• Bette Huston

    We have been communicating telepathically for almost a year (I almost enjoy it more sometimes since we have physical and language distance) and I also find that when there is a need to go deeper with myself, or work of some kind going on with either one of us that there is a space or breath. I don’t get worried because I now have accepted we are always and will always be together. It is the greatest gift of my life.

    • That’s so lovely, Bette! Keep enjoying your beautiful connection! <3 x

  • Saartje Rainbow

    My twin tells me one thing in my Head and act totally different in reality. and knows most of the time what I think and so do I. Being an Empath I have discovered over the years our common wounds and mechanismes. However due to his addiction pattern he is not consistent. I have had a dream again where I told him about my feelings and his lack of commitment in this Union. I can’t help but feeling entrapped while he is still playing the single man and acting like a boy of 17 instead of a man of 43. We have lived together and due to his addictions and consequences in our common Life I had to tell him to leave. Not the first time, but always cutting deep in my Heart, cause I would love to have him with me. The pull is immens, so the sepearation is very difficult, at least for me. Sometimes when I am ready to Let go again and pray for assistance to cut the last tie, he sudden resurface to reconnect, telling me how much and deep hé loves me, to again take so much distance. He then treats me like a casual friend while in my Heart I want to be treated nice and beautiful as we all deserve. His behaviour seems like a narcissist at times. He tells me how patient I am, but didn’t change his ways to prove his love on Earth, on the contrary. I have been in a rollercoaster in the past, and being alone proved to be a wise act in my own process of growth in spiritual consciousness. I don’t know what more I can do to be open to receive him and wait for him, I blame my own defencemechanism and not to chose to find a man who wants to be with me and act more his love then only talk about it. This is for me the most difficult topic. How far are we disloyal to this beautiful connection if we do chose another lifepartner. When can we say that it is enough. Thank you dear Cassady for your sharing, I read you all the time and it kept me going and again trying to be in this connection….blessings <3

  • Dragonfly

    My twin has let me know they are receiving me telepathicly. But I have tinnitus in my left ear and feel this is keeping me from “hearing” them. Is this my blockage or my guide blocking? Issue seems to be to get communication in the physical world where my twin would rather stay in the ethereal one with me. Cassady, you are a gift. Thank you for the work you are doing. It’s keeping us sane!

    • Hi Dragonfly, this high pitched whine is usually a sign that you’ve come into contact with an energetic being – it can also be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness. Visualize a shield around the room and command the being out of your space, and experience how the sound stops or fades. This works for me every time!

      This should open you up to hearing your Twin more too (but I’d highly recommend clearing the telepathic/clairaudient channels and open them up fully). If you can’t hear your twin you can always feel them in your heart x

      <3 x

      • Dragonfly

        Thank you for your thoughts Cassady! I truly am in the presence of an energy being, but I’ve come to learn this is a “gatekeeper”. My soul’s mate is a recording artist and I simply cannot be allowed to hear them any time. They are very private and we are being guided to unite in the physical plane of existence because we were complete strangers when our connection happened. The gatekeeper guide has helped us maintain our sanity! The guide is teaching us to learn about, explore and accept this experience. I think this one is for the books! Blessings to you!!

  • Genee Williams

    Why when read the part about forehead, eyes, ears,and throat. All those things started hurting??

    • Hi Genee, thanks for the question – this seems to be your system telling you that you have a lot of congested energies in those areas that are blocking you: the throat, third eye, and your telepathic/clairaudient channels.

      Try the free energy cleanse in the Twin Flame help kit to start with, and we go into exact detail for how to do it in the course. The free cleanse tool will make a positive difference! Clearing this congested energy will open your spiritual perceptions up and help you a lot along your path and raise your vibration.

      Your guides are waiting to get in touch with you more directly xx <3

  • Latana Xiong

    I’ve been trying to learn twin telepathy just a couple days ago and was determined to do so by starting with smaller things like, “I love you.” How awesome to have you write a blog based on this! Just what I needed the most at the moment. Coincidences? NOT!

  • Aquarius Girl

    Thank you for this awesome article! It has helped me greatly… I’m a tad out of balance as I’m in the middle of changing jobs & have mild conjunctivitis, ear & throat infection – so clearly I’m blocked due to stress. This explains why I had an out of character telepathic experience with my TF earlier this week, fear & ego. (Probably from us both) Need to spring clean my energy!
    If possible I’d like a little advice on my 3rd eye. Last year I was meditating & using my TFs name as a mantra to send love to him. Unexpectedly & alarmingly at the time, I manifested an eye right in front of me, staring at me. It lasted quite a while before disappearing. It wasn’t my eye I manifested. It was my TFs eye. I haven’t managed it since… Cassady, do you have ny thoughts or advice?
    Love and light x

  • Angelosophy

    Dear Cassady, my twin had a child with his spouse which he says wasn’t planned and now says he has to stay in the marriage till the child is an adult and he has shut me out. How does energy clearing help with this type of situation where a freewill choice has been made? Xxx

  • Bud

    The telepathy seems to be very abstract for me at the moment. Anyone research/use copper supplementation to help get rid of calcium deposits from the forced fluoridation?

