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Weekly Energy Update


Twin Flame Energy Forecast 18th-24th November: “Shadow Speak”

Course Correction In Love, Spiritual A-Ha Moments Incoming. Plus, Cosmic Challenge For Masculine Twin To Rise Out Of Ego And Into A Higher State... Welcome...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 11th-17th November: “11/11 Gateway”

11/11 Powerful Activations, New Timelines Opening... Your Soul Is Calling. Are You Ready To Align With A Higher Truth That Will Transform Your World? - Welcome...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 4th-10th November: “Shadow Timelines”

Buildup To 11/11...The Universe Gets Involved To Dismantle Ego Blocks And Open To A Higher State. Activating Your Inner Soul Mastery...   Welcome into a...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 28th October-3rd November: “Shakeup”

Mercury Retrograde. Cosmic Re-Alignment Of Self, Allowing The Heart's Wisdom To Take The Lead To Reunion. Can You See Yourself With The Eyes Of...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 21st-27th October: “Illumination”

Scorpio Season Intensifies, Mercury Retrograde, New Moon. Are You Ready For The Flame Of The Phoenix Reborn? Heightened Time For "Supernatural" Love... - Welcome into a...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 14th-20th October: “Dreams Vs Reality”

Preparation For Major Shifts - The Twin Flame Connection Goes "Supernatural", Plus Key Info On The Pivotal Changing Of Worlds As Saturn And Pluto...

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