Twin Flame Energy Forecast May 2nd-8th “Heaven On Earth”

1 May

twin flames

Higher Realms “step in” to uplift Twin Flame Love as Retrogrades push up Shadows from the Past. Plus, manifestation gets an overhaul with a powerful New Moon in Taurus…


May is set to be yet another big month for Twin Flames and Lightworkers this year. The great cosmic storm continues, with a high number of Retrograde planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto AND Saturn – the first time in 10 years these planets have all been moving “backwards” at the same time).

We’re being pushed back into past territory with the aim of tidying up any loose ends, learning lessons missed and clearing collective negativity. Trying to move forwards and “getting things done” can feel like walking through tar right now – instead, the cosmic currents support us to get to grips with internal work, shadow alchemy, clearing negativity…

Big Changes for Twin Flames

The big headline for Twin Flames here is Mars’ retrograde journey back through Sagittarius and Scorpio (continues until June 29th), assisted by Pluto – a detox and reworking of the masculine energy fields and the “male” energy template and archetypes.

We’re set to be purging much of the shadow side of the masculine energy polarity – relating to misuse of power, aggression, sex, control.


The aim? Increased balance increasing the vibration of both each individual and for the planet. What’s been stagnant and hurting us and the planet, is being brought up to be cleared.

Consider it a grand spring clean orchestrated by the universe – the energies are pushing us to prepare for openness and Twin Union.

If you’d like to lighten this experience and move through this period with increased smoothness, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program.

A Boost for Manifestation

This week brings a strong focus to manifestation and bringing dreams to fruition. Some challenges, but also a lot of support to help us become more effective in this.

May 3rd sees the Sun trine Jupiter in Virgo, a highly beneficial energy configuration especially for manifestation and creation. If you’ve been working on and aiming for certain goals and manifestations in recent months, you get a boost behind these right now.

We’re reminded by spirit that manifestation isn’t a one off thing. It’s more like sowing the seed of a flower and making sure we water and tend to it every day so that it grows, first beneath the soil – invisible to our eyes – then sprouting up above ground and eventually blooming.


Regular tending is crucial. Meaning – keep your thoughts, actions and feelings in line with your desire coming to fruition. Don’t give up before your “flower” has had a chance to even come up above the ground.

How To Know Your Manifestation is Working

Signs that you’re dropping the ball on your positive manifestations include skepticism, doubt, resentment, disappointment, sadness, anger – these are blocks being shown up so you can clear them and be open to receiving your desire. You’ll know you’re fully inviting in and open to receiving if you’re in a state of excitement, happiness, confidence, joy, bliss…

Happily, we can clear out doubt, negativity and other blocks by using energy clearing tools to open up to smoother, bigger and faster manifestation! It’s completely transformed my own journey and that of so many other Twin Flames – you can read about some of their experiences here.

Is Your Root Chakra Helping or Blocking you?

Remember that in order to receive and see the physical result of your desired manifestations (such as Twin Flame reunion) you must be in alignment with receiving the positivity you’ve asked for.

I was recently shown that many Lightworkers and Twin Flames are successfully manifesting their goals and dreams on nearly all non-physical levels, but have a block in the Root Chakra.

The Root chakra is connected to the physical body and existence – and when it’s blocked or full of limiting programming, it can effectively close the “door” on your dreams showing up in the physical.

For this reason, we included in the brand new channeled Harmony Healing For Twin Flames to clear out any limiting ancestral energy grids that might be blocking you from showing up your desired Union and Harmony in the physical.

Your Dreams Are Here – Open The Door

Spirit showed me that cleansing these blocks, which most often includes clearing ancestral negativity and even to detox the body, can be hugely transformative in opening the door to these manifestations finally showing up.

The image I kept being shown was all the dreams waiting right outside the door – for the final block to be removed and the door to open to all the goals and manifestations arriving.

Today and for a few days before and after, you have support from the high vibrational energies of Jupiter to get you consistently up into that high vibration and reaping the fruits of your previous efforts.

