Twin Flame Energy Forecast Dec 31st-Jan 6th: Key Themes For 2019

31 Dec


Will This Be The Year Of Reunion? Ruler of The Masculine Returns “Home” – New Beginnings Fueled By Higher Octaves Of Love. Creativity, Alchemy Of Self…


Welcome into a new year!

Key themes for 2019 are co-creation and Masculine energy polarity – Mars returns “home” to Aries for the kickoff of this numerological 3 year … supported by Saturn and activated by an Eclipse.

Strong focus on physical Twin Flame reunions in the coming year – orchestrated and brought into play by Twin Flames themselves!

So are you ready to step into your power?

More details below.

A Universal 3 Year – Mastery, Creation

As 2019 is a universal 3 in numerology we’re dealing with an overarching theme of mastery – balancing heaven and earth.

3 is a mystical number that deals with balanced creation and “ascended masters” (read more about “angel number” meanings for the Twin Flame journey here).

This year, YOU are the master in focus!

Multiple forces show us the powerful theme of self-mastery and co-creation for this coming year. We are set to “create our own luck”, spirit shows.

And it’s not just for fun that people set resolutions and intentions for the coming 12 months at New Year.

Because the collective energies and Saturn/Capricorn’s influence make this a highly auspicious time for mapping out your desires for the coming year. This is intention setting as a spiritual tool.

What Does 2019 Hold For You?

Because although you’ll read online about “what 2019 holds for you” in numerology, oracle cards and astrological readings…

What these describe are tendencies and potentialities… They’re not set in stone.

What do you intend to experience this coming year?

You are the focus of your journey, at all times. Everything that happens in your life happens through and to and with YOU. You are an active co-creator, never powerless to outside influence.

A Pre-Scripted Reality?

Free Will means you can ALWAYS co-create according to your choices. What’s to your highest good and what you prefer.

And yes, there may be transits of energy and planetary influence in a different direction but don’t let that stop you.

Claim your power of intention. Claim your divine power of creation.

Being consciously aware will help you invite in your desires, attract resources and solutions to make your plans come to fruition, and importantly it will give you clarity and resolve for the coming year…

Ultimately, if we don’t know what we want (or if we believe it’s not possible) it’s a lot harder to get it.

If you’re feeling challenged in terms of belief – especially if you’re feeling disheartened about your Twin Flame connection, have a look here

An Exercise For 2019

For a positive and fulfilling 2019… Carry out this simple exercise spirit guided me to share.

Look back at 2018 and make a note of what you were pleased with. Now, note down what you were not so pleased with and what you would like to change in the coming year.

Note down two baby steps you can take to change those things. For example, if you were unhappy, note down that getting more exercise and starting meditation regularly can tangibly help to shift this.

In the second part of the process, write down your goals for 2019. In every area that’s relevant for you – from love and social life to spirituality, fulfillment, health and career.

It will be helpful to also note down a few baby steps to take in the direction of your goals. When we have concrete actions available, change happens much more smoothly.

(If you’d like me and spirit as a “personal cheerleader” on your journey to take you through this kind of positive work and more, and bring more sparkle to your Ascension path, click here)

Reverse Engineering Twin Flame Bliss?

You don’t always need to know exactly how to complete the journey to your desires, but if you can get started the momentum will be on your side.

Many successful business people and athletes “reverse engineer” their goals.

They find someone who already has what they want (it doesn’t have to be finding it in person, you can use a celebrity or other role model – even back in time).

Now, see what lead to them getting there? What steps did they take?

And now see yourself in your desired position. What steps are the “missing” steps between you and that place? What steps and developments could lead you there?

For example, if you desire to get back together with your Twin Flame, what have other Twins done to get there? (Read about my own story here).

Masculine Energy In Focus For 2019

In the cosmic energies, action and the masculine principle is highlighted for this New Year!

December 31st Mars enters “his” home sign of Aries, returning home for the first time since 2017.

This indicates a complete new cycle, a renewal for the Masculine and Aries natives. It’s as if the Masculine is reunited with “himself” and this has powerful repercussions for the year.

An indication is that the Masculine is set to feel more aware and centered in his gifts from a higher state of consciousness.

And yes, Aries and Mars deal with both the light and dark of the masculine, including action, courage and pioneering but also aggression, ego and conflict…

But with everything else that’s been going on since fall 2018, there’s a sense of clarity of purpose now. He is coming into his own, becoming responsible.

