Twin Flame Energy Forecast Dec 17th-23rd: “The Cold Moon”

17 Dec


Winter Solstice Gateway & 5D Anchoring Full Moon In Cancer – Challenge Between Masculine And Feminine. Can You Step Into Your Power, Open To Oneness?

Welcome into one of the year’s major weeks in the cosmic energies. The solstice gateway is opening to an influx of high vibrational light, but there are also challenges – with a focus on the Feminine Twin.

More details below.

To help your system integrate the new light codes coming in right now with more ease – I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

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Volatile Power – Can You Handle It?

We begin Monday with extra vitality on our side as the Moon joins Uranus R in Aries – however, there’s volatility and irritation in the air, so be careful with how you express any annoyances.

It’s likely to encounter disagreements about something from the past, or to have to adjust some past situation. You might also be pushed to reevaluate an emotional perspective you’d held onto.

With a trine between Mars in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio, there’s more harmony between the Twin Flames, however. It’s above all about emotional harmony and the deeper flow between you.

With Scorpio and Pisces being involved we’re dealing with a powerful “underground” current – and again non-physical connections are highlighted. Dream messages, telepathy, astral experiences are likely…

But also a general feeling resonance together. You’re set to experience somehow that you are “one soul in two bodies” – boundaries are more fluid than usual.

Is Marriage An Issue?

Come Wednesday the Moon joins with Juno, the asteroid associated with marriage and partnerships, in Taurus. These two opposition Venus, so there’s a high likelihood you’re experiencing a dissonance between “partnership” and romance these days.

We see many Twins being carried away (pleasantly) by the sexual and emotional connection between them. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If it feels good, it is good.

But this midweek it’s likely that you’ll face concerns either from your own mind or through others. About commitment, about marriage.

Whether you or your Twin are with another partner, or your friends and family or own values say that with romance should come commitment, this is in focus.

(Read more here in “What If My Twin Flame Is With Someone Else?”)

twin flame marriage

Twin Flame Soul Lessons In Focus

Spirit shows us, on a deeper level you may feel undervalued because…

As logic may go, “if they really loved you they’d want to marry you” (or be together in the physical). It can wear away at your energy vibration, your deeper commitment for them and cause a nagging feeling that you’re selling yourself short…. Even though the experience of love is so strong!

Spirit shows us some Twins may also be exploring the idea of other partners, with the rationale that the Twin connection isn’t stable and they want someone to really appreciate them, someone who’s willing to commit for the long run and be a partner who values them…

That’s all fair. However, consider that there might be soul lessons involved.

Could your Twin Flame be pushing you to accept that love and marriage are not always the same thing?

Could your Twin Flame be afraid of commitment because of past hurts, or having seen parents divorcing or other pain around marriage?

These are all issues highlighted this week. For best results, to open up to love on all levels and remove any underlying blocks that cause commitment-phobia and frustration – click here.

Behind The Scenes Chakra Connections…

If you’ve been experiencing struggle with your Twin Flame even though you’re advanced in Ascension and have been doing your own inner work, know that it’s highly likely to be coming from your Twin’s side of things.

When Twins enter into the process, their energies are connected “behind the scenes” and each chakra begins to exchange energy with your counterpart. (Read more here)

This means it’s highly likely to be picking up on stuff like your Twin’s past experiences with others, their own disdain for themselves, fear energy and so on…

Especially if your Twin Flame is as yet “unawakened” or a Runner.

Common Triggers Of Running

On the Twin Flame journey, and especially when Twins start to enter into the soul merge process – energies and information begin to blend between the two Twin Flames’ energy systems, and there can be triggering and “issues” as negativity travels back and forth…

So I was asked to create The Complete Twin Flame Harmony session by spirit, to ensure a smooth unfolding of Twin Flames’ journeys in all aspects.

This clearing will clear out triggers of running/chasing/separation and ensure that only high vibrational energies are blending between you – and lift the connection into a state of harmony rather than clashes.

Plus, shielding for the Twin pair to protect you both from harsh outside energies, influence and congestion. And we unify your paths and timelines to the highest dimension and vibration possible.

Finally, we download new light codes and programming to assist the smooth unfolding of your Union!

This is work that can take dozens of sessions with a healer to achieve. I take you through it step by step in this one fully packed session. Click here to learn more and download.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Are You Aiming High Enough?

Thursday we have a nice high as the Moon stimulates a feisty challenge to Jupiter and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius. This is a time for aiming high!

Your ideas and plans are set to be expansive, inspired and positive.

However… your feelings are likely saying: “What if it doesn’t work out?”

