Twin Flame Energy Forecast Jan 2nd-8th 2017 “New Dawn”

1 Jan

twin flameIntense Start To The New Year: Masculine Archetypes Are Powerfully Reworked, Chakra Upgrades and Lessons. Plus, Mercury Moves Direct – What Baggage Will You Choose Not To Bring Into The Next 9 Year Cycle?


We enter into 2017 with some heavy energies colouring the cosmic landscape – Mars is still interacting with Neptune in his home sign of Pisces, continuing last fall’s theme of “uplifting” and softening the Masculine energy archetypes.

This is a continuing theme for 2017 – always reaching for balance.

Many are set to feel a bit woozy and unstable right now, the Neptune energies blur the boundaries between real and unreal, our own “stuff” and others. There’s a powerful upgrade of the Crown and Solar Plexus chakras going on right now. 

If you feel heavy or “weird” right now, it’s not just you. The collective energy fields are stirred up and it feels very uncomfortable, especially for empaths.

If you’re struggling right now, go here to get a Free Energy Cleanse Audio that will clear out heaviness from your chakras and aura, help you re-center into self love and infuse you with new high vibration light! This is a powerful tool that has helped so many Twins on their journeys.

Keep your shield on, keep your energy clear from congestion and other people’s “stuff” (go here for a number of different energy sessions to clear and uplift your vibration) and use this transit to dream as big as you can and focus those dreams into real world “baby steps”.


2017 – Heart Focused, New 9 Year Phase Beginning

Mercury is moving retrograde as the year starts, indicating that 2017 will be a year where we’re asked to lead with the heart over the head. A big theme of “stop thinking so much”.

Overthinking alienates us from our spiritual powers and our intuition. The now moment is foreign to the mind, which is always out in the future or the past trying to solve problems.

Remember to breathe, to be present here and now. The now moment is all we’ve ever really got.

In numerology, 2017 is a 1 year for new beginnings, and 2016 was a 9 year for completion of the previous multi-year cycle. So taking some time to focus on your long term dreams and goals in this period is set to yield powerful results long term.


A Year for Action, Outer Changes


The whole north side of the chart is busy as this year begins, which is relatively normal – but the energies are not usually this exclusively focused in the upper half of the chart.
This again signifies a lot of outer action this year, a lot of conscious understanding emerging regarding our inner experiences – that we’re beginning to take action on our inner knowing and our soul’s growth from previous years.

Saturn and Jupiter are in a trine as the year begins and these two follow each other closely throughout 2017 – signalling that our expansion is happening with a close eye on excess.

We’re being balanced each step of the way – cutting the unnecessary (often from the past), in order to expand into what serves us better. Optimism paired with realism, happiness paired with an eye on planning and strategy for the future.


Support For Unawakened Twin Flames

We see the Sun in a positive sextile to Neptune and Mars conjunct – we’re getting a sense of happiness from the Masculine and those who’ve been “asleep” so far. There’s a new sense of inner peace with who they are.

Some resistance has been cleared over recent years and these Twins are set to feel more in alignment with themselves, safer to express who they really are. More open to love.


Karmic Reminder of the Twin Flame Mission

Saturn also trines Venus in Aquarius right now, a sign of a karmic reminder that we all agreed as souls to come to earth for this – to spread love, to reunite in harmony.

We’re being supported in keeping this “promise” we made as souls but Saturn’s energy has a stern edge to it – if we’ve tangled ourselves up with situations, people and places that block us from fulfilling that promise of love we made, “he” is set to bring out the axe right now.

Another significant event this period is Jupiter’s involvement with Uranus in Aries – a direct opposition symbolizing an ongoing struggle between the self versus unity.

The whole versus the ego. Uranus in Aries indicates that many ego structures have been dismantled over recent years so that the deeper underlying soul self can emerge.


Twin Flames’ Role In the Planet’s Development


This is set to continue but with Jupiter in direct opposition it intensifies – almost as if more of our soul is pushing forth at a time, more new insights, more light, more high vibrational downloads.

This can get intense and can feel tiring to the body so listen to it now and get extra sleep if you need to. Long term the current stressors to the system are set to help us, it’s to the highest good.

And again, you couldn’t make it up if you tried – Jupiter spells out the role of the Twin Flames in the planet’s development once more.

In a trine to Venus in Aquarius now we’re shown that love is being called in for the greater good, that unconditional love and the Twin Flame pairs uniting is benefiting every single person on the planet because this love raises the vibration of the whole collective.

To read more about the Twin Flame Mission of love, go here.


Mercury Turning Direct – What Baggage Did You Leave Behind?


Late this week on January 8th Mercury finally turns direct after weeks of moving “backwards”.

Spirit indicates many Twins and lightworkers will in the holiday season have experienced through family and a “return to the past” the very things that do not serve us. We’ve come face to face with some things we would like to not experience anymore.

