Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 17th-24th August – “Reality Vs Fantasy”

17 Aug

Autumn moves closer and a new cycle begins, with the energetic clash between “reality” and “fantasy” of Jupiter in Virgo vs Neptune in Pisces – how can we reconcile the Twin Flame ideal with everyday life and its challenges? 

Over the next few weeks we’re experiencing the energy clash between Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces – an opposition causing a push and pull between “reality” and the supernatural. Most Twin Flames face the challenge of reconciling their everyday situation (often complicated and emotionally challenging), with the romantic ideal so often presented about the Twin Flames.

Add to this the powerful emotional and energetic pull we all feel in this connection, and we’ve got ourselves a path filled with both opportunities for immense learning but also the possibility of serious struggle.

Soul Unity vs Earth Division

All Twin Flames carry within us the memory of unity, the deep rooted soul knowledge of belonging together and the intense love between us that spans all time and space. So to be faced with a present time situation that often is far removed from this – frustrations, running, chasing, separation, close friends and family not understanding – can be extremely challenging, to say the least.

This tense Jupiter-Neptune alignment is pushing us to take a closer look at this. Oppositions show us the polarities of energy in order to bring things into greater harmony. So how can you bring your present situation more in alignment and balance? How can you work to bring “Heaven” to Earth? We are receiving influxes of light to help us with this now.

If you feel heavy with negativity or fear, remember to breathe – connect to the light with the audio in the Free Breakthrough Kit for Twin Flames and when you’re connected to source energy set the intention that you breathe in light, breathe out negativity. Meditating like this can be very calming and helps release some of the “gunk” that’s being brought up right now.

The Illusion of Judgment

One piece of advice we can take from Jupiter’s position in Virgo, is do not believe everything you hear – being opposed to the very heavily watery/supernatural and intuitive vibe of Neptune in Pisces which tends toward openness so much it can become problematic.

However, not allow your thinking to become overly critical either, as this can become damaging (full-blown criticism and judgment becomes cynicism – and cynicism is an energetic pattern that will “disbelieve” many positive things out of your life, because if you don’t believe it you’re not willing to receive it).

Spirit shows us that the idea of perfection is an illusion. In reality, everything on earth is perfect, because it is an expression of source consciousness. When we judge, there is a tendency for this to lead to depression or at the very least disillusionment – judgment finds flaws and if everything is flawed, we tend to have a hard time appreciating things and allowing ourselves to dwell in joy.

Opening up to Your Desires

You and your Twin Flame can absolutely come together in physical life on earth, and that was your plan all along – so don’t allow perceived flaws, judgment and negativity to deter you from dreaming and wishing and acting.

Allow Neptune’s higher insight to lift you up when the “real world” seems far away from where you’d want it to be, yet remember to take the advice the Virgo energies give – namely, don’t float away completely, there’s still work to be done down here on earth.

This is not an easy lesson to learn, balancing the “ideal” and the “real”, but keep this in mind over the coming few weeks and you’ll make more long-term progress than you might realize there and then.

Balancing our energy allows us to open up more and more – if we’re not open we won’t receive the very things we’ve been striving toward and asking for.

The Earth Looks Flat from down here

Keep in mind that what we see in front of us is not all there is. Human beings used to believe that the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around it – because it was so obvious when they looked around them. We now know that the earth is round and the sun is the center of the solar system… And we can prove it.

So don’t allow the seeming “reality” of things to deter you on your Twin Flame journey. You may just have a skewed perspective.

Being Rushed Forwards and Held Back at the same time

Another powerful and challenging aspect coloring these next couple of weeks is Jupiter square Saturn – standing for the energies of expansion vs contraction.

Think of these two energies as two completely different friends – one wants to have fun, talk about dreams and aspirations and see the good in everything, the other wants to plan and build practically, and is always on the lookout for pitfalls so they can be avoided. Friend #1 thinks Friend #2 is a boring stick-in-the-mud, Friend #2 thinks Friend #1 is an over-optimistic fool.

Our job right now is to integrate these two opposing tendencies – being enthusiastic and seeing opportunities without missing sight of the actual work needed; and being realistic and planning ahead without getting bogged down in fear and limitation.

This won’t be an easy one but every time this particular stubborn square comes around we get to grow a little more, release some more of our blocks or blindsides.

