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Where Is Your Twin Flame Journey Headed? Need Clarity On Your Situation? New Twin Flames 11:11 Project – One-On-One Readings…

I know awakening and being a Twin Flame can be a challenging journey. It’s not something “regular” people can always help us with or even understand – sometimes we feel the need to talk to someone who “gets it”…

Someone who can switch on the light when we feel stuck in darkness – to open the door of forward motion…
After going through Ascension first-hand and hearing from thousands of Twins from all over the world I’ve seen time and time again that it can be tough to deal with…

For a long time you’ve been asking me for a solution to this and to speak to someone who understands and can provide real intuitive assistance.

If you’ve been looking to talk to someone one-on-one to get insight into your unique situation –

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading

They will be able to give you clarity, answer those niggling questions you’ve had in the back of your mind and help you gain insight for your onward journey.

There’s an Introductory reading offer – 10 minutes for less than a cup of coffee!

To get the introductory offer of a reading for just $1.99 you need to be a new user

These advisors are all over the globe in different time zones, so be sure to check back if your desired readers are not available right now.

And remember, it’s not about who has the “twin flame rule book”, the agreed upon facts when you speak to these advisors… It’s about someone who has a genuine psychic link and how they can offer you insight.

Twin Flames In Distress

Yes, it’s true that you and your intuition have the “map” back to love – that by going within you can find your own wisdom and solutions… But I also know that sometimes, things come up that make it hard to do that.

Often, I’m emailed by Twins in distress who above all want to talk to someone!

Therefore I was guided to start a collaboration: Twin Flame readings with vetted partner advisors (who have all been *anonymously* tested and approved by me. See below to get started)

What Niggling Questions Do You Need Answered?

This is where I myself had my first and very positive experience with psychic readings back when my journey first began.

I cannot tell you how much it helped me to have a trusted advisor to connect with every once in a while for insights on this strange experience unfolding in my life.

However, the internet is full of dubious advice, so it was really important to me that when I entered into this collaboration it would be to your highest good.

Therefore I’ve personally talked to each of these advisors – anonymously!

I selected the ones who had a genuine spiritual connection – the people I trust to give you real insights, high vibrational advice and a good experience with a one-on-one reading.


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Key Things To Remember To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading:

Stay calm:

When we’re stressed or worried about what we might be told in a reading it projects chaotic energy and can affect what the advisor is able to interpret. Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself before you get started for best results.

The Twin Flame question:

Be aware that sometimes our higher self will actually block a psychic from accurately assessing our Twin Flame connection – whether you’re really Twins or not – because you’re being guided to listen to your intuition.

Your soul already knows the answer to this and your higher self may be pushing you to get out of your mind and into your true power of *feeling* the connection. I sometimes hear from Twin Flames who have had confusing sessions with psychics because they’re being blocked from getting the “easy answer” which would deter their soul’s development.

When asking a third party whether you’re with your True Twin Flame or not, keep this in mind… Ask inside: Are you being pushed by your higher self to trust your own knowing about this?

Ask for the highest good:

Before reaching out, ask your higher self and your guides to help you get the information that is to your highest good right now. This helps them get ready to connect and be ready to communicate. When you’re a Twin Flame this group could also include your Twin’s guidance team.

Be aware of “Lessons” being presented: Sometimes spirit will deliberately present information to trigger you to have a chance to learn an important “life lesson”, or to push you to take action and step into your power. Listening to your intuition is a key lesson for all Twin Flames, so if you’re told something that triggers you – do make sure you check in with your inner knowing. Your own higher self could be presenting you with a “lesson”.

Take your time:

Some readers are very fast at connecting, but the “line of communication” opens up more as you talk together. Asking “cold” questions straight off the bat is more likely to get the lines crossed. This is spirit’s own advice.

Start the right way: To save time for what’s important, I always start with asking the advisor: “What info do you need from me in order to get started?”

Each person has their own method, so some might be looking for your name and the names of any people you’re asking about, or even your birthday. This varies, so asking straight away will save you time and make sure you get the most out of your reading.

How, What, When, Where:

In my experience, you’ll tend to get the most fruitful readings when you ask questions focusing on How/What/When/Where.

For example, “What can you sense going on in the connection between XYZ and I?” “How can I get closer to XYZ?” “What is making XYZ retreat from our relationship?” and so on… I’ve been an advisor myself, and these types of questions would always yield more information from spirit than categorical yes/no questions.

I wish you a wonderful experience should you choose to connect with a reader to get intuitive insights on your journey – and as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey x


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