6 Common Pitfalls To Cut From Your Twin Flame Journey



Why Online Venting Could be a Major Cause of Your Twin Flame Troubles, and How to Solve it, Plus the Damaging Effects of Analysis Addiction and “Martyrdom Syndrome”…

As you know, I get emails from Twin Flames all over the world on a daily basis – hundreds each week – so I’m fortunate to be able to see common themes among different situations.

It often shocks me how Twin pairs on completely opposite sides of the planet are dealing with the exact same lessons and extremely similar situations. Ultimately, the Twin Flame journey is all about energy.

If your energies are aligned in harmony, your journey will be smooth. If there is Running, Separation and ongoing struggles, it’s due to energetic disruptions. To begin shifting your energy into a harmonious connection and move toward Twin Flame Reunion, download my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames here.


After encountering thousands of Twins, coaching them and learning about their journeys and issues, I can now see from a higher perspective that there are some common pitfalls on the Twin Flame journey – things that trip up a lot of Twins.

You can deal with these things right now in order to move on – and avoid being stuck in separation or running for years the way some Twins unfortunately are…

So today, I’m going to be a bit tough on you for your highest good.

6 MAJOR  PITFALLS TO CUT FROM YOUR TWIN FLAME JOURNEY – To end separation, struggle and heartache


# 1) Dwelling In Limiting Beliefs and Negativity

You only need 5 seconds on Google search or Facebook to find dozens of Twin Flame groups where you can read about others’ gruelling experiences in detail – often the comment sections go for pages and pages, and there are strong emotions involved, mostly on the lower end of the energy spectrum. Anger, resentment, blame, hopelessness and helplessness abound.

Keep in mind that when we accept negativity as truth, we embed this in our energy fields as a pattern that we then create reality from by default.

This means that every time you read about Twin Flame Running and accept it as an inevitable part of the Twin journey, you are accepting this as truth also for you and your Twin.

Many discussion forums are full of “venting”, and this means the energy field in the forum is literally full of toxic energies that people have expelled.

If you keep engaging in negative discussions about the Twin Flame journey, you keep aligning with negativity. Unfortunately, you can’t expect a happy journey if you spend most of your time talking about how awful the Twin Flame connection has been for you.

The reason you feel better after talking to a friend about a problem, is that you’ve unhanded some of the negative energy – unloaded it from yourself… Do you want to be the person taking on some of others’ sadness and pain? If you do, remember to clear your energy regularly, and proceed at your own risk.

Keep an eye on how you communicate with yourself and others on your journey. How you speak, is a strong indicator of what you’re manifesting with your energy. We live in an ever-expanding universe. You really can create a happy journey – shift your energy, and you’ll gradually shift your experience.

#2) Getting Tangled Up With Others’ Energy

Spirit reminds me often that the internet can be toxic, energetically and emotionally. So be careful with how you interact energetically with others.

We might look separate in our human bodies, but our energy fields are free flowing and overlap when we engage with others. Even if they’re on the other side of the planet!

When you spend time on discussion forums sympathizing with other Twins’ plight or discussing with other Twins how awful this journey can be, you are matching your energy to theirs and exchanging energy with them.

When you are getting mentally and emotionally involved with another Twin’s situation and how terrible their experience has been, you are matching your energy to that person, bringing yourself into alignment with that situation and energy and taking on their emotions and lessons.

In Twin Flame Ascension, your soul’s goal is to purify and uplift your energy to be in alignment with Unconditional Love and a soul reunion between you and your Twin. (Watch a video on how it works here)

twin flame video

If you keep engaging with other Twins’ energy and taking on their emotions and lessons, you are only slowing down your journey enormously – you’re congesting your system with more energy you’ll have to release before you can be ready for Union.

I had to learn the hard way that it really is possible to end up in a funk from having taken on someone else’s energy.

When taking clients in the beginning, I often had a meltdown for days afterwards without knowing why – spirit spent a long time working to show me that it was because of others’ energy sticking to my aura and others cording emotionally to me. This is especially the case if someone is “desperate for help”.

