• Supporto Fiamme Gemelle

    yep. just act as if every morning you wake up is your birth. every day. start from a new fresh day bringing with you just the wisdom . have fun

  • Carly

    Hi Cassady,
    I enjoy all of your posts, but this one especially. Of course the last two weeks have been especially hard (way harder than we’ve ever had to deal with) with hurt feelings and triggers, so this was refreshing to see. Also, family members not understanding has been a real problem. It’s hard to let go when you know you are supposed to be together, and even when I try, little signs with show up that are much more than “coincidences” that are impossible to justify. And you DO feel crazy when you try and explain it all, but it’s so hard to describe how it FEELS. I just really needed to see this this week. Thank you for everything, and I also just got the free kit and started yesterday! 🙂

  • Angela K

    You’re right people won’t understand especially with the ones not in this reality anymore. I sit here and cry because of this when we both were looking for each other. I’m getting emotional even now typing this. To be honest I do not know why I cry when I think about it. I do know that I do not want to be with anyone now he is here with me, he may not be in this reality anymore but my love for him is strong.

  • Eiman Khawaja

    I no longer feel emotions coming up for resolution. Has ascension stopped for me ?

  • Anne Varberg

    I wondered why suddenly last night I was back to ugly crying over the whole thing again…
    He didn’t want any further contact with me, but when I saw him in June he was staring at me from across the yard, and when he did talk to me, instead of avoiding me, it seemed like he tried to fit in the months of missed communication. But he never rescinded his request that I not contact him. For days now I ‘ve really been fitting off my wanting to message him. Sigh.

  • M.

    Again Cassady you have hit on something that I’m going through. My friends/family never can understand my complex relationship with my twin. We have been in and out of each other’s lives for 30 years! I hear a lot of “he should” do this, “you should” do that. It’s hard for people to understand the love we have and how that doesn’t turn into a “romantic” relationship. From the time we were kids I’ve always had an acceptance of him as he is and the faith he’ll come back to me — even if it’s years. I now tell people they won’t understand our relationship and not to even try, that I am happy, and just be happy for me. I’m starting to see how the love we have can show others what it is like to love someone unconditionally. That’s really difficult for people to understand.

  • Ronda


    I have a question about protecting the union and/or partner. I have a third party who likes to disturb, interfere, meddle, get-between my counterpart and I, usually via manipulating and seducing. I have been told this person has done their best to wreak havoc in past lives as well. Now that I am aware and I have the right to stand-up for and claim my union…does this mean I can try to energetically protect my partner? I guess I am unsure if I have the right to block this person from my twin. In the overall picture this person could be considered poisonous? I ask, because a healer is suggesting creating energetic layers between them to help mitigate the suggestive mental poison seeds from being planted. On one hand I agree, I have the right to my union, to stand for it, and that means protecting it. On another hand I feel that maybe this is out of my jurisdiction. Help!

  • sammynaumann

    Hi Cassady, this post over others I have read has had a huge impact on me.
    I’d like to know more details of your Astral experience as I find similarities in your story to mine. Only I am just at the beginning. I had what could be called an Astral experience early this year and after a range of synchronicities I’ve found myself living in a new city and for the first time in my life I can feel the energy and I can see the coincidences. This was all triggered by someone from my past, who I now know is awakened. I think his energy has drawn me to this place where the energy surrounding me effects me so much. Our reunion here has not been smooth and we aren’t connecting like we were before. Perhaps this is a twin flame roller coaster, or perhaps he is just part of the synchronicities. I’m so excited for the journey I’m starting. And I welcome any guidance from people in this forum 🙂

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  • Tina Connelly

    Cassidy, I’m loving all these great new tools and information! I believe that I’m currently beginning to awaken, and this has been brought upon by my twin. We are currently in a separation, where he is running, and refusing to have contact with me. I’m curious to know whether I’m correct in believing that he is possibly in an awakening period as well, seeing as how subject matter that he brought into discussion, or whether it was for my own? I’m struggling with connecting to him, and I feel it vitally important I make contact soon. Can you help me with this?

  • M-boor

    Cassady, thank you so much for all your work. I don´t read any other websites and forums about twin flames as I feel it influencing me badly. However, I love your website, your articles always give me the new shot of energy I need. I am proud of being on this planet in the twin flame connection and even though it can feel difficult at some times, I know we are here just because we believed we are strong enough to make it and everything that is happening is for our good. Our purpose is to bring some positive energy on Earth and it is such a beautiful feeling, which makes me fight more and more 🙂 Thank you to show me I am not alone by this website, as sometimes everything happening around me makes me feel really crazy. Thank you so so much 🙂

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