• Eiman Khawaja

    I have a lot of success clearing blocks using the karma clearing tool in the vibrational alignment program in the past few days since I have started it. I marvell at how easy it is to access your records like that and clear the emotions. Thank you Cassady. I used to think that I’m not made for meditation but when I used the tool answers came effortlessly and I’m being shown a lion and feel vibrations so that I can be brave in seeing the truth of my past lives.

  • Pop Sugar Country GIrl

    How do I know if someone is my twin flame? Sometimes the coincidences between me and my boyfriend seem too much, and we are so in tune with each other’s thoughts and feelings that it is creepy, but I do not know a lot about this.

  • Carolyn

    THANK YOU, Cassady, for your welcome input about “mission!!!” I’ve come to kind of detest the way it’s talked about, nearly universally, in the community as this huge…yes, BURDEN…we’ve been charged with, especially when a person has no clue what she’s supposed to do. I’ve beaten myself up badly enough for the last thirty years or so for not knowing my true vocation or calling. The more the “experts” hammer home that I should take focus off the connection and “focus on mission” the worse I feel! This makes so much more sense for my particular situation and temperament. Having been born to missionaries of sorts I was already well programmed to think I needed to save everyone and to feel a burden of guilt for not dedicating my life to a cause.

  • Angela K

    WOW!!! how accurate this is for me, all of it. I agree with how many healers and lightworkers have been wrong, I have seen this myself and thought this is not right it is from a human point. I’m taking care of a baby kitten and afraid and this is from a human point and I’m knocking out that ego human thought by feeding this baby kitten. I never thought I would do it but I am..

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