If you feel like you’ve already been affected this way, click here and I’ll take you through clearing it – including cutting cords.


#3) Looking to Others For All the Answers

This is another extremely common cause of issues for Twins, and not to be sexist but for females this is often a pattern that is embedded in us from birth. We’re encouraged to rely on others, to look outside of ourselves for help and acceptance, and to constantly seek reassurance for whatever we’re experiencing.

On the Twin Flame Path this can become a big hurdle, because one of the lessons we set for ourselves as souls in life (this is pretty much universal) is to step into our true power. To understand how powerful we really are in terms of creating our reality and manifesting our desires.

As I’ve mentioned before, energy is infinitely malleable – it’s our patterns that keep us locked into moulding it into lack or unhappiness. We could mould it into happiness if that was our dominant pattern.

When we constantly seek information and insight and advice from others on our journey, we are denying our own power and this means our soul will keep presenting us with hardship until we learn the lesson: that we are our own solution.

We can’t fully progress on our journey unless we look within and start to seek our own guidance. Sometimes our souls will even force us away from others as a last attempt to get us to quiet our minds, go within and learn to listen to our intuition. (Yes, this includes Separation from your Twin).

Looking within means you can get in touch with guidance and intuitive insights that can speed up and harmonize your journey to union.

If you keep looking to others for answers, you are missing out on a lot. You are the captain of your own ship, ultimately, and no one knows you better than you! This means you hold your own expert answers, once you learn to listen.

Listening to your intuition is simple when you apply the two steps of meditation or quiet time with clearing out congested energy and others’ attachments.

(If you want to get started on clearing, click here for my introductory session where I explain the methods, take you through it step by step and teach you how to lift your vibration into a higher state on a daily basis).



#4) Getting Dragged Down By “Martyrdom Syndrome”

We human beings have an extremely complicated consciousness, where our conscious awake minds only make up few per cent of the total activity going on in our minds.

The subconscious mind is responsible for over 96% of our thought processes. This means we are never aware of those thoughts. They’re like the underground river we might never notice unless we tune in specifically.

Down there in the undertow there are some pretty strange beliefs and fears, weird connections we have made at some point of life and that we never notice again because they are running on autopilot under the surface. These can become huge blocks on the Twin Flame path.

One example is – a child feels unloved by their parents and doesn’t get enough attention. Except when they get sick. When they’re sick, the parents dote on them and make them feel taken care of and loved. This means the child learns to connect sickness with love. As twisted as it seems from the outside, this is a very common pattern. Women often joke about how men are “extra sick” compared to women – often it’s related to this pattern.

On the Twin Flame path this manifests as an extremely common issue – the Martyrdom Syndrome, the subconscious enjoyment of the attention we get when we experience suffering.

This becomes a pattern of wallowing in pain because we enjoy others’ sympathy and we enjoy feeling taken care of and understood. You’ll notice this often comes up in discussion forums if you read between the lines.

The big problem here is that it keeps these Twin Flame “Martyrs” stuck in negativity. If you desire to reunite with your Twin in happiness, yet have a subconscious counter-intention where you enjoy others’ sympathy, you have an issue on your hands. It means you are sabotaging yourself behind the scenes. 

No judgment, you’ll be surprised how many people operate on this. But for your own good, e mindful of this. Again, it will only keep you stuck in more of that same negativity.

Evaluate your long-term aims – if you truly desire to reach harmony and happiness with your Twin, you need to eradicate subconscious self sabotage like this. Happily, it can be done with energy clearing tools. Once you clear the energy that this pattern is stuck in, it will be released. 


#5) Talking to Everyone Apart From Your Twin

Often when Twins are in separation, they don’t communicate. This seems logical from an outside perspective. However, Twin Flames are always connected as souls. We’re not just
“people” – we’re inextricably connected on the energy planes!

This means that you can always communicate with your Twin’s Soul or Higher Self, no matter what your Twin’s “real life” ego self is up to.

The temptation for Twins in separation is often to discuss and debate our journey with other Twins (such as in debate forums), and attempt to figure out how to solve problems that way. However, you can never truly resolve any issues without dealing with the person you have the issue with. Other people can never fix your relationship for you.

