Twin Flame Energy Forecast November 14th-20th “Culmination”

14 Nov

twin flame return

The Deeper Reasons For Ongoing Twin Flame Struggles Are Revealed, With a Powerful Full Moon In Opposition. Plus, The Twin Flame Mission Clicks In. Discover Why You Might Have Felt Sabotaged By Others On Your Journey…


Starting out the week on November 14th we have a Full Moon in Taurus, the culmination of this moon cycle. Energies can run high at the times of the Full Moon as the collective fields are stirred up – make sure you shield yourself to avoid picking up on others’ stress and fears.

This particular Full Moon is a Super Moon – which means it’s occurring closer to earth, the closest Full Moon we’ve had since 1948! What this means is an intensifying of the energy of the Full Moon, and as energy is amplified at this time be mindful of what you’re focusing on right now.

If you’re in a low state you’re set to feel even heavier and problems loom even larger, but if you can stay up you’ll find this an amazing time for manifestation, happiness and faith in the future.

To boost yourself up, I strongly recommend vision boarding and Creative Visualization right now – to focus on your positive goals. I’ve created a specially designed visualization for Twin Flames which you can find here as a part of the Full Vibrational Alignment program – includes elements tailored to circumvent subconscious resistance and increase harmony and unity.


The Struggle of Letting Go


This Full Moon oppositions the Sun in Scorpio so yet again there are heavy conflicts at work – unconscious motivations and fears seem to be sabotaging your conscious desires and wishes right now.

And Scorpio and Taurus are possibly the two most stubborn energies in the zodiac. When they combat, it feels like mountain against mountain. This has to do with conscious vs unconscious desires. Hopes for love being undermined by fear.

Read more about how unconscious counter-intentions can sabotage manifestation and Twin Flame Reunion here – and what to do about it.

And if you’re struggling right now, please don’t give up – I’ve seen things change dramatically for the better for so many!

No matter what’s happened before or how hard things feel for you right now, know that there are solutions and answers, and things really can change for you!

If you haven’t already, please go ahead and download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit and get started with the energy cleanse kit, as this will clear your space and uplift your energy almost immediately.

You will feel a shift for the better, and it helps to open up your Twin Flame connection to harmony again. I’ve had dozens of Twins email to say their Runner Twin got in touch after they’d used the cleanse tool – because one Twin clearing energy impacts the whole dynamic…!


Releasing Outworn Attachments

Both Scorpio and Taurus are incredibly attachment prone, so this particular Full Moon has an extra extra emphasis on letting go – consciously and unconsciously, emotionally and mentally – we are being pushed to let go of the past once and for all.

Old habits and relationships that have outworn their use are being triggered to be broken for good so we can move on. Sometimes this can be traumatic, but the message is, it’s for the highest good.

If things seem to be falling apart or threatening to, ask yourself if you might be better off. Because, as we’re being shown, there’s another door opening…

There are new relationships, new situations (or new and higher versions of old relationships and situations) waiting to emerge – but until we let go of the past, they’re not able to.

Taurus is a very loyal energy, to the point of not knowing when to let go. Any outworn attachments may be revealed to you now. You know when you see an old friend and suddenly realize you have nothing in common anymore? This is emphasized now.


The Shadow Side of the Feminine

The cycles are pushing hard to change. It appears we’ve been stubbornly trying to hold onto things that are actually blocking us. Even within the Twin Flame pair.

We can’t have the past back, it’s gone. But the future can be brighter than we ever believed. It’s up to us to open up now and make room for it.

As the sun is conjunct significant asteroid Lilith, symbolizing the shadow side of the Feminine, this past we’re hanging onto is highlighted to be grudges.

Old perceptions of having been misused, betrayed, abandoned, rejected – particularly in the Twin Flame connection.

There are explosions brewing under the surface right now, and on the face of it we think it has to do with us being badly treated – that our Twin Flame might have pushed us past our limits once too many times and this is it – but the actual root cause is much deeper.


The First Cut Is The Deepest

This goes back to childhood and emotions. That’s where the core lies.

