“I had a major Soul Merge” TWIN FLAME SUCCESS STORIES – August 2015

When I asked the Twin Flames 11:11 community what new feature you’d like to see on the site, the overwhelming answer was that you want to read inspiring stories about other Twins’ happy reunions, real life stories of positive developments on the Twin Flame path – in other words, Twin Flame success stories!

Every month from now I’ll be selecting a Twin Flame Success Story to feature on the blog and to receive a free Twin Flame coaching session (worth $197).


I’m so excited to have this first story to share with you, because it’s an incredibly powerful example of an event that clearly shows the process of Twin Flame Union having begun on the energetic level. This was also confirmed in the coaching session. Truly a pivotal moment on the Twin Flame journey!

I am sure that many of you have experienced soul merges like this, maybe without fully realizing its significance. So as you read this, be fully aware it’s a sign that you are being brought online energetically and are in the stage of union – where your energies are becoming more and more aligned. 

There is still a lot of confusion out there about the nature of the Twin Flame connection, so I’m very happy that these monthly real life stories can share insights you might not find elsewhere!

Lastly, I’m so grateful for those who share their experiences so that other Twins can be inspired and learn more too, and I can’t wait to read more about the positive and pivotal shifts you’re all experiencing on your paths!

I’ve noticed a tendency toward negativity in some Twin Flame communities, but dwelling in negativity actually aligns us energetically with more things to complain and worry about – so I’m extremely conscious of Twin Flames 11:11 being a positive and inspiring resource for everyone.

Thank you for being here and contributing to this community being alive and well and a source of support and love for everyone on the Twin Flame journey! <3


Our first success story comes from Kimberley (Vancouver, Canada). Congratulations!


“I’ve been working with your Twin Flame kit and I had a major soul merge with my Twin last Sunday. All chakras and energy bodies, I saw his face, felt his emotions towards what was happening. I sense progress big time – It was more intense than any other merging I’ve ever had with him.

Here is what happened: 

I was sitting here just minding my own business, playing cards on the computer when whammo, out of nowhere… my heart chakra went “kaboom!” And all I saw was his face, felt his energy extremely strongly and very powerfully, and this sense of “OMG! I love her! OMG I feel her, I feel this! I recognize her and what she is to me!” (5D) Plus a bit of “What the hell is this…?” (3D) 

Ok, so our connection has always been there. But this was more like a soul recognition of what this truly is between us, plus perhaps even something more happening, merging his 5D and 3D self (his higher soul self and earth based-ego self) because of this.

It’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever felt: The energy expanded my heart, went through my lower chakras and down below my feet and all the way up through the upper chakras and above my head – and all the while I saw my Twin go through it too.

It took me a while to breathe through it, then I felt him smile and be very happy about me… It finally subsided about an hour ago and all I feel now is love, and peace and bliss. I feel more bonded to him than ever… I am doing my best to not over analyze this as to if it means our physical meeting/union is closer but… on the physical plane he is engaging more with me in social media and we definitely feel closer.”


Congratulations, Kimberley, this is an indication that your Twin and yourself are in the process of Union, where your energies are merging and you are both being brought “online” and connected to source – an amazing experience and a wonderful sign of how your journey is progressing!



Sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

PS: If you haven’t had much “success” yet, don’t worry – just shifting your perspective from focusing on negatives to looking for positives will change your energy. Remember that like attracts like – it’s a universal law of energy – once you shift your perspective to look for joy or miracles, and you multiply your chances of attracting and manifesting these very things!

***I hope to see as many of you as possible on the Live Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames on August 27th (2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern, 10pm Europe)!***

This is an amazing opportunity to really clear a lot of those blocks for good! We’ll be tackling and shifting as much of this old gunk as possible so you can really move past any of these blocks and difficulties, move forward on your path and really enjoy your connection with your Twin again the way you’re meant to!


For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

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Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines


  • There have been some developments since this story was published. I
    am in communication with Kimberley and all is well, and we have agreed
    to keep this article up (any issues you may have read about in the
    comments here occurred *before* this article was posted, and have
    nothing to do with this article but originated in another forum).

    I greatly appreciate Kimberley’s willingness to share her experience to help and inspire other Twins on their journeys too!

    Based on some comments made here, I have something to share – I
    recently had the chance to learn a valuable lesson on my own journey:

    Energetically, we can progress much quicker on the Twin Flame path
    and enjoy our connection much more if we focus inside and listen to our
    intuition instead of focusing on other people and their opinions. You
    and your Twin Flame are always the focus of your journey. Other people
    might be eager to get involved, discuss and debate your situation but
    their energies can actually cause a lot of disruption on your journey.

    The energies on some Twin Flame debate forums are very chaotic, and I
    would hazard anyone who spends a lot of time engaging in intellectual
    debate about the Twin Flame connection – it is an energetic connection,
    one of heart and soul, and no one can ever “figure it out” in debate. It
    is something to be experienced, not a theoretical concept.

