Divine Timing, Soul Journeying, Heart Chakra Activations and more…


twin flame gemstone crystal

Crystals and Gemstones On the Twin Flame Journey

Supporting Ascension, Lifting your Energy Vibration, and Even Healing Causes of Running from a Distance! How and Why Crystals and Gemstones Work – including 6 Essentials for the Twin Flame Journey.


twin flame enlightenment

Soul Vs Ego Self – How Do I Help My Twin Shift Out of Ego?

Dealing With Dissonance – Awakening Sleeper Twins and Dismantling Ego. How to “Unlock” their Inner Knowing and Help Them Remember Your Eternal Connection…


twin flame journey

What Are Your Twin Flame Love “Lessons”?

(Part 1 Aries to Virgo) / (Part 2 Libra to Pisces)

What Experiences And Love Lessons Did You Set Out For This Life? Did You Know Many Twins Are Made to Challenge Each Other, to Break Down 3D Boundaries and Open up to Unconditional Love? Discover The Secret Cosmic Keys To Your Challenges, Blessings, Highs and Lows…


how do i get my twin flame to stop running

How Do I Get My Twin Flame to Stop Running?

5 Things To Do Right Now To Bring Your Love Back and End The Cycle of Pain For Good. How To Heal Your Connection, No Matter What’s Happened Before…


twin flame signs

Twin Flame Signs and Numbers – What’s The Message?

Seeing 11:11, 333, 2222, 999 and other numbers and signs everywhere you go? Here’s the list of meanings, in a clear visual map for decoding Twin Flame signs and messages.


twin flames

Dealing With Others’ Negativity/Sabotage on the Twin Flame Journey

Jealousy, Sabotage – Outsiders Trying to Break Up the Twin Pair? How Negative Influence Works and How to Clear it, Cut it, Cope with it. Plus, the Secret Reason Why it’s Happening…


twin flame telepathy

Everything You Need to Know About Twin Telepathy

Brand New Infographic including: How to Activate your Twin Flame Telepathy Even if You’ve Never Experienced it Before, plus How to Stay Clear of Common Pitfalls like Dialing into Ego by Mistake…


twin flame journey

Interpreting Twin Flame Dreams, Symbols and Soul Messages

Your Soul is Always Sending you Messages about your Twin Flame to Assist you on your Journey – But Are You Listening? 9 Keys to Reliably Connecting to Your Intuition without Ego and Subconscious Fears getting involved.


twin flames

Everything You Need to Know about Twin Flame Union

‘One Soul In Two Bodies’: The Journey of Returning to Original Bliss – The Twin Flame Soul Song, Alchemical Merging, Vibrational Alignment, Unconditional Love … Your questions answered.



Twin Flame Astrology – Decoding Your Unique Pair Energies

Discover the Challenges and Gifts Mapped Out in Your Twin Flame Connection – The Unique, Divine Script to Your Journey Together In Life…





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