Soul Vs Ego Self – How Do I Help My Twin Flame Shift Out of Ego?


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Soul vs Ego – Awakening Sleeper Twins and Dismantling Ego. How to “Unlock” their Inner Knowing and Help Them Remember Your Eternal Connection…


Many Twin Flames are in the situation of being one of a pair where their other half is “running”, resistant or not open to spiritual methods – what many would describe as being “stuck in ego”.

I get so many questions about how to handle this – why the situation is so imbalanced and why the Twin Flame connection often seems to be this way… I completely understand the frustrations it can cause.

To immediately help with any struggles you might be experiencing right now, I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

This is the most powerful method I’ve encountered on my own journey, and you can read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with energy clearing here.

I created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in my Free Help Kit here.


Soul Vs Ego Self – What’s The Difference, And How Do I Help My Twin Shift Out of Ego?


In truth, Ego is simply the  “facade” or “mask” that the soul wears while we live here on earth. The beliefs and structures of self that we take on both from our own experiences and from others’ perceptions of us and the “stories” we are told about who we are.

In spiritual circles Ego is often villified, but in truth it’s a protective psychological mechanism that’s designed to protect us.

However, Ego can be problematic because often this “protective device” consists of deeply entrenched negative beliefs and limiting perceptions which block the person from what’s to their highest good.


As the Ascension process of both Twin Flames and the earth itself progresses, more and more Unawakened Twin Flames (those who are still so attached to their Ego mask that they are as yet unaware of their soul identity) will be triggered more and more to step out of their temporary earthly identity and be guided to open up more to their inner knowing and their soul self.

Awakening is something all Twin Flames’ higher selves are working on continuously – for many this triggering to “awaken from Ego” is already happening, but it’s a process that requires some time so that the new changes can be safely integrated.

Often the beginning of this process occurs in a “dark night of the soul”, followed by subtle “prods” in the form of increased synchronicity, dream experiences that relate to the soul, and the gradual unravelling of the “baggage” of information, beliefs, energy, patterns, programming that have constituted the Ego mask.

Energy clearing is a powerful way to help your Twin Flame’s higher self remove the “dust” and “baggage” that’s kept them in unawareness of who they really are as a soul – so that they can more easily “awaken”.

Have a look at the Complete Harmony Clearing session for Twin Flames which spirit channeled to me for more info on this.

Complete harmony Healing Tool


Ultimately, more or less all Twin Flames have been pre-programmed energetically to “wake up” during their lifetimes on earth, the way you yourself did.

If you’re in the situation of being involved with a Twin who is still asleep, know that you are the frontrunner in that respect – your Twin will follow at some point.

In the Twin Pair, you yourselves pre-determined your characteristics before you came to this life. You engineered the life circumstances, genetic background and place of upbringing for the two of you, enlisting other souls to help you along the way and eventually bring you back together.

Your path is full of pre-planned meetings, significant downloads of energy, times when things will shift up a gear in togetherness, understanding and so on. Your Awakening from “Ego” is already planned.

The human conception will be to think that this will happen at a particular time but the real truth is it’s about “clicking into the right energy” – when your vibration reaches a certain point you “call in” those you have soul contracts with.

Divine timing is all about energy locking in, not about chronological time – although sometimes the two can interact.


So, having said that there is a particular energy reconfiguration many Twin Flame pairs engineered: for one to be more spiritually attuned, and for one to be more materially attuned.

In order for the Two of you to come together, a combination of skills would be necessary. And we are talking in terms of soul plane skills.

Your Twin Flame, who may be “spiritually unawakened” is actually a gift to you in soul terms – because of their material orientation, they are the one grounding your new light codes and your coming together into the earth reality. All while they’re still seemingly “stuck in Ego”.

The fact that they are materially oriented means they are the last of the two of you to “awaken”, but this is a gift. Think of it as you being the scout, the spiritual explorer – you do not just collect understanding and new light codes and release negativity for yourself, no, you do everything as a pair.

I know this sounds like a lot to some of you – but separation is an illusion. Twin Flames are one being consciousness expressed in two bodies.


Whenever you reach new levels of understanding and energy vibration it impacts your Twin. And when they ground your new understanding into the earth planes in the form of energy grids and light codes, they impact you.

Together you work as a team. So, first of all, please try not to feel bad that your Twin is in “Ego” – this is simply a side effect of their material bias. Long-term of course they will awaken too.

In order for the two of you to successfully complete your journey back to love – from the beginnings, to anchor in Unconditional Divine Love into the earth planes – you divided your attentions this way. Collaboratively, you would get further.

Some Twin pairs are more “equally” divided where both possess a level of each “soul skill set”.

For those who have divided their attentions into the spiritual and the material, I understand that it can be a source of frustration to feel that you are not able to communicate or reach your divine counterpart who is still “stuck in ego”.