It’s not really your Twin Flame hurting you that’s the deepest pain, it’s experiences from childhood that are lodged in your unconscious memory – perhaps they’re things that happened even before you were old enough to understand what was going on. It’s the feeling memory that’s locked in you, not a fact of the current situation but an old feeling…

Where the innocent part of you feels crushed or afraid. Where you learned that other people can hurt you, that the world can be a bad place.

The cosmic energies are pushing these things up to the surface right now so we can get rid of the pain energies for good and allow the wounds to heal – so we can open up to love.

So right now, beware that any ego clashes are actually rooted in deeper issues. If you feel that your Twin Flame has taken advantage of you and you’re sick and tired of it, look deeper.

To help you shift your mindset, read more here about the gift of a**holes on the spiritual path – how hurt is actually meant as a gift of love from one soul to another.

Spirit is highlighting that this is actually serving you – to dig up the deeper wounds and be able to move on in love once they’re healed.

In this way, Twin Flames help each other heal “with brutal kindness”. Transformation through triggering and love both.

Hurting you to ultimately heal you, the way only your self in another body would.

Have a look here at my Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames to address any unresolved issues now – we also communicate with your Twin’s inner child to help and heal them too.


Twin Unity Becomes Power to Heal Through Love

The Full Moon serves the purpose of release, to push up old negativity and transmute it. I’m seeing and sensing it as if the impact from the light of the moon, even through clouds and rain, almost “melts” away the old negativity.

By the time the energies settle after the intensity of this opposition, we’re ready to move into new developments.

A few days later we have a pleasant alignment between Venus in Capricorn semi-sextile Mars in Aquarius – these are both wilful, determined energies, which could spell out conflict in the old 3D world.

But when the masculine and feminine come together as a united Twin Flame pair, this becomes a united power emanating from within.

Ambitions turned outward, fuel to carry out the Twin Flame “mission” of enlightenment and uplifting – Unconditional Love as a template for living. A feeling of wholeness, completion in terms of the future. A sense that things are going in the right direction.

Around this time we also have a long transit come exact, meaning that its significance and intensity is heightened – the energies of opposition between Neptune in Pisces and the True Node in Virgo.

I’m shown this very clearly as a conflict between humanity’s desire to stay stuck in the old paradigms and patterns versus being called by the higher realms to rise up into the higher planes of living.

We’re being pushed, nudged and lured by the higher realms – but as a collective, humanity is still firmly stuck (and seemingly comfortable, despite everything) in its old ways of separation, conflict and polarity.

Interesting to see how clearly this relates to recent political developments. But there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, is the message from spirit.


New Light Codes Unlocking

The Twin Flames are as you may know, representatives of the new 5D “reality”, the new unity consciousness evolving across the planet.

As Ascension moves on for the Twins, other Lightworkers and the earth itself, new light codes are triggered to “unlock” both in earth and in our DNA – this is happening now.

If you’ve ever felt like people have a problem with you that you can’t understand, that you’re nice to others but they seem to not like you – this can be an issue, we’re shown by Spirit. That people feel threatened by the energies you carry. Not consciously, but that they sense your energy as triggering to theirs.

Long term, this will settle in as the Earth moves up into a steadily rising energy frequency, but it’s worth noticing if you’ve felt disheartened, misunderstood or isolated earlier in life.

Uplifting your energy and shielding yourself will help you not only with this but with your Twin Flame connection in general, as removing others’ influence from your space will open you and your Twin Flame up to one another, facilitating your connection both on the soul level and in the physical.

For a complete healing, shielding and clearing for the Twin Flame pair, including updating your Akashic records and uplifting and unifying your collective timelines – go here.


Twin Flames – Bridges to Love

The “battle” between the new and the old, the high vibrational unity consciousness and the old human 3D polarities is set to be an ongoing issue, with the Neptunian energies slowly working away at society and the collective human psyche (what some call the “matrix” – the collective mental field created by mass energies and thoughts almost like a cloud or a fog).

