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Q&A: “My Twin Flame Keeps Pulling Away Even Though We’re in Love”

This week’s question comes from Kristen D. “My Twin keeps being hesitant despite our strong connection and doesn’t want to say openly that we’re in...
Twin Flames

Q&A: How to end Twin Flame Separation and get to Twin Flame Union

I get so many questions about how to put an end to Separation, about how to get to Union and what this means that I decided...

Q&A: How To Attract Your Twin Flame (Even If You’ve Never Met)

This week's question comes from Melissa: “I haven’t met my Twin Flame yet – what can I do to bring them to me?" A: Thank you so...
Twin Flame karma

Q&A: “What is a False Twin Flame?”

LaToya: Is there a such thing as a "false" Twin Flame? I've had someone in my life for two decades... We broke up and got...
Same sex twin flames

Q&A: “Do Same Sex Twin Flames exist?”

This week's question comes from Tatiana B.: "Do Same Sex Twin Flames exist?" Thank you so much for this important question, Tatiana! I have not seen...
Twin Flames 11:11

Twin Flame Q&A: “What Does 11:11 Mean and Why Am I Seeing it Everywhere?”

The Twin Flame trigger - Mirror Gateway to Ascension. Symbol Of Divine Counterparts and Soul Awakening: Code Activator of The Two Parts Becoming Whole... - This...

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