Take some time to make sure your genetic lineage, beliefs and past experiences aren’t blocking your efforts – we also go through clearing much of this in the Second Clearing Session for Twin Flames, which includes new high vibrational templates for Twin Union.

A New Moon to Seal The Deal

The May 6th New Moon in Taurus emphasizes this focus on creation and manifestation. Taurus is an expert manifestor, who knows how to joyfully tend to the seeds faithfully day by day until they sprout forth into beautiful flowers. Patience comes easier to this sign than any other.

This New Moon is an excellent time to set intentions for what you’d like to bring forth into your reality over the coming weeks and months. Write down your desires and take some symbolic action steps in the right direction to make the most of this time.

Use this as a way to steer your Twin Flame path in your desired direction also. Once you set intentions, you organize your energy and subconscious efforts (95% of our brain activity is subconscious) to make it happen.

So connect to the light (included in the free help kit for Twin Flames), write down 10 things you’d like to happen within the next period, and write down a baby step to take for each one.

Receiving Help from “Up Above”

A day later on May 8th we have a Pluto trine to the Sun, indicating a positive “detox” to help us in the manifestation process. Sometimes manifestation is held up because of congested energy or counter intentions – Pluto is here to help you realize how and where (especially pertaining to the past) you’re working against yourself, so you can clear it, release it, and open up your path again.

An additional happy cosmic event comes our way as Jupiter turns direct on May 9th – coinciding with Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune. These energies indicate that we are now set to be receiving more high vibrational support in our manifestation efforts and for the Twin Flames.

Neptune helps raise our vibration in Love, and this is set to be a pleasant time with Taurus grounding us sufficiently to not float away. It is shown to me that this is a time for “bridging heaven and earth” – a reminder of the unity and unconditional Love the Twins shared as souls before coming to earth.

This can be a wonderful time for Twin Flames sharing love both in the physical and beyond – Venus/Neptune configurations bring love into the higher spheres and uplift love into the unconditional.

High likelihood of dream experiences, 5D journeying and soul connections between Twins – a feeling of floating on the bliss of love… Enjoy, and remember it’s up to us to take advantage of these energy waves to make it happen!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

Do you want FREE ebooks and Energy Tools to help you on your journey and more articles about Twin Flames in your inbox?

Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines

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  • G.O.Y.A

    So in 2014, I met my twin flame but didn’t realize the connection until almost a month in. The chemistry was incredible & it was more than the physical level. We went to High School together & knew of each other but we’re in two different directions. But our connection feels like we’ve known each other forever. Nothing was forced, everything just flowed with ease. One problem… She has a boyfriend & two young children. As we entered 2015, she was conflicted for obvious reasons. Our relationship was off & on, but we talked everyday. 2016 brought on a new dynamic, when I thought we couldn’t get any closer, she backed away to work things out. Long story short, her heart is with me but she is also loyal to her kids. She always comes back, in fact, she never truly left. I feel tormented, knowing she wants to be with me. Being a single man, I can do what I want, but have no desire to. I love her so much it drives me crazy. One part of me says be patient, it will come together when the time is right. Another part of me says, if you wait, time will be wasted & you’ll resent her. I don’t know what to do. Thanks in advance for any advice & positive comments.

  • Amber

    I have felt this coming in. Quite the deepening taking place these past few days and the LOVE, oh my goodness!!! Feels like quite the opening has taken place and we feel closer. Glad to know we’re all on track!

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  • found

    I have tried this new harmony clearing for twin flames and I think it works. All the impatience regarding the timing of the reunion has been lifted. I feel like i have “remembered” who we are and I suddenly feel happy and calm, I feel the love between us, the love that was there since we were created. I now know that we will make it, together. So hopefully I can always remember this and feel this love and happines when I think of him and be calm regardless of the outer circumstances 🙂

    • I’m so glad Found! It was channeled to me I knew I needed get that clearing out there for everyone ASAP – spirit kept prodding me to record and create it, so I knew that it was something special x Thanks for letting me know! <3

  • Anyte

    Thank you for this beautiful message, Cassady. I look forward to your two posts every week, truly.