Neptune’s way of clearing is erosion, dissolution. These high vibration energies work like water, so subtly that we hardly notice a change until we compare the end result with an earlier state and see the true difference.

Looking back a few decades from now, we’ll see that big changes were occurring behind the scenes during in this period – which is ongoing for another year or more.


Neptune Turns Direct – Spiritual Connections Open Up Again

A few days later, on November 19th as Neptune turns direct after months of retrograde motion, Venus joins in with this struggle – and yet again this is coming through crystal clear – this symbolizes the role of the Twin Flames in this opposition between the old separation systems and the new unity.

Whereas the soul collective and the higher realms are currently locked directly against each other, the Twin Flames come in in the middle, positively aspecting both.

The message here is that Love is the bridge between the old and the new reality, between heaven and earth. My fingers are literally being moved to type this. We are the bridge.

There is so much emotion in this. Humanity depends on it, and we are carrying out an incredibly important role in the continued development of society and the collective of souls.

We the Twin Flames carry the templates of High Vibration Living, of Unconditional Love, which is set to be the new foundation to anchor humanity into the higher evolution they seek as souls.

We are the pioneers who are here to show humanity that Love is the key that unlocks all doors. That Love is what dissolves all barriers. It’s not always easy, but everything in the universe is supporting this right now – the Twin Flame journey, the path of love.

Right now, expect to feel things clicking into another gear, things shifting to help you move forward. A sense that “finally” there’s unseen support moving into play.

Moving Forward

Remember that you are an active participant in your journey, however, and that things will shift infinitely faster when you yourself begin to take action to clear out genetically ingrained heaviness and limitation from your energy field.

When we are born we inherit the energetic and emotional end result of our ancestors’ experiences, including residual trauma that could have stemmed from centuries ago.

Humanity have not experienced Unconditional Love hitherto, so we have no programming for this in our human bodies. That’s why Ascension can be so hard.

Clearing our energy of the heaviness and limitations of the past helps us not only activate the new light codes of love, but remove what’s clogging up our ability to live in harmony. Have a look here for more.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x <3

***Need someone to talk to? Have a look here at my new collaboration with spirit – get a free mini intuitive reading!***

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

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  • Marie Morin

    Bonjour Cassady,

    Pour profiter pleinement de ce cours, j’ai besoin qu’il soit écrit en français.Pourriez-vous m’indiquer si cela est possible ? Merci de me répondre.
    Profonde gratitude à vous Cassady pour ce beau travail et l’Amour que vous portez aux twin flames. Amour & Lumière pour cette belle journée. Marie

    • Bonjour Marie,

      Je ne parle pas le francais tres bien mais j’essayer de vous repondre. Je sais qu’il y a un femme Francais qui a traduir mes articles dans l’internet/Facebook, peut etre “google” “cassady cayne francais/ames jumelles” et voir si les articles sont dans l’internet. Je n’a pas traduir les cours a ce moment, mais peut etre vous pouvoir utilise un traduition automatique dans l’internet?

      Amour & lumiere pour vous aussi Marie! Et merci pour m’ecrit en Francais, j’apprendis le francais dans l’ecole et l’universite depuis sept annees mais je ne jamais utilise le francais maintenant. C’est une langue tres belle! <3 🙂

      Cassady x

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  • Tanya Davediuk Wadden

    Already felt this happening! Yesterday was such a tough day, felt like my heart was taken out and hammered by a meat tenderizer…. me and my TF had been indulging in sexual play over Facebook, but he is married… and it was unhealthy for both of us. He showed me a picture of his wife, which triggered us both into many painful emotions and lashing out… but it ended in me seeing, “the other person is you”.. “she is you…” if you got into relationship with him, that would be you walking sadly away, disconnected, back to him… sexual addictions in the masculine, love addictions in the feminine, adrenaline rushes with new partners instead of long-term intimacy… so cleared it. No more! One woman at a time, this is low, this is wrong, and we all deserve better! No more of this unless that relationship is finished, and we get 100% of each other! We were both so happy! Felt my heart beating fast as I laid down to sleep, though up most of the night… and new light codes moving in my DNA, very blissful, joyful ones… woke up to a blissful happy face from him, and “blessings”… we graduated out of our basement into our true, light selves! Released those old issues from childhood… for him, sexual abuse, for me, neediness for escape into romantic love, not enough love from father… always putting power outside myself, looking for that affirmation… like a beggar… changing my whole dynamic, I affirm myself as worthy, and I look to the inside, not the outside… big stuff!

