Q&A: “How Can I Avoid Hurting Others on My Twin Flame Journey?”


This week’s Q&A question comes from Elisheva, who asks:

“How can we avoid hurting others on the Twin Flame journey – for example our Twin’s spouse, or our own? When I focus on and visualize my ideal of being together with my Twin Flame, I feel that I’m asking for others to be hurt. Aren’t those people’s souls also here to be happy and fulfilled? How can we get around this, to avoid messing up these others’ lives?”

Thank you so much for this question Elisheva, this is such an important issue that I feel many Twins struggle with, so I’m glad to get the opportunity to address this.

Your Non-Twin Partner Knew Before You Met

The very first and most important thing here is to remember Soul Contracts – before we come to earth we very often arrange to meet certain individuals, and even to meet a soul mate and marry them, before we meet our Twin.

We have soul contracts with many many people. These contracts are very often made on the basis of learning – one particular person will be able to teach us something that is to our highest good, and we will be able to teach them something in return.

Anyone who is married to or in a relationship with a Twin Flame (whose Twin is elsewhere) is fully aware of this on a soul level. A person married to a Twin Flame was always fully aware on this deeper level that their spouse had this strong connection with another. However, on the surface Ego level they might not realize this.

Relationships as a Learning Experience 

It’s important to know that on the soul level any Twin Flame’s non-Twin spouse is 100% aware and in support of your connection with your Twin.

Often these people will actually be instrumental in helping us develop and get over our blocks so that we’re able to harmoniously interact with our Twin when the time comes for us to encounter them once again.

On the surface ego level the non-Twin spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend might feel jealous or threatened by Twin Flame connection, but be aware that this is due to energetic patterns, it’s not “who they are”.

Who they are is someone who cares so much about you that they want you to be loved and love unconditionally and get the most out of life. Anything else is layered on top of that.

What if the Future Holds Something Better?

I have been fortunate in life to encounter both my close Soul Mate and my Twin Soul. My Soul mate has been a wonderful support for me on my Twin Flame journey. He also has a Twin Flame, and I know that the two of us and our experiences together in an intense relationship helped prepare us for coming together with our Twins again.

Remember that any non-Twin spouse or person we might be in a relationship with, is also in a learning process in life and is gaining new experiences and insights from whatever circumstances they encounter in this situation.

It might fully be to a non-Twin’s highest good for a relationship to end if it is not fulfilling for both parties. Maybe something deeper and even more loving is awaiting them too, just as for you and your Twin.

And consider this: What if your spouse’s Twin Flame is out there, and they end up meeting as a direct result of the previous relationship ending?

Guilt Doesn’t Help You or Anyone Else

Don’t ever feel bad for following your heart – your heart is attuned to your highest good, and your highest good is not to hurt others (as souls we never desire to hurt anyone). The highest good might not be what’s the most comfortable here and now.

Remember that what lies out there, what the future holds, could be for both your highest good and your spouse’s. It could be what’s the most joyous for both them and you. And don’t forget that every experience in life is a valuable lesson and a gift that helps us grow.

Getting into a place of guilt about wishing to be with your Twin, will only lower your energetic vibration and attract negativity.

So lift your perspective into a place of knowing that everyone involved is a soul in a learning process with infinite capacity for love – and let that be your starting point.

How to Manifest the Most Positive Outcomes

Stay in a high vibration to attract the best outcome for everyone involved. Focusing on happiness for everyone involved will help open the situation up to attract and manifest love on all levels and smooth the path for both you and any non-Twin you might be involved with.

And if you feel resistance or negativity when using creative visualization, my advice would be to shift your visualization slightly, try a slightly different scenario – a different place, a different mood – until you find one that completely inspires you and makes you feel on top of the world. Then you can return to your previous visualization later with less resistance.

Guilt and Hurt Can be Cleared and Resolved

As always, remember that negative emotions are patterns of energy – so if guilt or doubt are feelings that bother you on a regular basis, my advice would be to begin clearing these using energy clearing tools.

We can deal with the root of these shifting your feelings to a more positive place and opening you up to greater and greater positivity for you, your Twin and anyone else involved. Try the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames to begin shifting energy right now.

Until next time – sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



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