    I used to not believe much in astrology, and never put importance on retrogrades, but since my awakening, I am able to understand things a bit better and deeper beneath the surface than before.

    This big energy shift with Mercury/Pluto has caused so much to come to the surface for me, and when the full moon hit on April 22nd, I was faced with such a HUGE problem! I had no idea how to get out of it, and wasn’t sure if it would ever resolve itself; but, then, I stopped to remember what you told us before, and that helped to calm me down. I’m happy to report that, as of today, the issue has been resolved, and I feel so light right now. Without your guidance, I know I’d still be holding on to that burning energy.

    I can’t help but think that the big, tangled mess only blocked me from connecting to my twin, but now that it has been repaired, I feel better. He is still off doing his own thing, and I am doing mine; I feel that I have been given this time to improve myself. I’ve always felt this major lack from within, and have been very afraid that I’m not good enough for him, and (years ago) I remember mentioning that to him, too. I have done a lot of soul searching, more than ever, and I feel that I am starting to shift closer to who I truly am.

    I’ve watched some messages for Twin Flames by others, and I can’t relate or allow my soul to melt into them as I am able to do with the messages you send out for us. I feel that the you truly connect with and channel spirit to help us more than others. Thank you so much!

  • DarkMoonRose

    Although we’re only a few days into the week so far I feel like this is spot on. I’ve been feeling increasingly blissed out lately, just feeling great despite what’s going on in my life. I spent all yesterday, May 3rd, with my twin and it was our 2nd time hanging out together outside of school. Not to sound cliche but it was like a magical experience, I never realized how easily we meshed without forcing it and it made me feel incredibly in love and I think he is too. The only thing is I really want to be with him completely but he’s married with kids and isn’t sure whether he wants to work things out with her or not yet… but with the way things have been going lately I’m just holding out faith that things will work out as they must. Thank you for this wonderful message!

  • Troy Stengel

    Cassady, I had confused a karmic relationship with a TF and have since discovered my TF is waiting for me and is Alpha Centaurian (I’m a walk-in since 11/11/15 – long story). The strange thing is that the human karmic relationship seems to “mirror” the changes you discuss. Do you have any insight into what could be going on here?

    • Hi Troy,

      Thanks for the question – the insight I’m getting for you is that you already know the answers and that things are being lifted bit by bit for you to remember more and more.

      So you’re being encouraged to not pay any attention to human terms like karma and twin flame vs karmic twin or soul mate, because it’s all energy that you wanted to experience the variations and contrasts of…

      So, in other words, allow yourself feel the energies and experiences and make sense of them with your own words and understanding – that’s a part of your path…

      And I’m shown that your Twin is there by your side all the time journeying with you as closely as possible at this time. He wants you to know you can relax (solar plexus, the sense of a deep sigh of relief) and lean on him more than you are doing. He’s there to support you, you can ask him to help you in any way, don’t be afraid to ask for too much – he’ll find a way <3

      Enjoy the unfolding of your amazing journey! xx Cassady

      • Troy Stengel

        Oh, my goodness, that makes so much sense! Thank you so much for your response and for providing your invaluable service to everyone! It is def true that many others are so quick to be extremely dismissive and negative, as you pointed out recently. I’ve made my decision to ascend, but, I just don’t think the two of us have completed everything, yet. It’s, probably, not surprising that I’ve never had a situation anything like this, before. The man I mention was responsible for “waking me up” but, it has been brutal and toxic, to say the least, at times.

  • Ash B. Mudd

    Dearest Cassady, First and foremost I want to thank you for everything that you do. Words cannot express how grateful I am for such guidance with the tools you have provided as well as from my own guides, and all of the synchronicity I have experienced more and more as each day comes. Much could be said at the moment however I would be writing a heck of a book. I will note that just lately within the last month I’ve noticed that what I believe to be profound advancement as far as acceptance of what is and have cleared a ton of energy to the point where I finally feel and noticed that there is either no or very little emotional triggers directly toward who I believe is my TF. Other things have popped up for me during this time that I have processed and cleared. Now I understand that there is no disconnect, that is illusion.

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