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Did You Know Forgiveness Has the Power to Transform Your Journey for Good? Hang on, I Know You Want To Scroll Away – But You’ll Thank Yourself Later if you Stay and Read… Promise (I’ve Been There Too).


Forgiveness is possibly the deepest, simplest yet most irritating issue on the spiritual path. Yes, I said it. It can be really annoying. Especially when you’re feeling upset and all you hear around you is “Let go”, “You have to forgive”, “Release it” – when you can’t stop feeling the pain.

The problem is that when you’re in a good place, forgiveness is easy. Almost too easy. When you’re in a bad place, though, it’s the furthest from your mind… In fact, when things are tough with your Twin Flame it can feel impossible.

When Forgiveness Feels Like A Joke

Ascension is the process of releasing old negativity so we can rise up into a higher vibration of love, to be open to the union of souls that Twin Flames have set out for life on earth. This process involves all the old junk we’ve experienced and even have inherited genetically, coming up for resolution.

This release of old hurts can make it feel like the Twin Flame journey is nothing but struggle, because you often end up feeling all of it again as it comes up. And at that point, the idea of forgiveness can feel like a joke.

I’ve been there – more times than I’d like to admit…

Shifting Out Of Struggle

Unfortunately, when we’re in that place of negativity, we’re only attracting more of the same. We’re unwittingly sending out the signal of struggle, disappointment and negativity to the universe  – and accordingly, it matches us up with more of the same.

Although it’s probably the last thing most of us would like to do in moments of setbacks, pain, disappointment – forgiveness can actually shift all that. It helps us let go of what’s keeping us attracting more and more negativity, so we can shift into a better future.

When The Hurt Has Nothing To Do With Your Twin

One of the biggest realizations I had in moments like this on my own journey, was that the pain and the hurt and the frustrations often came from somewhere completely not related to my Twin Flame. It was simply old negativity coming up to be cleared so I could raise my vibration and be open to unconditional love.

My soul would show it up for me in dreams and visions so I understood: childhood friends I’d felt betrayed by, feeling unloved by a parent who had their own emotional issues, feeling rejected by the opposite sex…

And in these old hurts coming to the surface, I attributed them all to my Twin Flame. He became the canvas I projected all my old baggage onto – and it obscured the love that was there. It disrupted our whole connection time and time again.

This is what happens to so many Twin Flames – old hurt coming up and becoming attributed to the relationship when it’s actually from somewhere else. Forgiveness is a great way to release this so you can move into a happier place on your journey.

The Twin Flame Miracle Worker

The Ascension (cleansing and uplifting) process all Twin Flames go through can be painful and cause so much struggle, but once we have tools to deal with it, we can make it swifter, easier, cut out all the triggering, separation, running and begin to lift into love right now.

Forgiveness coupled with energy management can be an amazing way to do this. And often it’s all about the angle we approach Forgiveness from – this is why I wanted to make an infographic this week.

I created the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames to help as many Twins as possible to clear and erase this old hurt and “baggage” to make the journey one of love instead of struggle. Go here to download.

The energy tools I share in the Free Kit and the Vibrational Alignment Program are the most effective and deep working methods I discovered and developed on this journey. They were how my Twin and I reached Union within just 18 months of our first encounter. (To read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with energy clearing, have a look here.)

Forgiveness coupled with energy management can really be a “miracle worker”. If we don’t forgive, we unconsciously hold onto the hurt in our space and attract more of the same. Forgiveness helps us shift into a new energy space. 

To forgive is something that can truly transform our lives, but it’s often a misunderstood concept in our Western culture so this week I wanted to make a clear infographic that can hopefully inspire you even if things are feeling like a struggle right now…

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!
I believe in you! <3

Cassady x




Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

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