Last days of Summer

This week we still have lots of energy in Leo – the last days of summer. Come Sunday the sun also moves into Virgo, bringing on the beginnings of autumn, and soon Mars will follow suit. Symbolically these movements indicate “party time is over, it’s time to get to work”.

Releasing old relationships

For Twin Flames this includes remembering why we are here. Awakening and Ascension is not just an individual process, every Twin Flame goes through it in order to realign us all with our soul self and remember who we are.

For many this can be a traumatic experience, at the very least challenging, as we are faced with releasing old negativity and limiting beliefs in order to realign with the light.

For many Twin Flames this involves a distancing from and outgrowing preexisting relationships with friends, family and close ones – for some it may even involve a long-standing relationship coming to an end. Often it’s simply a restructuring of relationships, as you change so do the nature of the relationships.

Some Help on the Way

Make sure you’re kind to yourself on this journey and remember you are never alone, there are thousands going through the same or similar experiences as you – and the more we can help each other the more joyful this experience can be for us all.

***I hope to see as many of you as possible on the Live Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames on August 27th (2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern, 10pm Europe)!***

This is an amazing opportunity to really clear a lot of those blocks for good! We’ll be tackling and shifting as much of this old gunk as possible so you can really move past any of these blocks and difficulties, move forward on your path and really enjoy your connection with your Twin again the way you’re meant to!

You can sign up here right now, and again there’s a limit to the amount of spaces so I won’t be able to make any concessions if you miss out. You can participate either online or by phoning in (local call cost in the USA and the UK) – all the info will be emailed to you once you sign up.

I often think of how lucky we are to get to experience this complete awakening in our lives – I would personally describe it as being “reborn” yet becoming more myself. And in a world full of people who go through life “asleep” and do not get the chance experience deeper fulfillment or true love, that’s a pretty huge thing!

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3


  • Soulreader1111

    I saw these on Facebook yesterday, it is uncanny the messages I start to see on facebook anymore from others when it is a reflection of my own thoughts or perhaps what I am going through right at the time.

    by Susan Frybort

    Does it matter if we meet on every level?
    You first saw me as your antithesis,
    not knowing I was bearing
    your earliest wounds underneath
    an aging smile. Never mind
    that your hair has grayed softly,
    or that the lines have deepened beside my eyes
    as the years carried us toward one another.
    Craving understanding, we finally recognized—
    as if for the first time—
    our beautiful reflection revealed, and in an open mirror
    we share awareness.
    It’s all right that your clothes are worn in disarray
    or that my scrambled words don’t always make it to you
    in the full context of their meaning—
    for when we unveil our fears,
    then release all the false ideals,
    we embrace a clear perception
    and become what is real and lasting.
    And while I stumbled along in my own world
    knowing you were in yours,
    the days seemed so disheveled
    without you in them— incomplete shambles.
    Once joined, it all fell into place—
    it grew to make perfect sense.

    Will we need soft music coiling within seductive lighting
    to climax into blissful realization?
    Or can we soar to unimaginable heights
    entwined in one another’s eyes, encouraging our visions
    into ripe, edible fruit to nourish us the rest of the way?
    Will we remain enamored without the excess,
    and not be swallowed up by life?
    While we’re captivated by the wondrous forest inside,
    we learn there is so much more to explore,
    with all the rest to uncover.
    As we complement everyday living
    with our most passionate desires
    we stay wrapped around each other,
    two vines climbing time—
    my dreams ‘round yours,
    yours around mine.

    Do you know what determines our bond
    then keeps us affixed? And what
    fused our soul connection?

    What holds us is that you saw me
    in my most vulnerable of moments,
    and didn’t turn away.
    What melds us is that you genuinely placed your
    innermost heart in my care,
    and I kept it alive, nurturing it’s every pulse, tenderly.
    What matters in the design of love is this,
    that two beings show themselves
    to one another every day,
    then ride out the storms
    secured in the strength of their trusting embrace.
    The sweet, resilient fastening between truth and love
    is the most divine and sacred alignment.

