Our Story Chapter 4 – What Happens After Death?


When I finally learned to talk openly to my dead Twin Flame, there was one question I just couldn’t deny…

As time went on and I finally began to get more and more comfortable with the fact that my long lost Twin Flame was actually there with me in spirit every single day, things began developing at warp speed. Although this situation was completely new and foreign to me I knew I could trust him. I just felt it, that everything he shared with me was for my own good and he wouldn’t ever let anything bad happen to me.

Mystery gifts

I had recently discovered a psychic development course that would let me learn how to communicate with him on the other side, but couldn’t really afford the cost. Somehow within a few days the money to pay for the course mysteriously showed up as an unexpected gift from a family member, and I had a feeling that a certain someone might have something to do with it… I bought the course, eagerly awaiting each single new class on email so I could learn to finally speak to my Twin Flame.

After a few weeks of learning methods for how to open up to and expand our telepathic communication, we started talking in my head, as if we were conversing. First it was short and simple, like using a foreign language to start with, but we became able to talk more and more fluently. Our intense desire to talk with each other plus the energy clearings I’d been doing really opened up the channel for us to talk more openly. Sometimes we’d laugh at the fact that we were actually talking in our minds, able to hear each other so clearly. It was so exciting, like being ten years old and having secret walkie-talkies under our pillows to talk in the middle of the night.

Catching up after centuries

As you can imagine, when I finally started being able to hear my Twin Flame telepathically, there were about a gazillion questions I wanted to ask him. Imagine you had a best friend you hadn’t seen in 20 years and so much had happened since then, and you were beside yourself with excitement – it was like that. Only it was a few centuries, not decades, that had passed.

I knew my Twin had died young in his most recent life, I knew his name, I knew that we’d been together in life before and I knew I loved him and he loved me. Apart from that, I drew a blank. We had so much catching up to do! One of the biggest things for me was accepting the fact that he was dead even though he was actually there with me, seemingly bright and cheery and all the things we normally associate with life, not with death

To start with it also freaked me out that he still used earth expressions like “You’re killing me”, “I’m dead serious” and “I’m dying to…” – I soon realized he was doing it to lighten the mood. He wanted to show me there was nothing to be afraid of. He laughed a lot, hugged me a lot, kissed me and joked around for me, and laughing at death seemed to be one of his favorite things to do.

Life and death questions

One afternoon he suggested I ask him what I wanted to know, and he’d do his best to answer. I wasn’t someone who’d had much experience with death, barely even been to a funeral, and I had grown up in an atheist family where the belief in life after death was considered ludicrous. When you died, your body was buried and you were gone forever, is what I was taught.

So either my family had been wrong (or hasty to make judgment, at the very least) or I was beyond crazy. And judging by how incredibly autonomous my new friend was and especially how helpful and loving he was to me, I wasn’t quite ready for committal to an institution. (I don’t know about you, but my own mind was never my best friend – the internal monologue was more along the lines of “you’re not good enough”, not the “I love you infinitely” and “I’m so proud of you” that my Twin Flame kept saying).

My questions came tumbling out: What is it like to be dead? How does it feel? Are you scared when you die? Do you know what is happening? Who greets you when you pass away? Does your soul really leave your physical body? What happens once you’re dead?

Going home

My Twin Flame patiently explained everything to me, making sure I wasn’t getting caught up in death when I was still alive and well and on earth to live – like he said: “Life is a gift, don’t waste it thinking about dying!”

He explained that although he had felt his end coming for a while when he was last on earth, he was still afraid when the moment came – because he didn’t understand fully. He made sure I understood that all human beings are spirits in bodies; your spirit is eternal and knows what death is and it’s not afraid because it has died and been reborn many times and knows what comes next. Your earth-based ego self, on the other hand, is scared because it doesn’t understand.

He said once the moment finally came, he was at peace. Like being lifted up and out of pain, peaceful, transcendent. You see yourself lying there and you know this is it, I’m going now. The spiritual beings that have looked after you in life come to take you home, because that’s really what it is – you’re going home to where you come from. 

