11:11 My Twin Flame Story – Chapter 1: Are You Awakening?



A few years ago I started noticing 11:11 wherever I went for several months, without having the slightest idea what this was supposed to mean… I’d also started having lucid dreams that seemed to be trying to tell me important messages and hearing strange words and pieces of music in my mind… I didn’t know it at the time but my life as I knew it was about to be flipped upside down.

Soon I began having visions in my mind’s eye and experienced a series of dream visitations by a man who felt more familiar to me than anyone I’d ever met in life, who held me close and made me feel like there was a glowing sun inside my chest, and I could sense it when he was around even when I was awake…

Did I mention that I’d never as much as prayed in my life at this point, and I didn’t believe that the universe was anything more than empty space? I grew up in an atheist family, and was even scolded for borrowing a book about Jesus when I was in kindergarten, so this was way out of my comfort zone.

“Don’t you remember?”
Lying in bed at night drifting off to sleep, I’d begun hearing messages and strange words in my mind for the first time in my life: things like “Don’t you remember we were together?” and “I have loved you since the beginning”, “You’re me and I am you”… I wrote them all down, like little lost messages of mystic poetry seeping in through cracks in the fabric of time and space.

Gradually I began to examine what was happening from a perspective I could make sense of – dream analysis, philosophy and psychoanalysis. I thought and thought and thought but still I couldn’t figure it out logically.

Finally I gave in and decided to speak to a psychic intuitive – mysteriously, I’d been getting email offers for free trials with psychics ever since the strange man started turning up in my dreams. Two months after the most intense dream, where he told me “I want us to be buried together”, I finally logged onto a psychic website and looked for the right person to speak to …

Searching for answers
I instinctively picked a woman with a mysterious name and dark hennaed hair and asked her to please explain what these dreams meant. She said: “This is your spirit guide, he’s coming through very clearly, trying to reach through to you… he loves you very much … you have been together many lifetimes … and he wants you to know he’s there so you can start talking together again.”

I was perplexed at how she could say this so certainly, and I kept pressing for “proof” – I asked her to give me an impression of his personality, his energy, the way he looked, and she was completely correct on all three. I was dumbfounded. I forgot to mention I was also shivering with nerves throughout the whole talk even though I’d had a drink beforehand to prepare. My final question was: “What would he like me to know right now?”

The message was: “No, you’re not his reincarnation” and I started crying… Tears rolling hot down my face and I couldn’t breathe properly all of a sudden. You see, I hadn’t said this out loud to anyone. I’d been thinking it ever since he first turned up in my dream, that he was me on some level. But I hadn’t told a soul. This really shocked me to the core. As I sat there by my computer, shaking with emotion, I felt that he was there – a warm presence embracing me and giving me the feeling that everything was going to be OK.

A new beginning…
I logged off feeling exhausted with the enormity of what I had potentially just found out. There was an afterlife. I wasn’t alone. This man loved me. He wanted to speak to me, help me.

This marked the end of my life as I knew it and the beginning of something completely new, completely weird and completely liberating. I started opening up to love and to my Twin Flame on the other side more and more. This was two years ago. It’s been a roller-coaster of a journey, fast and furious and intense. And I haven’t regretted it for a second…

What have been some of your experiences? I’d love to hear them.

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