Having trouble sending or opening your files on your phone or tablet?

Unlike computers, phones and tablets often need 3rd party software to download and view files from the internet. The easyiest way to use standard Pdf and Mp3 files on your iPhone, iPad or Android is to use 'Dropbox" and the Acrobat Pdf reader App
- Dropbox for iPhone / Dropbox for Android / Adobe Acrobat Reader App
download these and install to your device. * Note - If you are using Gmail make sure you also install the latest version of the mail App or it will not work correctly.

Next setup a free Dropbox account and you're ready to go.
(it's always good practice to update your ios or device software before using new Apps)

1. Open your purchase email and click the green 'view purchase online' button


(if you cannot see the 'View purchase onl;ine' button then your device needs a software update.)

2. After clicking you can use the 'send to Dropbox' buttons if you have the 'App' installed, just follow the Dropbox prompts.

You can now open your Dropbox App and view your files.

If this causes issues on your device then it's likely not up to date and you should try updating.

You can alternatively use the regular 'Download' buttons.

3.Click the regular 'Download' button
download tutorial pic 1

4.Click the arrow in the bottom right corner to open the document in your internet browser.
download tutorial pic 1

5. Now click 'Open in' or the 'send arrow' at the bottom center of the screen
download tutorial pic 1

6. Now select which App 'Dropbox' to save the file to your Dropbox account.
download tutorial pic 1

if this is the first time you have downloaded files from the internet with your phone of tablet and you're not succesful you should consider using a computer as unlike phones and tablets they handle downloading files more straight forwardly.