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31 Oct

twin flame psychic

I know this can be a challenging journey and it’s not something “regular” people can always help us with or even understand – sometimes we feel like we need to talk to someone who “gets it”…

I receive hundreds of emails and comments from Twin Flames every week that confirm it, and it’s how I felt on my own journey.

Unfortunately I’m not able to speak personally to everyone who contacts me, so I’ve been looking for a way to help with this.

As a solution, I was guided to start a collaboration with a place I’ve experienced to have high quality psychics and intuitives – where I began doing psychic readings for Twin Flames myself!

Keen is where I myself had my first and very positive experience with psychic readings back when my journey first began. I cannot tell you how much it helped me to have a trusted advisor to connect with every once in a while for insights on this strange experience unfolding in my life.


You can now use the picture link below to sign up to Keen and speak to a talented intuitive reader right now:


twin flame psychic

In my full Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames you learn reliable methods for connecting with your own guidance and I would highly recommend you do this, as your own intuition has answers and insights for your journey.

However, I know that at times it can be tricky to connect with our intuition – especially in times of upheaval – and sometimes we just need a human being to talk to! So I decided to come up with this “compromise” to help as many Twins as possible.

I personally recommend the following Keen readers, whom I’ve spoken to myself:

Alyson with Angels
Aerie Rivers
Luna Sue

These readers have a genuine connection – and, they’re nice people! Which is so important. However, Keen is full of gifted intuitives, many of whom I’ve not had the chance to work with personally.

My utmost advice to you is to go with someone you get a good feeling about. That’s your intuition and your guides communicating with you that this person will help you get insights that are to your highest good right now.

I would also recommend you look at a reader’s reviews from previous clients (this will be listed on their page).


How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading:


#1) Stay Calm:

You’ll get the best results if you’re in a relaxed frame of mind – so take a few moments to calm yourself, breathing deeply and quieting your mind before reaching out. When you’re in a relaxed state, your energy is clearer to “read”.

#2) Ask For The Highest Good:

Before reaching out, ask your higher self and guides to help you get the information that is to your highest good right now. This helps them get ready to connect also, so they’re “present” with you and will deliver the info to the psychic in some form – visual, hearing, feeling, insights…

#3) Prepare Your Questions:

If you have a list of questions in advance, you’re more likely to get what you’re after. Going in “blank” can be useful at times, but you’re likely to feel you get more out of the reading if you make a note of what you’re looking for answers with.

#4) Take Your Time:

Some readers are very fast at connecting, but the “line” opens up more as you talk together, so it’s advisable to give it a fair amount of time. This is spirit’s own advice.

#5) After You’re Done:

Make some notes of what you were told. Even do this underway – or, if you’re choosing to use Keen’s chat option you’re given a transcript once your online chat is over. Having notes will help you if there’s something you wonder about later. You can go back and consult your notes from the session.

#6) Clear The Energy:

When we interact with others, we connect with their energy and they with ours. It’s always healthiest – especially for Twins in ascension – to stay clear of others’ energies.  So visualize a rose in front of you and have it vacuum up the reader’s energy out of you, your energy out of them and any matching energy between you. Then throw the rose out of your space and blow it up.

#7) Moving On:

Many people understandably get “addicted” to talking to intuitives – even people in high positions have been discovered to be consulting a psychic about their every move. The desire to know the future is a deep instinct in human beings, and it can be very tempting to check in with a talented psychic more often than what’s truly healthy – you’re above all here to make your own free will decisions and create your ideal life, not theirs.

I’m sure you’re not going to be in that situation, but it’s worth keeping this in mind. We are co-creators of our journey and we are meant to be here setting our own intentions and staking out our own path – the future is malleable, if you’re told something you’re unhappy with you have it in your power to clear the energy that’s creating it and thereby “change your future”. Don’t forget how powerful you are!

#8) Financials:

Make sure you agree with yourself on how much you’re willing to spend, so you don’t go overboard and regret it later. You’ll thank yourself for this!


I wish you a wonderful experience should you choose to connect with a reader to get intuitive insights on your journey, your situation with your Twin Flame or anything else you might be looking for a kind person to speak to about!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

twin flame psychic