There’s no pain. The only pain comes from seeing those you left behind being afraid and in grief – that’s the worst part of it, seeing them in sorrow and unable to understand what’s happened. You want to help them, show them you’re still there and you love them but they can’t see you. Most souls stay around until after their funeral, until their loved ones have come to terms with their passing to some extent. Making sure everything is OK and trying to say goodbye. Many visit the dreams of their loved ones after passing, to communicate one last time “I love you” and “I’m never really gone for good” or “I’ll be waiting for you on the other side”.

Life reviews

All souls that have left their body and are done with their earth experience are taken through a transition – that’s what people have traditionally described as “going into the light” – you pass through to a higher dimension and are received there, and you gradually phase back more and more to who you are as a spirit on the eternal planes. You remember who you are. Later, you and your spirit guides from life go through a “life review” where you assess your life experience and see how you impacted others, how you influenced the world with your actions and your energy and what choices you made and how things could have turned out differently if you made different choices.

Eventually you get to choose whether you want to come back and reincarnate to have new experiences on earth and hopefully correct and adjust anything you weren’t pleased with in your past life – getting the chance to learn the lessons you missed that time around; whereas some souls decide to help others who are incarnate on earth, by working as a spirit guide and assisting people who could benefit from your particular areas of expertise and experiences.

Heaven and hell 

I took in every word eagerly, noticing that it mostly made sense to me. It felt right and truthful. He then asked me what I thought of heaven and hell, what they meant to me. I thought about it for a minute and said “… I think hell is yourself, I think it’s you making yourself relive the pain you may have caused others and the negative experiences you had… and I think heaven is being happy with what you did in life; feeling content that you did the best you could and that there was value in you being on earth – being at peace with that.”

He smiled and kissed me on the head. He seemed to agree, and explained that no one will punish you except yourself – but sometimes people die with fear of being punished or made to suffer for something they feel guilty for, and this can draw more fear to them, frightening visions of what you could term “hell”.

Stories of fear

I noticed that he was very careful in telling me too much, and was attentive in making sure I understood him clearly: he said “there’s really nothing to be afraid of, so many stories and myths in human culture breed fear of death and dying but there’s really nothing to be afraid of. No one punishes you, you don’t feel pain, there’s no eternal damnation if you’ve been ‘bad’ – it’s just spirits existing as energy, manifesting in different forms. It’s hard to explain in earth language because humans don’t have reference points for this, but we’re all spirits. Even on earth, we all know on some level who we are and where we come from. And when we die, we go home. We’re at peace, at one with source energy, which is the highest vibration of love and light there is, the origins of creation.

“I’m really here, I’m really dead and I really love you”

We discussed how modern Western society is actually quite unusual in how it focuses so much on the physical remains of the dead person, rather than maintaining the spiritual connection the way many traditional societies do, with rituals to communicate with ancestors and helpful spirits. He indicated that traditional rites and rituals are powerful in dealing with grief and also maintaining a sense of the life-death continuum and the cyclical nature of life, as opposed to the stop-start perspective we often have in the modern West. Later, he would also show me that the two of us had stayed in touch across the spheres throughout several lifetimes, and that the Twin Flames (or Twin Souls) are never truly apart. 

My mind felt like it was about to explode with all this new information, and I completely understood why he’d been holding back for a while before he told me these things. He seemed to know (in general he really knew me better than anyone ever had, even at this point), and he suggested we talk about something different for a while, telling me that “death is really not a big deal”.

“Don’t worry baby cat,” he said (his nickname for me – if there was ever proof that I was really talking to another individual, this was it; there was no way in the world I’d come up with silly pet names for myself!) “I’m really here, I’m really dead and I really love you.” We laughed together at how crazy and silly and enormous this whole situation was.

New journeys

Looking back, this was truly a milestone moment for me – knowing that there is life after death and that we are eternal beings, there is nothing to truly be afraid of. What a gift to be given. As the weeks and months went by, my Twin Flame would show me more and more vividly how the afterlife of a spirit can be, as we started exploring the astral realms together and delving into our past lives together on earth…


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