Don’t listen to them. It’s just highlighting where you may have been hurt in the past. At this point, Jupiter is here to “pull you up” and show you the future can be different.

Just like the archer symbolizing Sagittarius, make sure you aim your arrows high. This is about creating a whole new state – aligning with a higher timeline for the Solstice gateway.

As Renaissance genius Michelangelo said: “The problem for most people isn’t that they aim too high and miss. It’s that they aim too low and reach their goal.”

Make sure you aim for the highest now – it pushes your energy to reach even further.

That can be a tricky state, to try to reach beyond your previous limits – but that’s what the Twin Flame journey is all about. To step into the infinite!

Do you want more “magic” in your connection? To experience more of the electric bliss from when your hearts first connected in unconditional love? To lift above the doldrums of separation and conflict? Click here

And for more inspiration to uplift your aim – have a look at this article

Where Is Your Twin Connection Headed?

Jupiter conjunct Mercury continues for most of the week with a peak on Friday 21st December on the date of the solstice – the peak of the gateway!

The wisdom of this transit is that it really doesn’t matter what happened in the past. It doesn’t matter what other people think.

When you decide on something, you have it in your power to make it happen! You’re being boosted into remembering who you are as a soul in this period – limitless!

Forget about everything you thought you knew. This is a new start if you want it to be. Your dreams really can come to fruition!

So what do you believe about the Twin Flame connection – Have you accepted negative beliefs around running, chasing and separation?

If so, be aware that these become energetic patterns that push you in a certain direction (what we believe and expect is what we attract). If you believe running is inevitable, you are inviting it in energetically to your experience.

Have a look here for a session where we go through deleting the most common negative 3D templates that block so many Twins, plus cutting negative attachments, clearing outworn soul contracts, cleansing your karmic records and more.

Solstice Gateway – Saturnalia

As the solstice gateways are open already, we are experiencing an increased soul driven pressure to purge old baggage, as your soul tries to ready you to be among those who are anchored fully into the crystalline grid of the 5th Dimension.

When your own personal energy rises sufficiently, you “show up” to the 5D grid and can be anchored in here, assisting you in leveling out on your journey so the tremendous ups and downs lessen and you become more stabilized in a place of harmony…

Anchored to this new grid, you’ll be shielded from the negativity and conflict of the 3D world that so often creates dissonance and clashes between Twin Flames.

Any work you do to elevate your vibration now, is set to pay off handsomely for the long run. Test your energy vibration here by using this special, no cost resource Spirit asked me to create to assist the Twin Flame collective.

When The Light Returns

Friday December 21st on the actual solstice, we also have another notable event as the Sun enters Capricorn.

In ancient times this was Saturnalia, the celebration of light returning to the domain of darkness.

We can always shine light in the dark, no matter what. In spiritual truth darkness is an illusion – it’s just an absence of awareness. The dark comes from forgetting who we really are – infinite souls of light.

When we can connect back to our light of being, everything begins to morph and change from the inside out. We begin to attract more love, more “luck”, more expansion… Because those are aligned with light.

The more someone allows the weight and congestion of “darkness” to consume them – fear, worry, blame, conflict… The further they journey from the love that is truthfully theirs.

Read more about this in this year’s Channeled Solstice Gateway Message From Spirit…

One Thing To Remember…

This coming month, especially if you’re in the northern hemisphere, try to remember that you ARE light, no matter how dark it seems to get around you.

Seek light – the people, the places, the ideas, the information, the situations that make you feel like sunlight… And you will be on your way home to your divine love embodied.

In a few weeks when the Sun joins Saturn in his home sign, for the first time since last year – we’re set to enter a new cycle.

This is when the “new year” really begins in energetic terms, shows spirit!

So be aware of what you’re fueling your attention into right now – what do you want more of for 2019? Focus on that, not what may be “missing” or “wrong”…

And if you’re serious about making 2019 a major year for your connection, taking guided divine action to create a higher shift… click here.

Full Moon In Cancer

Lastly this week, right after the solstice, we have a powerful Full Moon at the cusp of Cancer, opposite the sun in Capricorn.

Cancer energies are intense and tend to drag us into the subconscious and into the past.

The thing is, when we look back, our perspectives are always skewed whether we’re exaggerating the beauty of certain memories or reexperiencing horrors once lived through…

Be careful you don’t buy into everything you feel right now. And careful you don’t get pulled in by other people’s emotionally based agendas!

Weird Dreams? Don’t Worry!

