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Twin Flame Energy Forecast 9th-15th December: “Crossroads”

 Are You Unconsciously Blocking Union With Your Twin? Discover What And Who Affects Reunion Timing And Whether Twins Come Together In This Lifetime... - This week I’ve decided to instead of giving you the usual astrological/energy...

The Twin Flames 11:11 Oracle Card App!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to share my new Twin Flames 11:11 Oracle Card app with you today!  This has been a project in the making for over...

(Video) How To Attract Your Twin Flame Or End Separation – 7 Steps

Using The Eternal Heart Bond Of Divine Love To Call In Your Twin Flame, No Matter Where They Are... Whether You're In Separation Or Have Never Met... New Video! - I'd like to take some time...

Twin Flame Energy Forecast 2nd-8th December: “Know Thyself”

Jupiter Brings A Boost To The Physical World Journey, Activating Wisdom From The Divine Feminine, Plus 22:22/11:11 Activations Working For Unity... - Before we get started with this week's energy reading, remember to have a look...

A Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading For The Collective!

Are You Ready For A Higher Chapter Of Your Journey? The Real Reason Twins Experience Challenges... Special Video Message From Cassady! - Today I'm sharing a video message with you! I take you through how to...


Planetary Positions

Sun in Sagittarius
19 degrees
Moon in Gemini
22 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
15 days old




Q&A: “What Are the Twin Flame Stages?”

From Recognition and Awakening to Twin Flame Union - what's really going on behind the scenes on your journey? And what's the real cause...