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twin flame reunion 1111

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 14th-20th August: “Uniting Twins”

  Mercury Retrograde Puts The Pressure On. Are You Unconsciously Blocking Union With Your Twin? What And Who Affects Reunion Timing And Whether Twins Come...
twin flame eclipse

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 7th-13th August: “Eclipse Power”

Total Eclipse of The Moon, Mercury Retrograde and The Planet Of Love Channels Higher Realms: Why Twin Flames Are Destined To Go Through Life...
twin flame journey

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 31th July-6th August: “You Vs You”

Inner Clashes - Where Is Your Soul Pushing You to Go Further? Breaking Ego's Will to Open to Deeper Love and Fulfillment… Physical World...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 24th-30th July: “Nurturing”

Out Of The Blue Contact And Information Between Twins, Wounds Of The Heart: Where Were You Neglected? Flashes Of Insight Re-Open The Path Of...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 17th-23rd July: “Royalty”

Your Uniqueness, And How To Make The Most Of Your Deeper Power. Turning Selfishness On Its Head To Boost Twin Flame Love. But, Where...

Twin Flame Weekly Energy Forecast 10th-16th July: “Guiding Star”

Heart-Lead Change: Gateway To Profound Healing. Plus, Old Roles From The Past Return - False Masks In The Twin Flame Mirror... After an intense weekend...

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