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Twin Flame Energy Forecast Dec 17th-23rd: “The Cold Moon”

Winter Solstice Gateway, Full Moon In Cancer - Challenge Between Masculine And Feminine. Can You Step Into Your Power, Open To Oneness? - Welcome into one...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Dec 10th-16th: “Divine Soul Contract”

The Key Lesson We Agreed To Learn Together - Karmic Cycles Twins Get Caught In, And Why It's Happening... Plus Heightened Dream Connections, Telepathy...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Dec 3rd-9th: “New Beginnings”

Cosmic Push To Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone - Into Love's Arms. You Can't Start Over If You Keep Re-Reading The Last...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Nov 26th-Dec 2nd: “Dreamweaver”

Get Ready For The Boost Of The Year! A Touch Of Luck - Doors Open... Or Is It Your Vision That's Shifted? Mercury Retrograde...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Nov 12th-18th: “Balancing Act”

11/11/11 Gateway - Can You Find Love's Harmony In The Midst Of Oppositions? As Venus Goes Direct, Mercury Goes Retrograde. Turbulent Waters, Themes Of...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Nov 5th-11th: “Luck Returns”

New 12 Year Cycle Starts - Jupiter's Return. Power Infuses The House Of Luck. Heightened Telepathy and Soul Connections Between Twins - Masculine Twin...

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