  • butterflypoo

    Does the new 5D reality of unity also mean feeling closer/more connected to our loved ones who are in heaven? Vs. The feeling of “they have been taken and are no longer with us (ie.separation)” ?? I have wondered about this a lot.

    • Yes! It does increase our ability to interact that way because it’s a “meeting place” between the realms <3 I noticed an increase in this already recently x More and more

      • butterflypoo

        Wow, I really miss my loved one and really want his family (my twin flames family) to feel connected to him and like he is a big part of their lives still. I currently have too many blocks to interact with him but the Angels are slowly clearing them and I know that him and I have a really powerful connection. He is my spirit Dad and our hearts recognized each other when we met. In lots of ways, it reflected the relationship between my twin and I but this is in a father-daughter way, which is very sacred and special.

        Thanks Cassady!!! I want the whole world to feel more connected to their loved ones; I want this for everyone so badly.

  • Vickie Cece

    my twin started appearing in my dreams now he is in them every night…all a similar theme. I am hoping this means he will be in contact soon

  • Shannon

    Hi Cassady, thank you again for a wonderful article. Wow so true. I met my twin a week ago on a remote island. The 11/11 portal was a magical night for us, and it now it all makes sense. It’s beautiful. He’s the first person I’ve ever opened up to almost completely, the first person I feel has the chance to understand me fully, the first person to ever make me feel completely and absolutely loved for exactly who I am. He is amazing. I know that whatever happens he will be my best friend and teammate for life. I know what you mean about other people’s energy trying to interfere. I’ve been talking to other people about him, and what’s been coming up is a lot of fear stuff and warnings about betrayal and lies, and the first time I heard it I was completely shocked. He is so sweet. He asked me out when he was trying to give me boyfriend advice and realised he was doing the opposite of what he was advising me to do. Since I’ve met him I’ve cried more in the past few days than I have in the past year. But it’s good crying. The type that sheds old blockages and old baggage and makes way for the beautiful future that is lying right in front of me as soon as he comes back home. The fears of my friends and family have been a niggling worry and I’ve caught myself second guessing him and myself, but thanks for this article Cassady because it confirms what I truly do personally believe and want so much to believe. He is absolutely perfect for me, just what I need right now, pushes all the right buttons both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but it’s necessary to clear and move forward. He is Venus in Aquarius. It is so true, about the androgynous Venus Aquarian, he is quite feminine for a man even physically. I love it. I’m in a very good place right now, all I need to do is keep doing what I’m doing, keep trusting and loving and letting go of everything that no longer serves. Thank you Cassady, I love you! Keep it up, you’ve helped me a lot through my time alone over this past year. 🙂 🙂

  • Christin

    This has me so excited I can hardly stand it. Months ago I asked that I be shown my purpose on this earth in this lifetime, and it was revealed that my purpose is to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, here in the physical reality. We are the bridge!! <3 I feel like I just received a brand new dose of encouragement to power on. Xoxo

    • Wow, Christin! I’m so happy this confirms your personal intuitive insight too <3 x Sending you love and light x

  • Cindy

    This is the hardest experience. We are here because we are trying so hard to make things right not only for ourselves and our twin but for humanity. I’m worn out. Cassidy your blogs and the comments of others experience helps me hang in there. We separated today…..again. two years of high highs and low lows. I feel live I’ve learnt more in the last two years than the last 40. I crave for calm waters even for a month lol .Please guys. Inspiration would be awesome .

