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Twin Flame Energy Forecast 14th-20th October: “Dreams Vs Reality”

Preparation For Major Shifts - The Twin Flame Connection Goes "Supernatural", Plus Key Info On The Pivotal Changing Of Worlds As Saturn And Pluto...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 7th-13th October: “Obsession”

Love Goes Deep Into Scorpio Territory - Themes Of Sexuality, Secrets And Power... Are You Willing To Enter Into The Dark To Let Connection...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 30th Sept.-6th Oct: “Karmic Flame”

The Universe Brings Tough Love To Get You On Track With Your Highest Good. Have You Felt Challenged? There Are Secret Gifts Waiting To...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 23rd-29th September: “Reignition”

Powerful New Moon Restart! Plus, Cosmic Push Brings Challenges To End Non-Twin Connections - Making Way For The Highest State Of Love...  - Welcome into...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 16th-22nd September: “Equinox Gateway”

Influx Of Light Brings Major Shifts. Illusions Challenged In A Cosmic Self Perception "Upgrade". But Has Your Twin Been Affected By Someone With "Bad"...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 9th-15th September: “Moment Of Truth”

Powerful Full Moon Shines Light On Oneness Versus Individuality - Synchronicities Working To Guide Twins Home To Love... Feel Like You're Walking Through A...

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