Weekly Energy Update


Twin Flame Energy Forecast Aug 27th-Sept 2nd “New Momentum”

Are You Ready To Start Your Next Chapter? Mars Direct, Grand Trine In Earth. Making Way For Physical Unity In Love... - Welcome into a week...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Aug 20th-26th “Connectedness”

Powerful Full Moon In The Sign Of Completion, The Unconscious. Twin Flame Unity Calling - But Where Are You Divided From The Oneness Of...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast August 13th-19th: “Enter Magic”

Make A Wish - The Ancients' Time For Miracles. Are You Ready To Let Your Dreams Lead The Way? Mars Retrograde Keeps Pushing For...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Aug 6th-12th “Change Of Heart”

Solar Eclipse Paves Way For Change - Finding The Key To The Lock. Lion's Gate And Healing The Masculine Paradigm... - Before we start today's forecast...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast July 30th-August 5th: “Duality”

Mercury and Mars Retrograde - Communication Issues With Masculine. Getting You To Go Within. Ignite Their Inner Light And Watch Them Become Their Greatest...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast July 23rd-29th “Blood Moon Eclipse”

Shadow Season - Karmic Resurrection. Masculine Twin In Focus As Full Moon Eclipse And Mercury Retrograde Bring Pressure To A Head. Lightworkers Awake! - Welcome into...

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