This week it’s easy to get absorbed in the past… Whether we’re dreaming of an old romance (like happy times with your Twin Flame) or seething with resentment over some injustice done to us (again the likelihood is that this will involve your Twin Flame)…

Remember as always that the past is gone, and the only person who can keep it alive is you… You might be pushed to take control of YOURSELF above all right now.

All these energies in Cancer plus the gateway influx of light are the universe’s way of pushing us to release any old emotional debris and negativity we’ve been carrying around that’s holding us back.

Don’t be surprised or scared if disturbing dreams surface this week:

Energy clearing tools are a great, effective way to speed up this process of purification so you don’t have to be deep in the water going through it all, but can usher out anything that doesn’t serve you within minutes.

Try my free guided meditations and energy clearing session here.

Home Of The Mother Archetype

This Full Moon is supported by Uranus R in Aries and opposed by the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn, showing there’s a powerful challenge against your early life perceptions of self  – and the emotional patterns you’ve got used to.

The Sun and Saturn are all about achievement, possibility and manifestation.

They’re prodding you to realize that if you’ve been allowing yourself to sink into despair, self-pity or victimhood – it will only drag you down further!

You might be forced to pick YOURSELF up at this Full Moon.

The Divine Feminine Challenge

Spirit also shows us, many female spiritual seekers have unfortunately feeding into a belief of “women vs men” – which causes so many problems for Twin Flames.

Cancer and the Moon are archetypally Female, whereas the Sun and Saturn are archetypally Masculine so there’s a clash this full moon, meant to teach us something.

Just because you’re Female doesn’t mean you only have to use “Moon Magic” and wait for such and such a day to manifest your desires, or that Divine Timing is the boss of your journey…

Or that it’s healthy for you to cry about things all the time (it can actually reinforce negativity), or that you’re the one who should always take care of others…

Sun and Saturn are shaking you up now to claim the power that is truthfully yours! You are an infinite being, no matter what your biological sex!

And there’s nothing limited about the Divine Feminine (read here).

Victorian Or New Age? Masquerade Of Self

Be careful right now that your visions of your capability, your Twin Flame journey and love are not being clouded by traditional (Victorian) 3D programming about women as the “gentle sex”…

Even if it’s masquerading as new age ideas of “the Divine Feminine”.

So many hold themselves in lack by subscribing to limiting ideas of their own capability, is spirit’s message!

They say: Remember that the Twin Flame journey is one back to oneness within and without. To reach wholeness and acceptance within your OWN masculine and feminine energies – AND with your other self.

Can you see how your experience with your Twin has mirrored your own inner state?

If your Masculine Twin has seemingly rejected you – is he really showing you that you have rejected or are denying your OWN Masculine essence?

Trying to show you where you are holding YOURSELF out of wholeness… So you two can reunite more fully?

And if your Twin has rejected you, can you see that above all it is them rejecting their own Feminine essence out of fear?

(Watch this video on the Twin Flame Mirror for more)


Opening To Oneness…

For this Full Moon spirit suggests the following: write out what you believe about the feminine or about women.

Then take a look at what you wrote. Can you see that you may have been putting chains on yourself with the beliefs you accepted?

Changing these perceptions can begin to open your reality and your Twin Flame connections more than you ever thought possible – because your alignment will powerfully shift… (Click here for more)

This is a week with immense positivity opening, especially as the Solstice Gateway brings a powerful 5D “window” – but it requires us to step into our own mastery.

Begin to seek higher. Forget everything you were taught by the world. The key is wholeness. Alchemy of self! To know your true worth.

When you can accept and unite with yourself, everything around you begins to change too. Your Twin Flame mirror begins to reflect a completely different state back to you.

Don’t forget that dreams can come true, that love can be eternal. It really is possible.

I believe in you! Until next time, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes!

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  • Esther

    Thank you for this! I felt it all yesterday. A deep relaxation between us, some irritation from his side and I was shown to open up more. Don’t be afraid. Nothing can go wrong, because you can go back to alignment between and together. Will write this one down for myself.

    Last night I felt like his hand on my back was opening me more and our hearts seemed to be connected more. It was a huge feeling.

    For now I try to focus as much as I can on my dreams. When I feel fear I will invite the light and connect. These days that makes me calm and whole the moment I do it. I will focus on the love in the connection. I will go back there all the time. Untill it is palbable ??.

    Cassady I feel good and in balance again quite easily and the connection feels also very good quite easily (I entered the room in the healing harmony and felt his love all over).
    It also feels kind of strange after the ascension roalercoster and feeling like shit so often. Is it normal that this can become the norm?