This is also a part of Mercury retrograde’s “teaching”. Sometimes we’ve got to see what we would NOT like, in order to more finely pinpoint what would bring us true happiness – and to take action on this.

Now, things begin to move forward again. And with the Sun conjunction Pluto on this date as well – you’re set to be feeling very strongly about this. Like it’s time to surface for air again.


The Power Of The Mind On Your Twin Flame Journey


Don’t let these energies overwhelm you but funnel their power into something beneficial like creative visualization, goal setting or energy clearing work (Pluto is all about “detoxing” and clearing out what doesn’t serve us).

Creative Visualization originates in Hindu meditation rituals but is now used worldwide. Numerous scientific reports testify to the power of Creative Visualization to shift our energy and use the power of our subconscious mind to create new and positive neural pathways and attract our ideal outcomes.

Many of the world’s leading lights, including Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Will Smith and Tiger Woods have spoken publicly about the role of creative visualization in their success. This practice has also played an enormous positive role on my own Twin Flame journey to Union

Therefore I created a specially designed Creative Visualization for Twin Flames included in the Vibrational Alignment Program. This track is specifically made for Twin Flame journey, to use the power of your mind and emotions to bring you closer to your ideal, closer to Union and shift you out of any negative patterns.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 ?

Cassady x


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

twin flame program

Alternatively you can try our Free Transformation Kit here!

2017 is set to be a year full of transformations. Sign up here to get the Full 2017 Twin Flame Energy Forecast sent to you for Free (going out at the end of the week)!

Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines

  • Kayla Winters

    Hi Cassady. I can really relate to this article. I have been really struggling lately with the relationships of two of my closest friends. They do not understand the Twin Flame relationship and have repeatedly expressed their concerns, saying things like “He doesn’t deserve me,” even though my twin and I have come so far in our ascension. I have been regularly clearing my energy and have been using the Harmony Healing Tool. However, I am still struggling with my friends. I do not want to lose them as friends, but this is beginning to affect our relationships. I find myself confused and at a loss. Any advice? Sending love and light always <3

    • Hi Kayla,

      Spirit jumps in straight away and lets you know that your friendships are in a phase of transition but it doesn’t need to mean the end of it. They’re showing me you and your twin are in a “bubble of love” energetically so you’re just feeling less connected with your friends. They are likely reacting to your energy changing.

      Families often react like this too, my mother became very concerned and clingy when I began cutting energy cords, because she unconsciously felt that something was changing between us.

      Spirit advises you to enjoy your friendships any way you can, if you desire these people to still be in your life then go ahead and spend time together as usual. Try not to worry. Ask yourself, how will I feel in 5 or 10 years time if we’re still friends?

      As regards outsiders’ opinions on the Twin Flame connection and so on you might find the following article useful:

      Sending you love and light! <3 x

  • Sarah

    Is it possible that after you and your twin reach union, you die? Because you have fullfilled your goal on earth? I had a weird dream about it and it scared me a little..

    X Sarah

    • Angel Rose

      Depending on what exactly the dream was about.. I had a similar dream but of myself. Usually it can mean a part of you and him/or her has died, Soul ascension.

    • prady

      I dont think so. As uniting with tf is your personal goal. But what yiu both do together after union can be your shared life goal/mission. The earth needs awakend souls to hold the vibration of love the most. Why ine would die?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Your dream is nearly certainly symbolic. It’s about the symbolic death of the old self.

      Death is an interesting symbol and subject because spiritual awakening is in a sense the death of the old self and the rebirth of the new. Many mystical traditions deal with this, and mythologers believe that the story of Jesus Christ and the corresponding story of Osiris the Egyptian sun god are both symbolic expressions of the “death of the human self” and “birth of the christed (means golden, of light in greek)” self that happen when the person is spiritually illuminated.

      I do not get any indication that the Twin Flames die when united, in fact it is while living united and alive on earth that the Twins can do the most good for the planet – being portals to divine love.

      Sending you love and light <3

      Cassady x

  • Amber

    Wow, Saturn bringing out the axe! Totally, just a few days ago my husband who I’ve been trying to untie myself to just got offered a great job far away is moving this in a couple days. I asked how to handle all of this and the Angels took care of it. Sad in logical mind that he’s away from our daughter but I felt my soul soar and know this is the best outcome for all in this moment in time. Almost two years been trying to figure it out and it’s taken care of. Finally, thanks Saturn!

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  • Angel Rose

    you truly want your true twin flame ask yourself this question would I
    date myself? would I love myself? because this is what is all about. I have noticed recently with my Twin Flame, I’m lucky enough to have a picture of mine and what I saw when looking at his picture and thought to myself he is ugly and he is def. not ugly and that I wouldn’t date him but I would.. This is me saying I’m ugly and I wouldn’t date myself. I had to release this part of me and try to love myself. I’m still learning to love myself. I love my Twin Flame and dislike the fact that I said these things about him when truly I find him beautiful and I would love to date him. I would love to be where you are at Cassady with your Twin Flame, into union and being happy together. I feel this is why I have met Jeff, this is his name. Thank you for your blog posts and I hope you having a wonderful New Year.