This is one of the reasons my work focuses on empowering Twins, and showing how to get in touch with your OWN guidance and intuition to figure out your issues and clear your blocks. It can be a lot “easier” to do than you might think.

No matter what your outside situation, you can communicate with your Twin Flame on the soul planes. You can get advice and guidance from their Higher Self on what their issues are and how to solve them. You can even have fun with your Twin’s soul from thousands of miles away.

The more you do this through meditation and deliberate soul journeying, the better you’ll get at it. With the new 5D grid being anchored in more and more strongly over coming years, this will become easier for Twins to do.

Meditate and talk to your Twin, send them love – you can even try astral journeying to spend time with the deeper parts of your Twin and strengthening the bond between you that way and improving the dynamic between you.

No matter what’s going on on the outside. In fact, strengthening your positive connection this way will help you boost your “real world” situation too.

Download this Free Guided Meditation for connecting with your Twin Flame on the soul planes to get started right now! 


Or, for a deeper session click here. We go into the etheric realms, experience a beautiful ceremony of souls to bridge your energies into a higher alignment, pave out new timelines, enlist your Twin Flame’s higher self’s support on your journey and much more…

#6) Talking and Thinking But not Taking Action

A very common pattern that gets Twins into trouble and slows down their journey, is getting addicted to the analysis of it.

Discussing and thinking about the endless potential explanations why things are the way they are and what others’ experiences are, and what the themes of the journey are – what stage you’re in, whether your Twin is a “genuine” runner, what “ray” the two of you are or whether you really are Twins. Not to mention what everyone else and their Twin are up to and experiencing.

Beware – this can become a huge trap! You’re trying to figure your journey out with your mind…

The mind can only explain things based in what it already knows, what it’s already experienced. Your mind can never figure out the Twin Flame connection because your connection is one of heart and soul and energy.

Another thing is, while you’re so busy trying to figure it out and analyze what’s going on, your journey is passing you by. Meaning, you’re not there in the present moment to experience it.

Analysis, thinking and talking can’t change anything on your journey. In order for something to change, you have to do something. Without action, you’ll keep getting the same results as before.

This is why some Twins are stuck in separation for 20 years or more. It’s because their energies are in alignment with separation, and no matter how much they deliberate or discuss it with anyone, it can’t change unless their energy changes.

Everything is energy – physics has concluded with this for decades. We are all energetic beings and the truth is that the energy you hold determines the reality you experience.

So if you take action to change your energy – this will get you tangible results. Your journey changes when your energy changes – blocks are removed, karmic patterns eradicated.

This is the reason I’m running this whole website, because I know it works and I want to share this actionable solution to Twin Flame struggles. There are enough venting forums and articles on the terrors of Twin Flames out there. You don’t need more of that. You need solutions, a system that actually works.

On this journey, you get what you’re in alignment with – it’s like tuning into a radio to listen to music. If you’re by default tuned into the frequency of separation, you will find it nigh impossible to experience harmony and union. It’s like being tuned into Death Metal FM and expecting to hear classical concertos.

Reaching Alignment & Unity – A Harmonious Twin Flame Connection

You can find my system, my solution, here – it shifted my energy dramatically and got me to Union with my Twin within 18 months of our first encounter.

twin flame program

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Making Sure This Website Is In Alignment With The Highest Good

Spirit alerted me a while back to have a review of the comments section and interactions on the site to make sure Twins visiting the site weren’t inadvertently slowing down their journeys by discussing negativity or getting tangled up with each others’ issues.

To make sure Twin Flames 11:11 serves Twin Flames in a positive, empowering way, we have therefore created some guidelines for the comment section on the site.

I take my responsibility very seriously, so I work closely with spirit to make sure my articles and services are to everyone’s highest good.

I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this but I was actually “interviewed” in detail by spirit before starting this site and creating the Vibrational Alignment Program, to determine whether I was a suitable candidate to translate guidance from the higher realms to other Twins!

Do comment below with any questions and future subjects you’d like me to cover on the site! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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