    • Kavli

      Something about your comment made me feel calm and confident about my TF connection. I kept reflecting on your comment because I wanted to find words and eventually was able to type out this message to myself:

      “Feels like we are floating in water, connected by water – light as a feather and in the warmth of the sun. Our love surrounds us, cocoons us, connects us like the water that is keeping us afloat. That’s how I feel about our love…relaxed even though I know the waters can be vast, I’m not scared like I normally am of large bodies of water. It’s calm. It’s lulling me. It’s a part of me.”

      It felt SO relaxing to visualize that as our connection. It was also reassuring and felt so right on so many levels. Thanks Esther, for sharing. It has helped me so much! If anything, I’m also weirdly picking up on random “feelings” like how his shirt felt and stuff like that.

  • Eiman Khawaja

    My twin flame journey is a little different than others. We have both incarnated to reunite not in a romantic way but by clearing all the things that is in the way of coming home to ourselves and realising we are in mystical union with each other and all that is and we are not done yet. We have been placed on different paths for now. This month has been particularly intense. Everything that was unhealed has come hurling up. It has been a time of resolution and self reflection and realising and seeing things clearly that I hadn’t seen before. The aries in me has loved this intensity because I have learnt a lot and moved fast from being stagnant. For some reason coming out of this has triggered my passionate side even when I’m down a few minutes ago .

  • namastaywithme

    Cassady, I feel so much love for you it’s astounding. If it weren’t for you, I’d be so lost with this all… thank you so much <3

    • Exactly same feelings I have for cassady.
      Each week she is guiding us in this journey.

      Thanks Cassady

  • Angela Culletto

    How do you change the running mindset so you don’t keep putting that energy out there? In other words what are some better thoughts to have to change that energy? I feel like I have been unintentionally doing this. Cascadey I feel like you write these articles just for me lol they are resonating and matching exactly what I have been thinking or feeling lately. I’m trying so hard to do my part to change my situations. It’s feels difficult sometimes. And I feel that in my need to make changes for the better I push us farther apart. BUT I’m following your advice and not giving up…even though I want to lol:) Thank you for help and loyalty to the rest of us.

  • BeautifulMoon777

    I stumbled across the term twin flames after having an unusual experience 3 years ago. I started to visit this blog a lot because well it resonates with some of my experience and a lot of the things I believe about it. I’ve accepted that I am physically attracted to this man. I’ve also accepted that a physical union have not happened and more than likely unnecessary. The connection I have now is no more than emotional. I’ve walked myself many steps back from it because duality is difficult. How can I hear you and at the same time not hear you at all, feel your love but at the same time unable to experience a physical expression of it? It all creates a imbalance of very high peaks but also very dark moments. I honestly want to move on from the connection, but I keep being faced with the all (feel everything) or nothing (get blocked completely out of the bliss of alignment with all things). I’ve definitely morphed into a beautiful young woman since the encounter and I want to see him as nothing more than a catalyst, thank him and continue my path of awakening.

    • Angela Culletto

      You’re not the only one feeling this way. Hang in there!?

  • I’m sorry for your loss but know that your Twin is always with you Jennifer. He is working to help you know that he’s there – he’s sending messages and mentions dreams… He’s showing me that he shows you symbols in the dreams – look up what they mean online. He’s communicating with you.

    He loves you so much. He wants you to know he didn’t suffer after he passed over and he feels that although it’s a big transition he can be a positive presence in your life from where he’s at now. He seems to be trying to cheer you up, do you ever feel him tickling you or like he’s smiling?

    He wants this to be a new adventure, a positive thing. He’s showing he can and wants to help you with many areas in life, to make you as happy as possible.

    Sending you love and light x Cassady

  • Annette Angulo

    This Blog was unbelievably helpful! I’ve been using the harmony healing meditation guide. Also every day and last night my twin flame messaged me again! I can’t break this smile ??????? Thank you, honestly I’m so grateful for “you” and “our guides”. Like I’m grateful for it all!

  • Kavli

    Taking this forecast into consideration, I resolved to align more with light this whole week – I’ve started expressing more love for myself, literally appreciating the sunlight on my face. Somehow this week, I also got this notion that I need to express my love for my TF out loud. Not whispering, not typing, not writing to myself, saying it out loud. At first, it was hard and my voice kept coming out soft. Daily, I tried to express my feelings out loud and today I was able to shout it! Albeit, all of this is when I am alone due to my family but still, this is HUGE progress. Something in this week’s forecast pushed me to step into the light of our love and finally express my truth! Thank you, Cassady! Love and light, especially with the beautiful full moon tomorrow morning!!!