Q&A: “Do both Twins have to Awaken to get to Twin Flame Union?”

Twin Flames Awakening Union
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“When Twin Flames both incarnate at the same time same realm does one only need to Awaken for the other to Awaken? Or do both have to consciously Awaken to have the Union? (Also, how does the mission Twin Flames have when they both incarnate differ to when only one incarnates?)

These are very interesting questions, Ariella, thank you! I’ve encountered this a lot, and in my experience the answer is that no, it is not necessary for both Twins to awaken to start with. One Twin can awaken first and then help the other along. Many Twin Flame pairs actually pre-arrange the dynamic before incarnating together, ensuring that one will be the more spiritually attuned and is triggered to go through awakening sooner than the other; developing their spiritual understanding so that when the time comes for the two to connect that person can “pull the other along with them” and lead the way. This is something I’ve seen time and time again in my intuitive practice for Twin Flames.

Sharing energy

Because the Twins’ energies are of an identical frequency and the two share large parts of the same energy field, any work the “enlightened” Twin does to lift their vibration will inevitably impact the other Twin positively as well. So it is fully possible for one Twin to do the work required to bring the two into balance and ready their energies for Union, although most often the “non-awakened” Twin’s higher self will be assisting in the clearing even if the person doesn’t realize it on a conscious ego level. Even though a Twin Flame seems to be inactive on the surface ego level, there are always unseen forces at play spiritually.

Moving towards Union

The Twin Flame Union is above all an energetic merging; we can tend to think of it in terms of our earthly romantic relationships or marriage but really it’s a coming back together of the two energies that were once a single nucleus. In one sense you could look at the Union it as becoming more each other – there is a sharing of energy made possible and this is why it is necessary for the two Twins’ energies to be aligned beforehand. The union is a process, not strictly a one time single event, and functions to let the Twin Flame pair form a gateway of high vibration energy, helping to shift the lower vibrations of fear, conflict and anger away from earth and help society’s evolution into a higher, cohesive and love-based consciousness.

The Twin Flames’ Mission

This might sound daunting but the real truth and what’s so amazing about this is that it happens effortlessly – when the Twins join together in love their mere being in love is a powerful influence on their surroundings. Therefore, you could say that the Twin Flames’ true mission is to be in love, feel love, share love and impact others positively in this way – without “working” for this to happen: love is an energy that expands and impacts anyone around you automatically.

To touch on the last part of your question (which I’ll go into in more depth in a later post) – a Twin Flame pair where one is not incarnate, can also join together in unconditional love. Therefore they too serve this purpose of bringing the high energies of love into the world. Twin Flame pairs might have other specific individual missions they are working on but this purpose of bringing the energy of love into the world in one way or another is universal.

Signs to help you on your path

When both Twins are “awakened” or “enlightened” the journey can become easier, but you would not have arranged for one Twin to help the other along if this wasn’t feasible. Nothing is insurmountable – you’ve pre-planned your dynamic for a reason. And remember that you both have teams of guides assisting you in coming together, they are responsible for leading you to opportunities, information and tools that may help you along toward union – and they’ll often communicate with you in the form of signs and symbols such as 11:11 which indicates that you are now in the process of Ascension and awakening; you are beginning to remember your eternal self and you are in the process of releasing past heaviness so that you may be ready for reconnecting and for Union.

Individual differences 

As always, I’d like to add for certainty’s sake that the timing of Union and the length of time and arduousness of the Ascension period depends from pair to pair, depend on what energetic “baggage” the two of you are carrying from previous life experiences, your upbringing and from past lives (if you believe in reincarnation), so for some Twins it can be a relatively easy and quick process whereas for others it may require more deliberate work and time.

This is why we made our Vibrational Alignment Course, to give as many Twin Flames as possible the tools to clear out the energetic baggage that comes up to be released during the Ascension process – so that as many as possible can come together without “running” and episodes of separation and hurt.

Thanks so much for your question, Ariella! Wishing you love and light on your journey <3

– Cassady x


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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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