• Joshua Orr

    So my birthday is WEDNESDAY as well…… 8/23/81 604am…….What does this mean for me??? Will i have an intense experience? Ive ran into my ex 3 times and i think shes my twin…. Although we only caught glimpses…… I didnt plan it out…. Once her son was yelling my name behind me at wendys drive thru….. I feel bad for kid… His dad is still on heroin and does nothing…. She stopped bringing him around me after Christmas when he’d beg to see me…. He even txted me….. She used to say my love was overwhelming and she didn’t know how to handle and she lushed away… Shes supposedly an empath as well…. She startwd dsting her boss after 2 weeks or maybe 1 after we broke up or stopped talking… 8 forgive her… She just did what shes used to dking to survive…. She was an addict as well…. She had to use men and lie to do what she had to do…. Shes supposedly sober now but its hsrs stopping tbose old character defects…. I just hooe shes not using and using this guy for money…. Thats my situation

    • Happy birthday in advance Joshua!

      Go within. That’s the clear message from spirit. Try to disconnect from facts and events on the outside, and take some time to find the space where you are infinite, at peace as a soul.

      Then, you will later re-approach your situation from a higher state and draw out a different dynamic with your Twin. Send your Twin Flame unconditional love. Spirit shows me she’s working on a lesson of self reliance. She hasn’t been standing strong in her own power. Because she’s not set boundaries others have invaded her space with their influence – negative energy and attachments from others can cause erratic behavior in someone who’s sensitive.

      She seems ungrounded, like others have influenced her – so you might want to help her by visualizing a shield around her.

      Sending you love and light x Cassady

  • Mj

    Thank you for a wonderful post, again. The part about a ‘fresh start’ is my favorite. I have just been feeling immense forgiveness towards my twin over the last couple of days, and wanting a restart of our relationship. Also, the part where you say be uniquely ‘you’. I have always felt like a social misfit. Many things that people take to naturally, I have not. Never felt I belonged, anywhere. Your words put that in perspective for me. I never thought of it in such a positive way. I am also very glad to learn that my twin might finally start recognizing the bond we share. Love to you..

    • Thanks for your comment Mj, so glad it resonates and I’m glad you got a positive perspective on what I’m sure was challenging, as has been the case for many Twin Flames (me included, never fit in, like you say) <3 It's always for a reason, our souls choose wisely x Thanks again for writing in!

      Sending you love and light! Cassady

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  • Annette Szklowin

    This post came to me in the most epic timing.
    It was sent to be by my angels, I’m sure of it.
    Thank you.

  • Anne La Luna Soved

    My twin showed up mondaynight out of nowhere. I felt down and sad about my family. And also he popped up in my mind. I called a friend of mine and she was chearing me up. Suddenly i got a text from a number that looked familliar. And yes it was him. But i didn’t want to read it immediatly… so i waited and readed it… he sended me two ” Xx’s ” I waited till the next day at 16:00am. And sended him 1 X back… and so he sended me later that day an X back. And again me an X. Them he texted me two Xx’s again. And i sended him also …. two Xx’s. Then he sended me three Xxx’s. Haha i also did the same. And he sended me today this morning three. And i sended just one this time. He readed it. But did not answer… and i don’t know what to do now. I’ve seen him online a couple of times. But it feels like he’s waiting on something… but i don’t want to admit to him ( guess that’s the ego ? )… you know. Or i feel like he wants to. But is afraid to say something… because last time he ran away from me… i guess he just scared ? Should i wait or ? … because to be honest ? He owes me that… opening up to me and talk to me…. anyway thanks for the beautifull post ? much love to all the twin lovers !

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  • Blake Elizabeth Thompson

    I came to find this post specifically. The last few months have been nothing short of magical. August 23rd was the day my flame and I reconnected after about 8 months of no contact. I was really rooted in 3D thinking and his running made me feel used and played. I thought I was teaching him a lesson when I stopped talking to him. Funny. I had to learn the lesson. When we spoke, he admitted to being deeply intimidated by what he felt for me and how it was unnerving to him how I could read him better than he could read himself. I realized his running was out of fear and being overwhelmed by our connection, not from 3D drama. It was revolutionary to her that from him. We’ve been building a monumentally stronger relationship for the last few months. I feel we’re well on our way to full reunification (physically, as both of us seem to be leaning more towards that- we both have some 3D life stuff to sort through, so I’m being patient, the universe knows it’s time). I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the next couple months, as I know it’s supposed to be big. Thank you for your guidance. I’ve been really focusing on centering, healing, and loving myself fully and coming to terms with my own destiny- it’s amazing what unconditional love can do when you accept that you’re worthy of it. I feel like I’ve seached all my life for this and it’s finally happening. We’ve been on our journey for 7 years, by the way. I couldn’t put a name to what we were for so long. Once I finally landed on twin flames in September or October of this year, it was like I was meant to understand this concept so I could manifest it properly. To say we fit the bill is an understatement. I just could never understand how I could feel such a divine connection with someone and why we couldn’t just “be together” but also why we couldn’t stay away. I get it now and I have finally put away the 3D notion that he will abandon me. I can feel that our love is infinite. I don’t worry anymore. I’m so grateful for this journey and for the journey ahead. Well, I’m off to work on clearing out my childhood traumas and battle with self-love. I will love myself unconditionally. I will love myself unconditionally. I will love myself unconditionally.

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