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Twin Flame Energy Forecast 3rd – 9th July: “Know Thyself”

Retrograde Season - Rough Cosmic Energies Make Way For Real World Twin Flame Reunions, Challenges Rise As The Past and Collective Ego Battle Against...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 26th June – 2nd July “Opening To Unity”

Cosmic Energies Push for The Rising Power Of Twin Flame Sexuality To Heal and Uplift. Plus, Discover Why Your Twin's Heart Might Have Been...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 19th – 25th June “Code Bearers”

Runner Twins' Souls Have Reached Out - And Answers Are Incoming. New Light Codes Flooding The Earth Plane, To Assist With Awakening... Bridging The...
twin flame channeled

Twin Flame Channeled Update – Summer Solstice Gateway

Responsibility, Embodiment and Waking from the Dream of Life. Discover the Secrets Of Awakening, Nurturing Your Twin to come to you, and Why looking...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 12th – 18th June “Who Stopped You?”

Solstice Gateway Opens. Figures From The Past Under Fire - Love As a Lie And A Struggle... Plus, Why Your Divinity Is Hidden In...
twin flame mirror

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 5th-11th June “Beware The Mirror”

New Year Cycles Starting In Areas of Love and Communication... What Is The Core Value Determining Your Reality and Relationships? How To Ensure Your...

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Twin Flame Astrology – Decoding Your Unique Pair Energies

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