Twin Flame Energy Forecast July 16th-22nd: “Electricity”

16 Jul


Challenges For Masculine Twin – Awakening Calls. Plus, Are You “Running Out” Of Love? Retrograde Season Tunes Into Martyrdom, Turning Love Inward…


Welcome to a week full of galvanizing potential for the long run! Mars is moving Retrograde, signalling a process of reformation for the Masculine polarity.

Challenges open up to long term changes, plus – the cosmos presents lessons around manifestation and attracting love for the Feminine…

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Venus In Virgo – Perfection Makes Challenges

Now onto the forecast!

It’s set to be a nice uplifting Sunday trailing into Monday as Venus joins up with the Moon in Virgo, but it’s a passing high. By Tuesday the two have moved on.

This isn’t the liveliest of weeks you’re going to have. Unbridled excitement and passion aren’t featured on the list – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. None of us have the energy for constant unbridled anything.

At the start of this week Venus feels a little uncomfortable. Being planted firmly in Virgo isn’t ideal for her at the best of times – there’s a strong sense of playing it safe when it comes to matters of the heart.

Careful you don’t criticize yourself and others too much this period. When we criticize and judge, we create distance and it creates a block to love.

Spirit shows us, judgments are always based in feeling unloved. Get to grips with the underlying negativity and you rise up into experiencing the harmony in relationships.

You begin attracting a different dynamic from others. (Read more about that here in “Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An Inside Job”)

Manifestation Frustration?

Near Ceres, the asteroid symbolizing fertility and the agriculture, we see the Feminine Twin feeling disheartened that her visions of love, her manifestations haven’t yet come to fruition.

The spiritual “lesson” is to enjoy the journey along the way and not put so much pressure on an outcome, such as reuniting with your Twin Flame or getting a dream job or having a baby or getting married…

Because being goal focused, on things or events that “must” occur before we can be happy, keeps happiness dependent on an outer goal.

It’s closely related to conditional models of love, vs the unconditional love Twin Flames are here to embody.

Venus in Virgo is a tough position because this energy is tinged with a sense of martyrdom, of working to please and help and assist everyone *else*. Love directed outward at the expense of inner wholeness and wellness.

Relax Your Mind And Float Downstream…

So in this period do your best to cherish and love *yourself*, and to appreciate what the here and now has to offer.

Paradoxically, this is the stuff that will boost your bigger goals in arriving.

For more on manifestation and actually ensuring that your desires show up tangibly, click here.

Manifestation is about more than just “inviting it in” and waiting for divine timing to take care of the rest. As co-creators, we are always expected to be a part in making our manifestations happen on the physical plane.

The divine will never do things “for” us – it would be a breach of the soul contracts we made before birth. We have to play an active part in our lives’ creations. Including the Twin Flame journey to reunion.

How many “spiritual” people do you know who seem like experts at chakra work, crystals, angel healing and alignment yet seem to have finacial issues, have an unreliable or abusive partner, or are always dealing with problems and fires to put out?

It means their system is blocked from the crucial last step of manifestation, which is to physically and tangibly receive their wish.


What If Perfection Isn’t “Real”?

Usually, when Venus is hanging around, we might simply be in for a quieter time than usual on the love front. Thinking things through carefully, not making a move without being convinced it’s precisely the right move.

All that can be for the good, except that this week Venus is making a stressful quincunx to retrograde Mars, bringing the feeling that you need to do something, anything, to make things happen – except it’s hard to decide what that something should be.

It also spells out that you might be experiencing some serious frustrations with your counterpart.

For some, it will be a sizzling kind of dynamic going on, but for the most part it indicates frustrations based in differing perspectives.

The spiritual message is… Perfection is naturally imperfect. What if your Twin Flame connection was “perfect” for you and your journey already? (Read what that means in this article)

You might find yourself in the position of constantly trying to relate and adjust to a relationship partner or potential partner, without getting the balance quite right.

Beware Over-Thinking

One minute you’re happy to do whatever they ask, the next you’re wondering how you turned into a doormat.

Or you might be so busy trying to keep things sweet that somehow you never get the chance to say what you really think and feel.

After all, you have a feeling you don’t want to put them off. You don’t want to come on too strong.