You’ll notice previously unaware or “unconscious” Twins beginning to care more about others, in principle, becoming more aware of honor, integrity and holding higher intentions for themselves and their place in the world.

(Read more about the Divine Masculine, the higher consciousness, here)

divine masculine twin soul

Masculine Looking For Deeper Meaning

We see them seeking information, beginning to look for insights that can explain what they’re feeling… This is the opening of the door to awareness.

Spirit shows us this can be a positive chance for the Twins to bond if treated gently.

Really, the Masculine Twin is looking for deeper meaning and “he” senses it’s relating to something greater than himself. We see “him” longing to connect spiritually.

It may be that he will find it through rediscovering his OWN spiritual nature and connection first, before fully being open to his counterpart.

In order to help speed up this process, have a look here at “What You Must Know If Your Twin Flame Is Unawakened”


Are You Open To Embracing Your Power?

Mars’ return casts a major theme for the year and is an indication both that the Masculine is “growing up”… but also that the Feminine Twin will benefit from focusing on action, progress and outward activity this coming year.

Meaning, don’t look for an outside power to resolve anything, to bring you love, to reunite you with your Twin. Step into your own power to shift energy, align and call it in! It’s your divine birthright!

(Not sure how to do this? Have a look here)

2019 is set to be a year full of change for those who seize Aries’ wisdom that change happens to those who claim it.

Likely, love will find you or return this year as you are busy taking action on your dreams and visions!

If in doubt this year, ask What Would Aries Do? If you feel low, taking action can shift you into a higher state. If your situation feels stuck, taking action will break open the flow to change.

Feeling Blocked From Progress Lately?

Come 1st January we have two significant events joining in with this powerful restart energy. Jupiter challenges Uranus R and the Node representing collective soul growth.

There’s an energy of feeling blocked, like there’s unfinished business or like something bigger needs to shift in the collective energies before your desires are flowing openly to you.

If you feel blocked right now and like “things just don’t work for me”, this is the energy you’re feeling.

It’s as if the Masculine Twin in many cases needs to make his journey back to his soul’s self before being fully ready for a physical Union in unconditional love.

You will know if this is the case for you – and it’s on its way but I know it can be frustrating to be in waiting. However, know you don’t just have to wait. You can take action on shifting the situation.

Have You Learned The #1 Twin Flame Soul Lesson?

With the Moon and Venus joining in Scorpio on the same day we see you really longing for love in a deep way, and if your Twin isn’t physically with you it can feel painful.

However, remember the number one soul lesson Twin Flames are here to learn – there is no real separation. In heart, soul and energy we are always together. Separation ONLY exists in the physical world.

Go within and spend time with your Twin Flame on the soul planes (use the free meditation here). They are never really gone. You can always go within and reach them there.

And if you want to call in a physical reunion, know that you’re not powerless. You don’t just have to keep waiting and staying patient. You’re a powerful co-creator of your reality.

Your focus and your intentions and energy affect your timelines tremendously. (Read more about that here)


You can help “him” awaken and speed up the process by using this resource to cleanse away the “ego programming of forgetting” and other patterns that’s kept him in 3D systems of identity, blocked away from being open to love.
(Click here for more on that)

2019 Indication For Physical Twin Flame Reunions

The week also begins with Saturn and the Sun joining up at 11 degrees of Capricorn, forming an 11:11 connection supported by Neptune.

This is a clear indication for physical Twin Flame reunions in the coming year – orchestrated and brought into play by Twin Flames themselves!

Yes, it’s all about manifestation and personal action.

Saturn’s domain is the physical realm, and his energy is all about taking responsibility for yourself, grounding into realism and the tangible, creating for the long term.

When he joins up with the Sun – self, conscious awareness, light – at the point of 11:11, we’re dealing with taking divinely guided action OURSELVES to make Reunion happen.

Remember that 11:11 isn’t just a Twin Flame sign, it’s a quadruple of number 1 indicating intention, manifestation and bringing your thoughts to fruition.

With Neptune supporting, we see that with a higher vision… with a spiritual perspective and high aims hand in hand with real world action… Yes, our dreams can come to fruition. In fact, they’re meant to.

If we work with these energies as intended this coming year, we truly can make it happen.

