Q&A: The 5 Most Damaging Myths About Twin Flames


Why Other People Could be Messing up Your Twin Flame Journey more than you Realize – plus the Secret Lesson Your Soul has Been Trying to Teach you all along.


Reading about the experiences of other Twin Flames can be a real relief on this journey, maybe most of all because it helps us realize we’re not alone and that we’re not going crazy after all (we’ve probably all had that thought at some point, because the Twin Flame connection is so beyond any previous experience).

So when faced with these situations that are far outside anything we’ve known in life, most of us understandably end up searching for information online and reading everything we can about the Twin Flame connection.


Your Twin Flame Key is Just Yours

The issue with this, is that although there is most often a genuine desire to help others behind the articles out there, much of what is written about Twin Flames is incorrect or presented as universal rules even though it’s simply one person’s experience.

The real truth is that Twin Flames are highly varied individuals and each pair’s journey is different from the next due to different karmic backgrounds and life lessons set. This means that although there are certain common patterns on this journey, no one can ever give you set phases or stages that you will have to complete or tests you’ll have to go through in order to “get there” to that place of Twin Flame bliss and Union.

You are the person who has the key to your journey. You are the person whose entire being is attuned to getting back with your Twin in harmony no matter what, because it is what you and your Twin Flame planned ahead before coming to life.

Your Pre-Birth Twin Flame Plan

The two of you made sure that you would be born with the capability to do it, or that you would learn and gather tools along the way. Your soul knows that you can do it, and it’s always working to show you how powerful and resourceful you really are.

One of the biggest lessons we set for ourselves in life is to learn to trust ourselves above all. We are finely tuned beings who, once we start listening to our intuition and interpreting energy within and around us, have a fool proof compass to guide us on our path.

That compass never fails. Energy never lies. So our souls’ big aim is to get us to give up the human need to get answers from people outside of ourselves, and to instead learn that we already have the answers within.

This is often why we don’t get answers when we ask our guides and our higher self to tell us who our Twin Flame is, or where our life is headed, or what a particular experience means. They want us to search inside because they know we have the ability to figure it out if we just embrace our own power and feel for the answer.

So with that in mind, I’d like to dispel some common myths about Twin Flames which can lead to more hurt than help…






I was quite shocked when I encountered this statement the other week in a YouTube video watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Every fibre of my being knew it was wrong. Every single experience I’ve had on this journey told me it was incorrect.

Most Twin Flames encounter some issues on their journey. This is a part of the Ascension process and the journey back to Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Union.

If you have heard or read statements that indicate Twin Flames never have problems and if you do it means there’s something wrong, please don’t feel hurt or doubt the realness of your Twin Flame connection. 

The real truth on this journey is that yes, there is always a bond of unconditional love between Twin Flames. No matter what is happening on the surface ego level, the Twin Flames share a soul bond based in unconditional love and acceptance. There is literally a cord between you and your Twin’s energetic heart centers, connecting you in love. 

Twin Flames share an identical core frequency as souls, and one thing that always happens when Twins connect is that their energies are triggered to purge any karma and negativity that’s been layered on top of or polluting that core frequency.

This process is called Twin Flame Ascension and is something that happens to all Twins in order to get back to Union, which is what your souls are both pushing for and it’s a big part of why you came to earth.

While some Twins have less of this negativity and baggage than others, all Twin Flames go through this Ascension process. If you and your Twin are always happy together, then enjoy this and know you are among a lucky few, because it means you have had very little karmic and energetic baggage to clear. Most Twins have quite a bit of negativity to release and clear before they get back to that core harmony in their relationship, though.

If you’re having problems with your Twin – and this is very common – you can address and resolve these things by clearing the negative energy and speeding up the release process your soul has already triggered.

This is why I made the Vibrational Alignment Program, a “roadmap to Union” which shows you simple and easy ways to clear negative energy and speed up this Ascension and release process so you can get to harmony and Union without so much struggle.

