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Twin Flame Energy Forecast 16th-22nd September: “Equinox Gateway”

Influx Of Light Brings Major Shifts. Illusions Challenged In A Cosmic Self Perception "Upgrade". But Has Your Twin Been Affected By Someone With "Bad"...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 9th-15th September: “Moment Of Truth”

Powerful Full Moon Shines Light On Oneness Versus Individuality - Synchronicities Working To Guide Twins Home To Love... Feel Like You're Walking Through A...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 2nd-8th September: “11:11 Awakening”

Twin Flame Epiphanies... "Supernatural" Events, The Mission Kicks In. A New Chapter Begins - But Are You Ready To Live In This State Of...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 26th Aug-1st Sept: “Cosmic Reunion”

Heightened Times For The Twin Flame Connection - The Mission Ignites, Cosmic Pull To Bring Twins Together. But, Can You Vanquish The Karmic "Villain"...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 19th-25th August: “Fated Encounters”

When The Universe Gets Involved To Bring Lovers Together... Activating "The Highest Good" Code. Are You Ready For Some Amazing News? - Welcome into a brand...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 12th-18th August: “Remember”

Powerful Aquarius Full Moon - 11:11 Calling All Lightworkers. Internal Changes In The Masculine On The Horizon, The True Purpose Of Sacred Union, And...

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