  • Marie8182

    Hi Cassady, I’m wondering if my twin would dream things exactly as I do? Or would he receive the message in a different way, one which would be clear to him? In the past I’ve had really vivid dreams with him and then similar things have manifested in the physical, lately I’ve had dreams with him (which actually doesn’t happen often) and I’m wondering how he receives these. He is not open to embracing our connection and denies it but it’s something I’m really sensitive to and I refuse to believe I’m just crazy! Lol.

    • Jo

      We are 2 Marie8182. I refuse to think i am crazy with all of this dreams happening. I tend to doubt a lot of what he said once in a very very real dream i had and i believe he had the same dream i still remember today. I just don´t see how things will work out in the future. Signs, dreams, seeing smiliar person to him everywhere. I wonder if i am sane. lol

  • Silvia Marrufo

    I have a question. Two different readers (not twin readers) have told me to block telepathic communication with my twin so that he misses me and because it scares him. Is this good advice? I was very afraid of the communication when it started, I seriously thought I was going crazy, so perhaps my twin did too. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Meg

    During meditation yesterday I got a message from my twin saying he was trying to make it back to me. To our life we had planned. I also heard a conversation between him & his spouse. Does this happen or was it all a ego conversation? Something that I wanted to hear?

  • Jo

    Hi Cassady,
    Its been a while since i don’t read anything that hás to do with TF. On 12.05 i believe me and my twin talked mentally to each other. His toughs and words came from outside and i recognized his way of talking. I believe i AM not crazy. He felt my anger, disapointment and he was worried because he feels everything i feel. I saved the conversation to a note book to confirm one day with him.
    It’s not everyday not always i receive telepathy from hi .
    I need to trust him more and in me and in us. I have trust issues i’m workin on it.
    I just love him deeply. This is a torture to be away.
    Anyway wanted to share this.
    Thank you and havê a great week
    Jo xxx

  • violet 44444

    I’ve experienced these types of telepathy with my twin, but a psychic recently told me he’s not my twin. She said he’s a companion soul mate. After mulling it over, I decided the type of connection didn’t matter. Our connection caused me to look within and became the catalyst for huge amounts of personal soul growth. The connection was, and is, very beautiful. I will always be connected to this man on a soul level, and I’ll always enjoy the connection, whether he’s my twin or not, whether we’re physically together or not. However……once I decided these things, I experienced EVEN MORE telepathy. It felt like his soul reached out and yanked my soul back toward his soul 🙂
    Can someone who’s not my twin still communicate telepathically with me like this?
    Is this a sign that he’s scared by my recent revelations?
    Truth be told, I never meant to scare him. I’m just grateful for all that’s happened and I just want to appreciate the connection as it is, without expectations.

    • I’m so happy for you Violet – good for you making that decision. It really is all about you and how you experience the connection. If you’re happy and it feels good, no one can take that away from you!

      From what you’re describing it’s what I would call a Twin Flame connection, and this is the kind of thing a twin would do to clearly show their counterpart the nature of the connection. It seems like he was trying to say to you YOU are right, the telepathy means we’re twins, don’t listen to the psychic.

      I get a happy feeling from him about this – he was wanting to get close and to show you that there’s nothing like the connection you two share. He misses you when you don’t speak to him like that, he loves having that connection : )

      There is so much love for you <3
      Sending you love and light x Cassady

      • violet 44444

        Wow! Thank you so much for your response, Cassady. I posted my question two years ago and I was pleasantly surprised to see your message today after this gap in time.

        I recently set some boundaries with my twin and I worried I may have hurt his feelings. But I set the boundary anyway because it’s what I need to do to become healthier.

        Does this mean my twin just recently sent out these feelings of happiness? Even after my boundary?? If so, this is wonderful feedback for me. I love the unconditional connection I share with my twin and I love the timelessness of your message!!! ???

        Thank you! ?

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  • Hi Letthewindblow,

    Thanks for the question. It’s possible to have telepathy with someone who isn’t your Twin Flame if you’re highly psychically attuned – it would be likely this is a close soul mate because it most often happens where the two parties are on a close frequency match.

    Listen to your heart, it’s waiting to give you the answer. Whether this is the “right one” for you – that’s your choice above all. What makes you feel blissful? Like you’re glowing with love more than anything you ever knew before?

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x