    • Soulreader1111

      The polarities are changing with respect to gender. Soon it won’t be men vs. women. It will be the awakening vs. the asleep, the heartfelt vs. the heartless, the selfless vs. the selfish. Awakening men will rise up and stand beside women, in opposition to those men who imprison all of us. The kind of men who sexually assault women; the kind of men who manipulate economic systems solely for their own benefit; the kind of men who confuse aggression with assertiveness, will be met by a gender-inclusive force of benevolent souls, who will no longer tolerate the stripping of our human dignity, the raping of this planet or the women who mother it. I appreciate the good intentions of those who believe that we are ready to move away from opposition as a construct altogether, but I feel they are putting the heart before the force. It’s premature. We still need to fight for our right to the light, and we need to do it together. Not as two polarized genders, but as souldiers of a higher order united by love, ready to march humanity into the light of compassion

      • Beautifully said, soulreader! This is what much of my guidance is leading me towards as well. Thank you.

        • Soulreader1111

          Yeah, I just had another weird experience, a Tarot like card with my Twin’s name on it-that said let go-release your hold on the situation and watch your life transform in miraculous ways.

        • Soulreader1111

          Yeah, the above was not written by me, but by Jeff Brown. I also just had this experience, a tarot like card series called Healing Cards had my Twins name on the Card-then Let Go; The card has the following message:

          Release your hold on the situation and watch your life transform in miraculous ways. Be cautious not to hold on too tightly to this situation or person. If it isnt working, then be willing to surrender and release your grip and watch things fall into place. When you do this, you release the need to control and you activate the new energies that are trying to come forth. Keywords: Release. Surrender. Transformation. Courage.

          • So interesting…just today when channeling/meditating, my twin’s higher self told me I need to “let it go.” He told me I need to get on with the work I came here to do, whether or not he ever comes back into my life, and to stop envisioning a future that’s clearly not here right now. I have to open up to all future possibilities. Two days ago, my intuition was telling me that it was imminent that I would hear from him. Confusing! Only thing left is to do is surrender and move forward.

          • Soulreader1111

            I experienced that a couple of weeks ago, you can read some of my other comments I have on some of other Cassady’s articles concerning my current situation with my Twin right now. It is really interesting as you say, that many Twins seemingly are starting share the same experiences right now. It is something I have started to notice reading Cassady’s blogs here, as well as many other sources, that as some have stated a more unified consciousness is seeming to start to take place or hold.

            As far as seeing that card goes, it just all of sudden made me pause for a serious minute. As I said, I think it is a two way message though being delivered. I hope my Twin sees it though, I shared it own my facebook and my Google+, right now we are not communicating physically and that she is in a situation in believing and thinking somebody else is her Twin. Yet, it is a message for me as well, to Let Go and surrender to this process right now and to trust in the Higher Powers, that there is nothing I can control right now. As my Twin is doing the same, so am I in many cases.

            I too though have started to focus on my work, which is about love and unity actually, and showing the Unifed Nature of the Universe and of Life.

          • Soulreader1111

            Yet, another message, of the same type, I no longer believe in coincidences.

            Moon is now in Libra – instigating a harmonious window for co-operating with those around us…so remove your armour & dedicate this day to peaceful outcomes.

            This is a great time for broaching whatever has come to the fore during the past few weeks with Venus retrograde, which can dig up our old dysfunctional relationship patterns.

            The next 48 hours offers us an opportunity to take the emotion out of our perspective so we can consider the facts & be less reactive & therefore more responsive.

            The key is to really consider the situation from the opposite point of view we’ve been holding – this is what provides the balance when we’ve polarized & created tension within ourselves by disassociating from what we perceive is the opposite of who we’d like to be. (Be that a politician or a partner). It is our willingness to consider both sides which enables us to really hear & understand the entire web of dynamics which create conflict within us.

            If we can’t see our contribution to our stress, we continue to scapegoat others which creates further mental instability.

            So consider who you have been judging in your life…starting with those who have produced intense emotion within you. Now consider how their behavior results in feelings of powerlessness in you & what you can do – irrespective of them, to stand in your personal power. For ‘the other’ is merely a catalyst to remind you that you cannot control another person – your only responsibility to is for yourself & whilst they create a distraction, focusing on them will not solve your problems.

          • Swan1111

            I’m not sure you should quit envisioning a life with your twin completely due to manifestation abilities, but still live your life in love and light. Do your thing and allow your twin to do theirs and let the universe work out the kinks ?never stop believing that your love for your twin is worth all the deep pain and awakening that you are going through right now???

