How can the Vibrational Alignment Program help me?

Put simply – this program and the energy clearing tools in it can help you in every way you can imagine! In essence, everything in the world is energy – it’s a scientific fact agreed on for decades: you and everything around you isn’t solid but consists of tiny atoms vibrating with particular energy frequencies. When you learn to use energy clearing, you can apply these to improve and uplift any area of your life, from your Twin Flame connection to finances and wellbeing/health. Simply, any negativity you experience in life is due to negative energy. With energy clearing tools you can literally remove any negative charges that have been creating struggle, separation and lack – both with your Twin and your life in general. Clearing negativity will actually lift your set point vibration over time, aligning you more and more with positivity and abundance in all ways.

Who is this course meant for?

I created this for Twin Flames: it doesn’t matter whether you’re in separation or together, or whether your Twin is on the other side of the planet or even on the other side of life – it will even help you attract your Twin Flame if you’ve never met before. With energy tools we can shift your whole alignment, getting you into a state where you attract your Twin in harmony, no matter what your current or previous situation has been. And if you’re with your Twin and feel reasonably happy, this course will still show you tools to take your situation to the next level and uproot any niggling issues. The tools can also be applied to any other area of your life, to help you manifest abundance and happiness and health.

How long does it take?

Based on my experience with clients and from my own journey, energy clearing is the fastest and smoothest way to improve your situation and clear the blocks and negativity that create problems for Twins. Spending as little as 20 minutes a day on this program, working the excercises and tools into your routine will enable you to start seeing definitive results. Have a look at our testimonials page to read about other Peoples success Here. On my own journey it just took 18 months from when I first encountered my Twin to when we reached Union – and I didn’t have these tools for most of that time, I was experimenting along the way. In addition, these tools opened up our telepathic communication in the space of a few months.

How does this work for my Twin? Can I clear for both of us?

Yes, you can! You and your Twin Flame share a collective energy field – because you are two aspects of the same consciousness. Everything you do, think and feel impacts each other and is tangled up with one another energetically. Put simply: When you clear your energy, it changes the whole dynamic between you. It both clears your collective field and resolves conflict. It’s like a rope that’s been stretched tense between two people. When one person lets go, there’s no tension anymore. The dynamic has changed and the negativity is released.

Who are you, and how do you know enough to make a course?

I have been through Twin Flame Ascension myself and am now in Union with my Twin. I have gone through each and every step of the journey myself and have experienced the many ups and downs; I have an academic background in psychology and history and have read hundreds of books and articles both on Twin Flames and on energy and the human psyche, and I learned what works and what doesn’t through trial and error. I have also coached thousands of Twin Flames as an intuitive practitioner, and have had the unique opportunity to experience what the most common blocks are on this journey through learning about their blocks and experiences. In addition, I have been working very closely with spirit since my journey started – I receive tools and methods and guidance from spirit to share with other Twins through my writing. I was specifically asked to share the Vibrational Alignment Program with the world after I used the methods and tools to get through Ascension myself.

Can I still do this course if I’m not psychic?

Yes, of course! It’s really not a psychic course – it’s more about energy and “consciousness engineering”. Everything is explained in a down-to-earth, easy way, and I’ve created it so you’ll actually find it fun to clear negativity and learn these new tools. The truth is that you are an energetic being in a human body and you direct your energy every day already – it’s just that you’re doing it without realizing, on autopilot. What we do in the program, is show you how you can consciously direct your energy to clear blocks and old negativity, and to actively create happiness and harmony between yourself and your Twin.

Why do I need this course? I thought the Twin Flame journey was planned already, we just have to allow it to unfold….

Honestly, your soul does have a plan, and that plan is all about getting you back to Harmony with your Twin. The rest is pretty open, however – we are on earth to learn and evolve, so we always have Free Will. So how you choose to get together with your Twin in Harmony, is up to you. And how long it takes, is up to you. If you have negative energy and limiting patterns shaping your journey, you could risk waiting decades for things to “magically” resolve themselves. I’ve encountered clients who had been waiting on their Twin for 20 years with no change. And it wasn’t because they were doing anything “wrong” or it had been decided they weren’t worthy of coming together – it was because their energies were out of alignment.

The truth is that we are all co-creators of our journey. No one will fix things for you – this is one of the lessons we’re being asked to learn: you are the master of your journey. In order to get into harmony and true Union with your Twin, you need to take action and clear the negativity that’s been bringing you out of your natural balance with each other. No amount of waiting, or thinking or analysis can clear the energy. In fact, Twins often get stuck in negative cycles because they overanalyze or wait for divine intervention without really taking action to change anything. I made this course to be an actionable method that can really change things for the better for Twins, no matter what situation they’re in.

I am having trouble recieving your emails

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Can I pay with installments for the Vibrational Alignmnet Program?

Paypal now offers an installment plan so you can buy now and pay later. Just tick ‘Paypal credit’ when you checkout in the store.

I am having trouble downloading your free kit or a purchase from your shop

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Can I book a reading with you or a one on one session?

I’m currently not offering readings or private sessions. However, I have collected the most powerful resources I’ve found on my journey and placed them in my Vibrational Alignment Program which contains far more than I could ever teach you in a one hour session or tell you about yourself in a reading. It was created to be a Roadmap to Twin Flame Union with me as your personal guide. It contains everything I’ve learned along my path to Twin Flame union, how to manage your energy to reach union and a state of harmony. It also covers how to deal with and resolve running, chasing, separation and much much more. It can be done in as little as 20 minutes a day – The Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve also put together a Free starter kit containing sections of my full program – Free Twin Flame Help Kit

I have a question about my Twin Flame connection, can you answer please?

If you have a question about you or your Twin try first using the search feature on my blog to find your answer – Blog It’s possible I’ve written something on the topic already that can help you. Otherwise, please submit your question for the Q&A and mark it”Q&A” in the subject. I answer questions regularly on my blog here