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Twin Flames: Why Regular Relationship Advice Doesn’t Apply

Have You Found Your Twin Flame Or Soul Mate? Forget Everything You Knew About Relationships - A New Approach Is Needed... - Everything I've learned from coaching and hearing from Twin Flames all over the world...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 21st-27th September: “Equinox Gateway”

Are You Being True To Your Purpose? Mars Retrograde Continues Push For Reform, Equinox Brings Influx Of Light... Plus, Passion Rising In The Twin Flame Connection - Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic...
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Surprising Sources of Help For Your Twin Flame Journey

You’ll be Amazed at the Power of these Seemingly Small Things - And They Might Have Been Right under Your Nose the Whole Time. Are You Ready to Take a Second Look? - Today’s article is...

The Twin Flame Guide To Mars Retrograde

 Navigating Ego, Separation, Sexual Imbalances And More...  Heightened Focus On Masculine Twin Flame - Divine Metamorphosis. Are You Allowing The Highest Transformation? - These next two months we face one of the year's most anticipated...

Essential Resources for Twin Flames in Separation

Why Your Soul Sometimes Instigates Separation - Plus, Tools, Resources, Insights to Stir Your Counterpart to Action, Uplift Your Path and Open Up To Coming Back Together...   Today I was guided to provide a resource...


Planetary Positions

Sun in Libra
5 degrees
Moon in Aquarius
2 degrees
First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon
9 days old




Q&A: “What Are the Twin Flame Stages?”

From Recognition and Awakening to Twin Flame Union - what's really going on behind the scenes on your journey? And what's the real cause...