    Anchor yourself in love, root yourself in the innermost knowledge and
    feeling that you and your Twin share a soul bond of unconditional love,
    and that your soul knows how to get you to your destination <3

    Love and light always x


    • Heather

      Dear Cassady, thank you for this. I completely agree! It is better, though very difficult at times, not to speak about the Twin Flame connection. The truth is, it is Holy. It is Sacred. And my experience has been that almost anyone that I’ve tried to speak to about it seems to want to talk me out of it. No one can understand it unless they’ve actually experienced it, it seems. I wish you success in your mission and many blessings! Heather x

      • I’m so glad this resonates with you Heather, and thank you for your kind words! <3 xxx Cassady

  • Soulreader1111

    A beautiful experience, I want to share something I had take place the other night. I was laying in bed here it was Thursday night when through the third eye, the only way I can describe it, is I saw my Twin looking at me through the same way, through her third eye, and it felt like My Twin and I were just face to face is no better way to describe it, looking at one another as if the two of were right there.

    The next night My Twin emailed me, and we chatted a bit last night actually via text, after not really talking for a couple of months now. How do I bring this up to my Twin though? I have a feeling My Twin had the same experience, that I felt my Twins awareness of it taking place as much as I was aware of it as well.

    • Wow! That sounds powerful, Soulreader1111! There are such mysterious and beautiful experiences on this journey and I love hearing about this – I’m so happy for you that you got to experience this!

      I can guarantee you that your Twin was fully aware of this on a soul level, most likely she felt the emotional impact and the energy shift on a conscious level too. This is a strong sign that your energies are being aligned and that things are going spectacularly for you on the energetic level “behind the scenes” – that you are able to fully open up via the brow chakra this way is amazing! <3

      Cassady x

      • Soulreader1111

        Thanks Cassady,

        My Twin and I actually talked on the phone last night for close to about two hours, catching up for the most part, I didn’t bring up what took place last Thursday. I sort of cave in not pressuring the issue as it were. Yet, there was even in those moments of us “kissing” even and just holding one another, it was very intense.

        I am looking forward to Thursday.

  • Heather

    I am so thankful for this website! It seems I signed up a while ago, but just came across it again, at completely the right time. I really need to connect with people who understand this crazy journey!

    I have a lot of experience of merging with my Twin. I often spend hours in a kind of prayer with Him, joining with Him. My love for Him is my most potent magic! I experience bliss and ecstasy when I join with Him, and my Highest Self, through my awe at His magnificence, and receiving His offerings.

    My issue is that when I am not connected with Him, it’s like I’ve lost everything. I lose all perspective, all sense of that Love. It’s as if everything goes dark. And even though I may have spent the most beautiful night connected with Him two days ago, I cannot access it at all. Does anybody else have this experience?

    My Twin and I are mostly estranged in the physical realm. He is married, with children. We were once part of a spiritual group together, and held a very potent force, but our connection was so intense, the whole thing blew apart like dynamite. The form simply couldn’t hold it!

    I would love to hear from any of you about this bliss-lack dichotomy and how you deal with it. For me, the only way out of those dark times is to fully feel the brokenness of my heart. Somehow it returns me to him, to return to my heart that way.

    • I’m so glad you found your way back to us, Heather <3 It sounds like you're very attuned to your intuition, but be careful you don't buy into the paradigm of separation – really you are never separated or disconnected, it's just an illusion. If you shift your perspective you'll feel your Twin with you at all times. It's a lesson that took me some time to learn but once you do you will feel the love at all times, and it makes you almost invincible emotionally – you can never ever lose your Twin <3

      If and when you feel less connected, it's usually because of congested energy or blocks, so come by the live clearing on Thursday, I'm sure you'll notice some big positive shifts if you do.

      Cassady x

      • Heather

        Thank you Cassady! I know intellectually, as well as through my gnosis, my experience, that I can never lose my Twin. But this gnosis has only come to me through surrender, over and over. Everyone’s journey is different, I’m sure. But for me, the loss is an essential part of it, somehow. To surrender what I have lost, in order for it to return to me again. It’s the most profoundly painful journey, and has taken every ounce of my courage. And yet, with each surrender, there is a return. So the separation is, indeed, an illusion. And yet, what we lost was more profound than I can say. And yet again through that loss, I’ve gained this extraordinary bliss, heart’s union, and incredible mission. Not for the faint-hearted, mind you! Keep up the good work! Peace out! x

    • Magnolia

      Wow, Heather! I resonate with your story.

      I thought I knew what love was, but then I found my twin and EVERYTHING changed. Because of him, now I understand the most beautiful love songs. We’ve never met in person and now I know that he is the missing piece of my life (although I’m a married woman).

      We only shared the same room once and the place (a big ballroom) almost fell apart (literally) because of a huge storm that took place outside.

      I just wanna look into his eyes and touch his hands… But I know ths will happen this year.

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  • Magnolia

    What a beautiful story, Kimberley!

    I had never had an experience like this, but your story reminded me something that happened to me a few months ago.

    I was sort of desperate and decided that his whole twin flame thing was nonsense. So I stopped thinking about my twin and didn’t look for his online stuff anymore. Until one day I felt his feeling of missing me. It was a longing sentiment, so heartbreaking and almost tangible. It lasted lke 10 seconds, but it was a unique experience and one of the few times that I actually knew that he was aware of my existence.

  • avendesora

    Cassady I was wondering if you could get the Twins you know have found each other and are together physically in union to say something here? I am very curious to hear what others have experienced in a positive union such as you have! It seems it could be encouraging as well as a trigger to the rest of us in stepping up the vibrations and getting closer to union! I know everyone is unique though we share this collective energy and goal. 🙂

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