Longing To Be “Rescued”?

As this powerhouse “team” is challenging Venus all week, it’s likely the feminine Twin will feel resistant towards this. The idea that she may have to take action. To *make* love happen…

It’s likely “she” feels more like being “rescued” or “inviting” in love in a receptive mode, asking the universe to bring it and for divine intervention to flow miraculously to lift her into her desires…

However, the cosmic energies speak clearly and forcefully right now and for the coming 12 months!

This is a year for real world action, personal responsibility and forward momentum.

Creation inspired by a higher truth. Those who leave things up to others will likely experience the journey as slow and frustrating this year, as their soul pushes to teach them this lesson.

Claiming Sovereignty To Launch A Higher Chapter

A huge collective soul lesson for both humanity and Twin Flames is to take responsibility and claim sovereignty for our life’s journey.

We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to make things happen.

When we begin to take responsibility, we find the universe working *with us*, the flow opening up once more.  We have to at the very least send out our intentions, focus our mind and emotions, set goals…

This first week of 2019 shows us this above all – that with personal enterprise, with ambition and action, we can make a huge shift in a positive direction by the time 2020 comes around.

Whether you are dealing with a business, love or spirituality, this year YOU are in focus. You and your action, creation and manifestation.

Remember this: “Everything changes when you begin to emit your own conscious frequency instead of merely reacting to what is already out there”.

Solar Eclipse – Cosmic Shifts

This is how we make things happen. This is how we bring heaven to earth.

And if it sounds daunting, have a look here for my step by step guide to reclaiming your divine power and shifting your Twin Flame connection into a state of love that’s truly worthy of you.

Mercury entering Capricorn on 5th January and a New Moon partial solar eclipse in the same sign the next day, both echo these points.

Capricorn and Saturn’s energies are often feared in astrological circles because they tend to heaviness, challenges and stripping back what isn’t functioning anymore.

But the higher wisdom deals with claiming our own power. Of taking responsibility.

When we can be self aware, have high demands for ourselves and truly work to be the most we can be – not blaming others or waiting for circumstances to magically change things – Saturn will support us the whole way.

Will Saturn Challenge Or “Reward” You?

Saturn’s “pet peeve” – the kind of behavior that becomes severely challenged under this planet’s transits, include blaming others, waiting for others to solve our problems, looking for information insights and solutions from psychics, gurus, YouTube videos and more…

In fact, the more you focus on those OUTER things the more stymied your situation will feel. It’s a BIG LESSON FOR TWIN FLAMES.

Because Saturn’s influence is all about bringing the focus back to YOU and your infinite capability.

There’s no hiding from the soul self. You signed up to learn this lesson so it will keep being brought again and again until you face it. You are infinitely capable.

And the purpose is that behind any masks and feelings and fears of smallness and “I could never do that”, lies your true power. Your power to move worlds.

And if you’re always running from your own self and responsibility, you’ll never find that. You’ll never click into your true light-filled creator self.

(Read about how to click into your soul’s true light here to shift your whole journey into a higher state of being)


How To Benefit Under Challenges…

In a sense, Saturn is the opposite to Jupiter, the “Santa Claus” of the Zodiac who brings expansion and luck to all.

Many people think of Saturn as a strict and grouchy Grinch character who brings challenges and “bad luck”… A dark night of the soul.

But in truth, Saturn helps the select few who have faced *themselves* and are willing to step up to *their own greatness*.

As Uranus turns direct in Aries this weekend too, forward momentum begins to pick up once more. The path is open wide… if YOU make it so.

The path opens as you take the steps. It doesn’t open by itself.

When you become conscious of energy, intention and the laws of the universe the Twin Flame journey is no longer a mystery to grapple with in the dark, full of challenges.

Once you reclaim your power and awareness, you will click into your divine inner knowing of how to shift situations to your advantage. Including Reuniting with your Twin.

This year, opening to your power of action is set to truly pay off!

So where do you want to be come 2020?

The journey starts today.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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    Thank you for your beautiful words as always, Cassady!! I’m wondering though, how you reconcile taking action with law of attraction & attracting love to us? Is this a uniting of DM and DF? Is the idea to be intentional about knowing what we want, and aligning our energy around it, and then listening for urges, impulses, excitement, stoke leading us in a certain direction, and taking inspired action? Not holding back from that?

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