Here’s a brief video that takes you through how Twin Flame Ascension works:

twin flame video



Divine Time doesn’t mean what most people think it means – it doesn’t mean that someone else is out there deciding when you will get to come together.

It’s a figure of speech that seems to imply that there’s a God or boss up there who has a plan for everyone and won’t let things happen before he agrees, but that’s not how things work. It’s actually a lot freer and simpler than that.

“Divine Time” is all about energy alignment. It means that you and your Twin coming together will only happen when you are energetically in alignment with it – and this depends on how quickly you can raise your energetic vibration to be in alignment with unconditional love and harmony.

In order to be able to manifest and experience lasting harmony with our Twin Flame, we have to be in the frequency range of harmony and love. Love is one of the highest vibrations on the scale of energy. Fear, shame and guilt are at the lowest end.

If you’re habitually in the energies and emotions of resentment, blame or any other low vibration, you are out of reach to that harmony you desire.

The truth is that you have a lot more control over when you and your Twin will come together than what you might think. You can take action to lift your vibration more and more, starting right now.

A two-fold approach of both clearing out negativity and old karmic patterns and installing new positive blueprints and habits of feeling and thinking, will raise your vibration faster than anything else – because you’ll be approaching the issue from two angles for more potent results. This is how I myself reached Union and how I structured the course I created for other Twins to follow.




This is another dubious idea that’s quite common in the Twin Flame communities. This is problematic because it encourages you to not take action yourself. The energy of waiting is very disempowering, a low vibration that paradoxically keeps you out of alignment with the Union you desire. 

Although yes, the natural progression of the Ascension process will gradually clear you of negativity and allow your vibration to rise eventually and maybe even so high that you’re in alignment with unconditional love – this is a very slow path if you’re not deliberately speeding things up.

There is no guarantee on this journey. No one can promise you that you will get to Twin Flame Union or to be together. But there are tools that can help you get there.

I know most Twin Flames would not want to spend decades painstakingly learning hard lessons to release karma around rejection, love, acceptance or abandonment the “old fashioned, manual way”. There are ways to make the journey much smoother and more pleasant – the most effective methods I’ve experienced are energy clearing and karma clearing tools.

Twin Flames are ultimately here in order to come together. The plan you and your Twin Flame had when deciding to be born on earth and to encounter each other, was that you would come together in unconditional love so that you could then live from that space, helping the earth in its Ascension by forming a gateway of high energies. 

You also wanted to share the joyous experience of living from a place of unconditional love and togetherness. It is what all Twin Flames set out to do, to enjoy togetherness while seemingly separate in human bodies – a rare experience of bliss.

This means that no Twin Flames planned to spend a whole lifetime on the struggle and back and forth of running and chasing and conflict and hurt. You planned to come together in joy and you knew you could do it, but ultimately when you’re here on earth it’s up to you.

Because we all have Free Will. Every moment, we make choices to think, feel and act certain ways. And these things all impact our energy, which impacts the events we align with.

The problem is that if you were going to figure out exactly which of your choices (and your Twin Flame’s choices) would lead to harmony and Union, you could drive yourself crazy. It’s too much for the mind to handle.

The amazing thing though, is that your soul has known all along how to do it, each and every step. It already has the “map”. So does your Twin’s soul. You were born with this blueprint. Every moment, your souls and your guides are working to show you through feelings, hunches, dreams and outside information, how to get to where you want to go.

This is how we end up mysteriously meeting our Twin even if we never planned or wanted it. This is why things happen with strange synchronicity, why you meet in dreams and why you seem to be in touch emotionally and maybe even telepathically, no matter how long you’re apart in the physical.

It’s because both Twins’ souls are always working to get together. You can follow this perfect “map” with ease through listening to your intuition, your feelings and your gut instinct – they will always give you messages as to what serves you.

Learn to listen to your energy. The clearer and less congested you get, the easier it becomes to “hear” your soul and your intuition. This inner compass will never lead you astray.