BUT: Chances are that you’re over-thinking it and worrying unnecessarily!

It’s fair enough to take into account what others think about you, but just because they don’t gasp in wonder as soon as you appear, that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking good – or even great – things.

It’s likely you’ll feel on edge with communication this week – like there’s something you’re missing or doing wrong.

Know that it’s not necessarily the case. Spirit’s input is, align with your heart and you will always feel what’s right and good.

No Need To Worry

The problem is that at the same time Mercury is being nudged by a quincunx from Pluto.

It makes ideas stick in your head once you’ve had them, and it’s hard to change gear even if you realize deep down that this isn’t the brightest idea you’ve had for a while.

There’s a niggling feeling that it’s best to keep your mouth shut in case you make a fool of yourself…

The good news is – because there’s always some good news – that you’re probably worrying about nothing. Or at least you’re only worrying about something that will turn out in the long run to be inconsequential.

But given all the worrywart vibes in the air, it’s probably best to just keep in mind that this is a very temporary, passing mood.

In fact, as the week goes on, you’ll feel your heart lift and the pressures ease from your shoulders. Now Jupiter has turned direct again, he’s in the mood to brighten things up in a big way.

As the sextile between Venus and Jupiter gets closer, you’ll feel a smile twitch at the corners of your lips, feel a warm glow when you get a compliment or two, and best of all seriously nice people will want you to join them in doing some seriously nice things.

Are You Willing To Give Love A Chance?

Maybe a little bit of you will still worry about not getting it exactly right, but a bigger part of you will be prepared to take a risk.

After all, love is always a gamble and you’re bound to come out the winner sometimes. And at the worst, that boost to your popularity gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside…

There’s a brief window on the 20th when everyone seems to be in a good mood. That’s due to the Moon sidling next to Jupiter. It fills people with good intentions and a desire to be sociable.

When better to get out there and see who’s carrying a torch for you? And if they’re not already burning one, you’ll be ready to light the fire.

And at the end of the week, as the Sun moves out of Cancer into Leo, instead of people being focused on building their nests and feeling secure, they start thinking:
Isn’t it time I went out to play?

The Sun Returns “Home

For the next month, the Sun is at home, proud, outgoing and ready for a good time.

OK, some people will be more in the mood for fun and games than others, but even the most stick-in-the muds will be more partial than usual to a bit of drama and excitement in their lives, will be ready to strut around in their brightly colored feathers.

Venus is still in Virgo, she’s still careful about handing her heart to just anyone, but she knows that perfect is a good idea that real life can’t always live up to.

With the Sun in Leo, this is the time to shine in your individuality. (Read more here about why this is so important on the Twin Flame journey!)


Unawakened Masculine Twins Pushed

It’s time to add some color to your life. And although it will take a little while to get there, the Sun is moving towards an opposition to Mars. It’s adding an edge of passion, an edge of desire to all your social activities.

So why not get out there and see what the world has to offer? Be willing to see things from a new perspective – it can open things up more than you’d ever have expected.

For the Masculine Twin we see that awakening is calling, whether or not he wants to heed the call! There’s a sense that he’s comfortable in his old identity and the comfort of the familiar…

But this is being challenged. Pushed by Uranus and Jupiter both now moving direct, we see that it’s as if his past manifestations are being undone and uplifted into a higher state.

As if new actions are being taken “for him”. In this period there is a clear indication that the higher self is taking the reins. (To help with this process – have a look here)

Eclipses Triggering A Higher State for Twins

Last week’s Solar Eclipse and next week’s Lunar Eclipse act as powerful agents of transformation for Twins and other lightworkers. We’re right now in the midst of a gateway…

And it’s highly likely that this period will be instrumental in changing your Twin Flame situation somehow – above all coming from within, breaking it open to a higher state.

By the time of the autumn equinox you will have seen the changes that sprouted in this period, blossom into something tangible.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3

Cassady x

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  • Monika

    Right now all I can think about is to pamper myself and get myself back on track with my career and family life. So what if he has run… ? Enough chasing this time. My turn to love myself and I just send out a message through my thoughts that he can do whatever he wants and that one day he will just realize things on his own once he decides to really see that I am moving on. Me first above all – that’s my focus for now.