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Twin Flame Energy Forecast January 22nd-28th: “Paradigm Shift”

Resurrection Of The Divine Feminine Reality. Are You Ready To Forgive All To Make Room For Love? Death And Rebirth Of The Twin Flame...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast January 15th-21st: “Time For Honesty”

Unconditional Love Is Within Reach - But Are You Able To See Through The Illusions? Planet Of Love Pushes For You To Go Within...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast January 8th-14th “Team Work”

All Engines Forward - The Cosmos Aligns To Speed Up Progress Into Reunions, Lead By Feminine Twin. A Pivotal Week For The Pair -...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast January 1st-7th: “Bonds Of Trust”

Powerful Restart, Emotions Run High - Full Moon In Cancer. Faith Vs Old Wishes Unfulfilled: What Childhood Disappointments Are Wiring You Out Of Your...
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Twin Flame Energy Forecast 25th-31st December “Welcoming Love”

Opening Doors To Twin Flame Encounters In The Physical - Both Sides Moving Closer. Complete New 29 Year Phase But: Have You Reached The...

Twin Flames Energy Forecast 18th-24th December: “New Power”

Where Have You Been Hiding From Love? Igniting The Fire Of The Twin Flame Heart Bond. Plus, Re-Shaping Physical Reality: Transforming The Creation Of...

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