    • What an interesting way of putting it Angel Rose – a great perspective opener. Thank you so much for sharing this!

      Energy really changes the way we see ourselves – I used to go from feeling terrible one day and then pretty good about myself the next day, never realizing it was more about my state of being and energy vibration than my actual face or weight!

      Spirit taught me a good technique – any time you notice something negative or a “flaw” about yourself, re-focus onto something you are happy with and stay with that until you feel your mood lifting a little. When done regularly this can be a great boost to confidence and happiness. <3

      Sending you love and light x


  • e+e0331

    Thank you for your insight. Wonderful as always! I was wondering while I’m still feeling this sense if being tired and needing to rest. This explains a lot with all the downloads and such going on. Thank you again Cassady! Sending you lots of light and love *hugs* Erin 🙂

  • Nicole

    As always, thank you for your time and energy posting! You are keeping me on the right path, and I know because of you, I will reunite with my twin in this life. I cannot thank you enough. Please continue to do what you are doing!

    • Thank you Nicole! Sending you love and light <3 x

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  • TwinBabe

    Hi 🙂 recently my twin has been pointing out my ‘flaws’ a lot, and it breaks my heart. I want to understand why he does it, and if anybody had the same issue… I am 21, very beautiful, but have been struggling on and off with moderate to severe acne, I also changed my hair color a few months ago and he wouldn’t leave me alone about it so I got self conscious and dyed it back to brown. I don’t think he’s doing that to hurt me but rather because he’s very insecure himself, but it makes me sad and depressed….. Please help me understand, everything else is good with us, and we are getting closer and closer, and before he used to call me his ‘perfect baby’… I really don’t know why he started picking on me like this recently… And he said that the fact that he is doing this makes him uncomfortable too, but then why does he do that???

    • Hi TwinBabe,

      Thank you for sharing! You know I’ve been dying to share this tip with someone – there’s a home use face device from a brand called Silk’n which uses blue light to treat acne more effectively than anything else…

      It’s not cheap but there might be a coupon online you can use to get a discount if you google it. I saw it in an electronics shop when i was reading about one of their other products and it looks very genuinely effective. I thought this must be a wonderful thing. I had trouble with my skin as a teenager and I know how it can affect one’s confidence.

      Regarding your Twin, there’s a sense he almost… he’s been hurt and felt ashamed about himself, so he wants others to hurt so he’s not alone with the pain. It’s unfortunate that you’re the one he’s taking it out on. It’s about a deep down shame he’s carrying about who he is. Feeling not good enough.

      If he’s not willing to do work on his own energy/inner issues, I’d strongly advise using the inner child healing ( to directly connect with his innermost self and resolve the core of the issue with them. It sounds simple but it has huge effect for the dynamic between the Twin pair.

      Sending you love and light! <3

      Cassady x

  • PS: Just a note to let everyone know my moderator/customer service representative is away this week. He’s been working all the holidays, so he’s on a well deserved break. I’ll do my best to cover for him but am tied up with creating a new and exciting project to share with you, which is turning out to be quite labor intensive.

    If you’ve emailed the support contact, know that Ryan will get back to you as soon as he’s back at work over the weekend.

    Thanks for understanding! <3

    Cassady x

  • Hi TwinBabe – spirit indicates that the place to look at, what to address is what does any appearance related “issue” say about your energy towards yourself. I.e. in metaphysical terms an issue with skin (your face, how you’re seen by the world) would not exist if there wasn’t an energy inside you that corresponds to it.

    In other words, where do you feel that you’re unacceptable to others…? Or that you’re not good enough…? Or that you have to be “perfect” in order to be loved…? And where do those feeling-energies-beliefs come from? Who taught you (could be mainstream culture/tv/peers in school) that you had to be “perfect” to be loved?

    They’re indicating that addressing and healing these issues will deal with any outer “symptom” also. They’re not actually showing me how your Twin feels, indicating that he’s simply a mirror to you, his soul is helping you to address this deep inner issue which is keeping you out of alignment with feeling like you deserve his love…

    I know this is convoluted and not what you were expecting, but this is the “key” they’re saying. Thinking inside out, not outside in. Your twin always loves you.

    Begin using the free energy cleanse download regularly, they’re indicating. You’ll notice a very positive difference

    Sending you love and light <3 x

    Cassady x

  • Hi Summer, I’m not actually getting a strong read on anything for you. nothing is jumping out except you’re making progress and your guides are applauding your work. Things are moving in a positive direction.

    Sending you love and light <3 x


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