Weekly Energy Update


Twin Flame Energy Forecast Oct 1st-7th “Venus Retrograde”

Are You Waiting For A Savior? Releasing 3D Relationships To Make Heaven On Earth Show Up. Venus Retrograde: Waking The Lioness From Within... - Welcome...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Sept 24th-30th “Warriors Of Light”

When The Soul Pushes You Past Your Boundaries... Will You Run, Or Meet Your Calling? Aries Full Moon - Twin Flame Mission In Focus - Welcome...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Sept 17th-23rd “Harmony Calls”

Can You Trust In Your Divinity? Connection Issues Of 5D Love Vs Physical Life Experiences... - Welcome into a week full of new potential developments,...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Sept 10th-16th “Obsession”

Sex And Secrets In Focus - Scorpio & The Journey To The Underworld... Are You Ready To Discover Your Deeper Power? - Welcome into a...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Sept 3rd-9th “Enter Divinity”

Can You Let Go Of What You Believed, So Your Soul Can Show Up The Higher Truth Of Love? Uncovering Paradise From The Inside Out......

Twin Flame Energy Forecast Aug 27th-Sept 2nd “New Momentum”

Are You Ready To Start Your Next Chapter? Mars Direct, Grand Trine In Earth. Making Way For Physical Unity In Love... - Welcome into a week...

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