    • Joyce Pungirum

      I’m sapareted from my twin too. And he tries to get close, find his way back but it’s like he is stuck full of doubt and fears. After the moon I’ve noticed something has changed, our connection is even stronger, and i feel him now even when I’m sleeping and not dreaming with him. I’m all the time sorrounded by his energy, feeling him 24h a day. If theres someting I’ve learned in my twin flame journey is to be patient. This is a very rare connection strong and divine. It’s unique for eachone of us. And it’s meant to work for a greater good. I’m really thankful for everything I went through, with and without him. I belive this is gonna work for all of us in the right moment. Trust the journey, embrace your mission even without your twin, help people do everything as if he’s arelady by you side, he’ll catch up. Have faith, keep positive thoughts. Sending you love and light we’re gonna help to change the world.

  • Natica Nuttella

    feels a lot like prepping for 2017 right now. ”all gears set, all systems go” is what i get for 2017 !

  • Hi Annie,

    Energy clearing is my number one recommendation to deal with negativity, whether it’s inside as feelings and sensations or in interaction with others. Shield yourself and clear other people’s “stuff” out of your space and you will experience a transformation of how you experience life.

    I’ve been in the same situation in life, and this has truly changed “everything” for me. Spiritual guidance also gets congested and blocked when we’ve got others’ energy in our space.

    Also, my twin and I share a scorpio/taurus venus/moon bond, and remember there is an amazing blessing in this – to feel so strongly and so deeply, and to share this with another person, it can be such a beautiful thing <3 Try looking at the positive side of your sensitivity. Empaths are like that for a reason, to be able to see through the veil of human illusions.

    But again, clearing your energy so you know what's real and what's other people's stuff is essential. Sending you love and light <3 x


  • Emily

    Cassady, your weekly articles act as my saving grace. No one understands how I feel, how I can feel this way about someone I’m not with, or why I continue to believe we will be together. It’s been a year with no contact and almost three years since my heart filled with love for her. I know she is the one.. but she has never expressed this sentiment to me. My question is this.. at what point does this all constitute delusion. I’m not a delusional person, I’ve always been very pragmatic. When love is unrequited, you move on.. you get over it. You’re suppose to accept it, because not all relationships work out or last, and that’s just life. But the twin flame theory says different. And I believe she is my twin flame. Every ounce of my body and soul tells me to believe.. but reality, traditional ideas about love, and any person I speak to about her.. all say I’m stupid. That this is all stupid. I don’t feel that way. But at what point is everyone else right.. and if it was me who was wrong all along. I know this journey doesn’t make sense when looking in.. but in my heart it feels right. She feels right. I can’t give up on that. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

  • Justin Sinclear McDermott

    Hi Cassady. I purchased your full vibrational alignment program a couple weeks ago and had my doubts at first, but listening to the audios last night gave me a different perspective. I went through a few of the audios and saw many different things in my third eye vision. There was one particular image that was triggered by the extra sound in the background of the audio, the sound made me think of an army helicopter, and suddenly I saw an image of a soldier and a military mini gun which also resembled the extra sound. I don’t think this is my imagination being crazy, I believe this could be part of the past issues being brought to the surface. And like I said there were other images I saw as well, flashes of light, energy colors of all sorts, and astral/bedtime faces. I look forward to what other things this program will teach me. Thank You for deciding ‘Your Mission’ when you came to this Earth 🙂

    • I’m so glad you’re having such profound experiences! This is definitely a visual message for you from your higher self/soul. What feeling do you get? Your intuition will help you decode the meaning. If it’s a negative energy/pattern you can use the tools in the program to clear it, and that’s what your soul is asking you to do.

      The clearing tools can be used to help you in so many different ways – use your intuition and allow things to unfold, clear blocks as they’re shown up to you! This particular thing you saw seems related to a feeling of being unsafe on earth, which will create blocks to a physical reunion with your twin…

      Sending you light and love <3 x

  • Dani

    I just received this reply now. My twin is 10 months older than me. I hope things have been better in these past few months. Always keep the love and light in your heart and do not give up.

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