This is another theory which often causes trouble on the Twin Flame journey. Firstly, this belief distracts you from looking within and resolving your own issues, which means you’re less likely to get over the negatives you’re experiencing on your journey.

Know that any negativity between you and your Twin can be cleared, and any conflict can be resolved once you realize what’s truly been causing it. The most important thing to know is that you are in the driver’s seat at all times.

No outside forces (whether it’s other people or perceived negative spirits) can ever keep Twins apart because physical separation is an illusion in itself – Twin Souls are always together on the energetic planes, no matter how it seems in life. No one can ever keep you apart. Read more about how to deal with negative influence and other people’s sabotage here.

However, it is possible for you to accept the story of you and your Twin being separate, and for you to give energy to this by believing it to be true – and once you do that it is possible for you to experience yourself as being separated from your Twin by others. This is the real damage that can arise from this “darkness” – you believing that the “dark” is more powerful than the love you and your Twin share.

The real truth is that even if others are attempting to get between you, you can bypass it by not paying attention to these outside influences. Go within to where you and your Twin are always connected, and that influence will be powerless. Eventually it will also fade away in your outer circumstances.

Be aware that in spiritual terms, darkness is just a lack of light. You are your own dark and your own light. Outside forces can never ever keep you apart from your Twin. The more you raise your vibration, the more you will be out of reach to anything “dark” and low vibrational too. In all areas of your life. It will literally stop registering with you.

The idea of “dark forces” working to sabotage Twin Flames and lightworkers, is a surprisingly common and damaging belief in the spiritual community.

Note however, that “enlightened” souls in history – the Buddha and Zen teachers, to mention some – never mention this. Because it’s all in us – you are your own darkness and your own light – we are all complex beings.

We are the ones who choose what to align with: happiness or sadness, love or resentment. We are infinite. Any darkness we encounter is there to mirror back to us our own wounds so we can understand and heal them. If you fear something getting between you and your Twin, this is alerting you to deeper wounds around fear of separation. 

It is this fear of separation that needs to be cleared, because you and your Twin will never be separated. And once you’ve deliberately cleared this fear your soul will stop manifesting outer circumstances of seeming separation in an effort to help you release this very fear.




This another damaging myth that creates dissonance and feeds into the illusion of separation between Twins. For one thing, it is not helpful to you and your journey to look for sources of difference between yourself and your Twin.

This is an earth-typical hierarchy – the idea that there is always a power relation between two people. The truth is that the Twin Flames complete each other effortlessly. There is no one more powerful or more spiritual or more evolved than the other.

Spirit always seeks to unify and look past difference. Human ego looks differentiates and creates separation. This idea of Alpha and Omega Twins does not help you on your journey back to unity. If anything, it causes dissonance and distracts from the core truth that will lead you “home” to your other self – Love. You are united by Love and unconditional acceptance.

If you feel with your emotions and your energy you’ll realise that this is true: there is no superior or inferior twin. Just two aspects of the same consciousness. Two whole, pure aspects of the light of creation.

Another related concept is the myth that one of the Twins is more spiritual and enlightened than the other – again this sets up separation, forces difference and makes for opposition. If anything, these beliefs feed into conflict. Where there is opposition and polarity, there is ground for conflict. Where there is equality, there is no tension, no power struggle, no conflict. 

No matter how your earthly selves express themselves in this lifetime, there is no spiritually “inferior” or “superior” Twin. It’s just expressed differently. You are at your core source energy, pure light. There is nothing “unspiritual” about that.

What can make one Twin (the “unawakened Twin“) less open to the metaphysical, is the energy patterns they’ve taken on in life. Anyone can become spiritual and enlightened once they lift off the layers of unknowing that have settled on them like dust over the years on earth.

This is why Ascension brings up so much power struggle between Twins – it is part of releasing those ego illusions that keep us in a false sense of difference from our Twin Flame. 

You are never inferior or superior to your Twin! You are simply two parts of one whole, who may have had different experiences in life and thereby have taken on different traits and patterns of behavior. Underneath this, you are the same in essence.


As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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