8 Ways To Help An Unawakened Twin Flame Remember and Shift Into Knowing:



The so-called Ego is a mask, it’s not a “real thing”. In reality, there is no difference between the soul and the ego. It’s a human conception that there’s an ego versus a spirit, but I understand your point.

In truth, you are always your soul and so is your Twin Flame. The ego is simply the human “story” that’s been attached to the soul in this lifetime. A “mask”.

I would encourage you to begin using new words about these themes, as the old concepts such as “Ego” and Runner have a lot of entrenched energy attached to them.

If your Twin is as yet unawakened, they are simply still attached to the “story” of who they’ve told that they are in their human life. Their soul is still there.


Your Unawakened Twin is no less spiritual than you, because the soul is inherently spiritual. Your Twin’s spirituality and awareness has simply been “covered up” by the baggage of human life.

This is what your Ascension work is helping to uncover. As you clear your energy, you clear for the both of you. As you release your baggage, you help release their baggage – soon their “true soul self” begins to shine through.

To read more and see a brief video on how this works, have a look here.


As your collective pair energy increases in frequency again back to your origins of love, light, peace and all the higher energies, you unlock their “innate encoded memory” of who they are as a soul.

When you came here you had “secret roadmaps” – light codes and templates – “hidden” in your spiritual “DNA”. As your journey unfolds and you raise your vibration, these are more and more activated.

If your Twin Flame is the “Sleeper” of you or still “Unawakened” to their true soul self, they are later than you in unlocking these codes and memories, but it will come. Every once in a while more is unlocked – their higher self makes sure of it.

For more on energy clearing and raising your energy frequency so you unlock these codes and templates with increased speed and ease, have a look here.


Please do not fear that your dissonance is a lasting thing – that your Twin is destined to stay ‘asleep’. Your Twin Soul will absolute awaken at some point, as per their Higher Self’s plan (which you yourself were a part of engineering pre-birth).

Exactly when this happens, depends on energy vibration and the situation as it is unfolding between the two of you and in your life situations. Divine Timing is all about the intersection of energy – when it’s a “vibrational match”.


Even though your Twin Soul may be in “Ego” still, they are continuously interacting with you as their true spiritual self.

If you begin to pay attention to what is going on behind the scenes, on the soul planes, you can get a “preview” of your Awakened Twin Flame – because their soul is there fully awakened the whole time. Just wearing the “costume” of Ego on the outside.

Meditating on your Twin Flame’s Soul Self can be a wonderful experience, and deeply helps to reignite their own “Earth Self”s awareness of your connection. To get a free deep alpha level meditation for this, download the Twin Flame Transformation Kit.


Meditating with your Twin’s soul and interacting with them in meditations, astral journeying, dreams and so on is a powerful way to help stir their conscious awareness of who they are as a soul.

The more you strengthen this “spiritual” bond between you – without even needing to say a word to them in person – the more you strengthen their soul presence in their own life and help the baggage and the veil of perception to come away.

As you strengthen their soul by interacting with it, you help this soul be the source of their identity more and more.


Make sure you don’t entrench the energy by focusing on your Twin Flame as being stuck in Ego. Focus on what you do desire. Feel the feeling of having your ideal now. The joy of how that would feel.

Manifestation is double-powerful with Twin Flames, because you are dealing with your own energy consciousness. This can be amazing when you are focusing on positivity – but when you affirm and intend negativity for your Twin Flame, it tends to entrench the energy in them and block the very progress you’re desiring. 

I would recommend the Creative Visualization for Twin Flames to focus your powers on positive manifestation. Have a look here for more info.

Of course you’re not creating struggle or blocks deliberately, but it’s very helpful to become aware of how your thinking/feeling/focus impacts the situation.

Affirm positive messages and intentions for them instead of focusing on the frustration of your Twin being in Ego.

One could be “My Twin Flame is awakening more and more every day to their true soul nature and we are getting closer and closer in mind, feeling and frequency. And so it is”.


You can always ask your Twin Soul’s higher self for direct help on your journey, to uplift you and your Twin on all levels and to help the two of you release any fear based patterns and attachments that may be keeping your Twin soul in fear of letting go of what they’ve become accustomed to in life.

Some Twins hold onto the “facade” because they are afraid of what will happen if they let it go. Their Higher Self will always work until they let go, but it may take some time.

Energy healing, inner child work and interacting with their soul directly, plus asking their higher self and guides for help, can speed up this process considerably. Especially by clearing away entrenched fear-based energies and attachments.


Thank you so much for this question and please always remember that you are on this journey because you are infinitely capable – you yourself know that you hold the key to returning to Unconditional Love and Union!

Sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“This is just magical and I’m moved to tears…This huge block between us just dissolved in a snap and we are now closer than ever before! It’s like a miracle just happened before my very eyes. All this came from your work, your vibrational alignment program, and the techniques you share. She and I are doing the work, of course, but it would be so much more difficult and long without you. The only way is UP…So thank you, thank you, thank you..with positivity and abundance in all ways.”

Laurent C. Paris, France

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