          • Thank you for the encouragement, Swan! I think the “let it go” message provided me with the opportunity to confront and release some of my fears of the “never” scenario (as we all have, I’m sure!). Would I get through it? Would I bounce back? Of course, I would. But do I intend to give up hope that it will happen. No. Too much of my intuition, my emotion tells that he is included in my path. But I have to give up on envisioning exactly how that will occur or what it will look like when it happens. Or asking when….the hardest part! The universe always surprises us.

            I also had another download the other day on why all of us twins are being made to wait and wish and hope for so long, without knowing. It’s a practice run for the real thing….creating a new paradigm on Earth. As first awakeners, we’ll need to hold the faith of a new earth emerging, even if we can’t see how or when, or when there are others around us who are confused and uncertain. Plenty of practice solidifying those skills with this twin thing! xo Celeste

          • Swan1111

            Yes! When, how, where, all these questions drive me crazy! I had to let go for a while too. And yes we sure are getting deep rooted practice! ?????

          • Soulreader1111

            I feel the same as you do Celeste about that intuition, that no matter what the path will meet up again. I think this is one of the reasons I have been drawn to such places like this also, to meet others who are going through similar experiences, to find support and encouragement as well, while at the same time hoping to add support and encouragement to others since I have at times felt alone in this journey.

            I feel the same way as both you and Swan in that the let go message is more about surrendering to the process, and trusting that no matter how bad things may appear perhaps on the surface, to trust that matters will work themselves out. Yet, to take the opportunity at the same time to work on ourselves. I know at times that is difficult, especially through the connections we share with our twins, yet, as I am coming to understand there are times we each have to learn our lessons apart, as difficult as that maybe.

            Here goes another quote that I came across today, as I said, I think our guides have adopted to current technology to get their messages across sometimes.

            Sometimes people walk away from love because it is
            so beautiful that it terrifies them. Sometimes they
            leave because the connection shines a bright light
            on their dark places and they are not ready to work
            them through. Sometimes they run away because
            they are not developmentally prepared to merge with
            another—they have more individuation work to do
            first. Sometimes they take off because love is not
            a priority in their lives—they have another path and
            purpose to walk first. Sometimes they end it because
            they prefer a relationship that is more practical
            than conscious, one that does not threaten the ways
            that they organize reality. Because so many of
            us carry shame, we have a tendency to personalize
            love’s leavings, triggered by the rejection and feelings
            of abandonment. But this is not always true.
            Sometimes it has nothing to do with us. Sometimes
            the one who leaves is just not ready to hold it safe.
            Sometimes they know something we don’t—they know
            their limits at that moment in time. Real love is no
            easy path: Readiness is everything. May we grieve
            loss without personalizing it. May we learn to love
            ourselves in the absence of the lover.?

            Jeff Brown.

            I came across another message, one that deals with my own personal Journey with my Twin that goes hand in hand with the above message at the same time, my Twin has never known real love from another, because of that, as the first line says, it is actually terrifying.

            One of the great challenges for those who have survived abusive and neglectful parents is that there is often a part of us that is still waiting for them to love us, even if there is very little chance of that happening. Locked in an archaic mindset, we continue to go back for more, looking for love in all the wrong places. Until we accept the limitations of those who cannot love us, we cannot embrace the willingness of those who can.

            Jeff Brown?

            It has been one of the most challenging and toughest things to watch this take place. ;(

  • Swan1111

    I signed up! Cassidy, I think you may have suggested this in a past post, but I’m not sure, so my question is, If my only way of communicating with my runner is through Facebook and I have found myself almost addicted to checking if he has sent me a message, is it a good idea to deactivate the account for a while. I deactivated the account last night because checking for a message every hour was getting obscessive and I don’t want to waste my life away. I am going through a divorce right now and think the alone time will be good for both of us.

  • kim

    Hi. My friend told me while we didn’t talk for a few weeks his body felt weird, he had bad headaches everyday, is always tired but doesnt sleep. I havent talked to him about ascension. Is this what a male goes through? I have seen silver “lights” and stars over my crown chakra lately too.

  • Soulreader1111

    Oh btw, I signed up as well, and thankfully, the powers that be saw it fit to give me the day off as well. My birthday is the next day. It should be interesting.

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