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6 Common Pitfalls To Cut From Your Twin Flame Journey

Why Online Venting Could be a Major Cause of Your Twin Flame Troubles, and How to Solve it, Plus the Damaging Effects of Analysis...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Nov 26th-Dec 2nd: “Dreamweaver”

Get Ready For The Boost Of The Year! A Touch Of Luck - Doors Open... Or Is It Your Vision That's Shifted? Mercury Retrograde...

Twin Flames – A Supernatural Love?

7 Things You Must Know About Twin Flames - Star Origins, The Truth About Karma, The Mission And Why This Is Far From A...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Nov 12th-18th: “Balancing Act”

11/11/11 Gateway - Can You Find Love's Harmony In The Midst Of Oppositions? As Venus Goes Direct, Mercury Goes Retrograde. Turbulent Waters, Themes Of...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Nov 5th-11th: “Luck Returns”

New 12 Year Cycle Starts - Jupiter's Return. Power Infuses The House Of Luck. Heightened Telepathy and Soul Connections Between Twins - Masculine Twin...

Twin Flame Gateway – Are You Aligning With Fear Or Love?

Have You Journeyed Away From Your Soul? Twin Flame Alignment, Shock Tactics And How To Interpret Your Current Situation To Change The Future Around...

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Twin Flame Astrology – Decoding Your Unique Pair Energies

Discover the Challenges and Gifts Mapped Out in Your Twin Flame Connection - The Unique, Divine Script to Your Journey Together.   As always I want...