• Crystal

    This weeks article is absolutely in alignment to how I have been thinking and feeling….Thank You so much Cassady!

    • So glad it resonates Crystal! Thank you for sharing <3 x Cassady

  • Amber

    Thank you for this, I really felt my twin much stronger than yesterday, I felt him looking at me and just “there”. I’ve had an extremely rough time this past week and especially weekend and just wondered if it might not be him, finally awakening. It is hard to tell at times!! I feel I’m in alignment with my feelings of love for him but I continue to struggle desperately with purpose. It’s like eating away at me and I’m just not getting “it”!! Which in return makes me not feel prepared Bc I of course want my life on full track. Is there a way to see clearly into that? Ideas pop off and then they kinda die. Thank you, so glad your post lined up very well with my feelings of now.

  • Jiselle Henderkott

    Cassady, I just have to tell you how profond your latest energy clearing and meditation is. I can’t believe how intense it was for me. I have done other energy clearings before, but nothing of this caliber. I could feel my twin’s soul there with me like never before. The amazing shifts started to happen weeks before I bought the session and even since I was guided to buy the session more and more positive things have began to happen. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you do. You are a true being of light. I also want to thank you for encouraging us to go within and to listen to ourselves. I got very caught up in searching online for answers and watching youtube video after youtube video with no changes in the external which left me feeling frustrated. When I decided to listen to myself and trust myself, everything started to change. Thank you <3

    • So glad to hear this Jiselle! Thank you for sharing <3 x Cassady


    I understand that we tend to label others and judge them in our relationships from ego fears but I’ll be wary of including a discussion on narcissisism and related behaviour and abuse in this. Already the suffering partners experience guilt and doubt about their abilities to be discerning regarding emotional abuse. I do understand the concept of love transforming all barriers but it is too traumatic for those who have experienced narcissism to discern clearly.

    • Hi Tanuka,

      Thanks for your input. To specify, I did not mean to encourage anyone to interact with someone dangerous or hurtful. Of course, common sense must be used at all times – each person has to evaluate their own unique circumstances.

      However, Spirit was very clear on wanting me to include the paragraph about this issue – as it is imperative for many to shift their perspective and understand that it serves them better to step out of the habit of using shorthand terms like “narcissist” or “runner” – because that perspective and intention does more harm than good.

      Someone who has experienced emotional abuse must of course evaluate what serves them best in this kind of a situation. But know that sending love and seeing someone through the lens of forgiveness for seeing who they are as a soul beneath any hurt, is something we can do from a distance. We don’t have to be physically present with someone to do this.

      I do think you might want to rethink your perspective as you’re emphasizing separation mentality in your comment – remember that twin flames are two aspects of one consciousness. It is the “other self” we are interacting with, not an outside villain.

      If you’re interested in reading more about this subject, have a look at this article we did a while back: “The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You”


      Sending you love and light <3 x


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