Q&A: You Don’t Really Need Your Twin Flame – The #1 Secret to Harmony (No Matter Where You’re At On Your Journey Right Now)


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Discover the Tiny Yet Crucial Shift that will Change Everything on Your Journey – and How to Overcome Common Difficulties on the Twin Flame Path No Matter what You’ve Been Through Before.


Today’s Q&A deals with a broad deep-seated issue which I get emails on every single day. Meeting your Twin Flame and going through the resulting Ascension can be a life-changing and challenging process to handle, and in this situation many Twins end up dealing with issues of depression, confusion, helplessness…

Many are unsure how to deal with their Twin Flame Journey and how to ever get back to joy again.

You Already Have The Answers

One of the biggest issues I see on the Twin Flame Journey (and this is something I had to learn the hard way myself) is looking outside of yourself for answers. Spirit tells me time and time again, we hold our own answers.

We have all the insight into our own personal journey and energy configurations if we just listen to our intuition.

The problem is that we’ve been raised in a mentally focused society where the information structure encourages us to look for teachers, leaders, experts outside of ourselves, who tell us what do to and how to fix our problems. So we don’t even try to look within.

The real truth is that through your Higher Self you can access any information and insight you desire. One of the biggest lessons your soul wants you to learn in this lifetime is that you are infinitely powerful, and that you can have, be or do anything you decide on.

You are the master of your own path.

As the famous Jaladin Rumi quote says:
“Stop acting so small. You are the entire Universe in ecstatic motion.”


Stepping Into Your Power

What I can help you with, is insight on how to manage and clear your energy and to realize what might be blocking you from stepping into your power. I can help you create the Twin Flame journey and the life you truly desire.

This is why I made the Vibrational Alignment Program – for you to have effective tools for your Twin Flame journey and in everyday life to raise your vibration and start aligning with your real inner power. The power to get your own answers and to be sovereign in your own life and create what you desire instead of feeling that your happiness is dependent on others. Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

I know from experience that stepping into our power can feel near impossible, especially if we’ve been experiencing hardship and challenges.

There’s something amazing I want you to know, though – helplessness and hopelessness and disempowerment are all energy patterns. They’re not “real”. They’re not who you are!

They’re energies you can clear out once you know how. Same with sadness, heaviness, jealousy, resentment… Any low vibration energy can be cleared out of your experience with ease once you know how.


Overcoming Powerlessness

Overcoming that first hurdle where you might feel like action is useless, is crucial. My guides often tell me: when you feel low, taking action is what helps the most.

Because when we take action and actually do something, we shift out of the energy of hopelessness and into an energy of action.

It can be something so small as going out for a walk, or writing a diary entry, or baking cupcakes or calling a friend or even doing your taxes! Any action shifts your energy out of powerlessness fast, instead of ruminating over it.

Getting started now and making the intention that the past is over, that this is the now moment that I start creating my future exactly the way I desire it, is so powerful.

Just taking one baby step towards your ideal can profoundly shift your entire journey – because you are an energetic being (a soul) in a human body, and everything you do and think and feel has repercussions on your entire energy field and your Twin’s (because you are the same original consciousness expressing itself in two bodies).


You Don’t Really Need Your Twin Flame

A huge Twin Flame lesson your soul will keep push you into until you learn, is that you are already whole on your own!

This was tough for me to learn, especially after experiencing the elation and bliss of the initial coming together with my Twin. I honestly felt like I needed him and he needed me. More than anyone I’d ever met.

Then my soul began triggering my deepest insecurities by pushing up the most painful issues between us – things that would force me to make a choice. Do you love yourself enough to value your own happiness over your desire to be “complete” through another? 

This completely unsettled me and lead to many sleepless nights and emotional turmoil, but once I made the choice to value and love myself above all, the true jewel of the lesson was revealed: Until we learn that we are strong and whole on our own, this lesson will keep being presented to us.

The truth is that Twin Flames don’t need each other.

We’re not incomplete on our own. If we keep approaching the connection as if we’re lacking when we’re not together, we will keep attracting dysfunction because we’re coming from a low vibration point.


Exiting and Reentering The Twin Flame Journey

In order for Twin Flame Union in the higher realms to take place, we must release any  earthly claims to our Twin Flame and reenter into the connection from a perspective of unconditional love. Meaning that it’s completely voluntary for both. (Read more about Twin Flame Union here)

We love each other and desire to come together, but not from a place of pain or fear of loss. It is the active polarity of love. A gift we give each other, rather than a heavy commitment.

Being and feeling whole on your own is one of the biggest lessons on this journey. If you can reach that point on your own, your soul will stop pushing you into separation.

Get to know yourself, value yourself and devote love to yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is the starting point for any other relationship, and this is why it’s such a deep lesson on the Twin Flame path. Find out what you like and appreciate about yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. Spend time doing those things that make your soul sing. Enjoy your own company.

Often this is a process that takes some time to get into, but once you learn to love yourself and honor yourself above all else, your whole life and your Twin Flame connection will be transformed beyond recognition. Because you will be radiating love and attracting positivity from the very core of your being.

Two Essential Steps To Union

The way I’ve experienced this often challenging but also incredibly beautiful and joyous journey, is that there are two essential steps to making it smooth and harmonious and getting to Twin Flame Union:

#1) Self-empowerment:

Accept that you are the creator of your experience and start exploring what that means to you and what you truly desire to create – what makes your heart “sing”? Get to know yourself through journalling and introspection. Recognize the true inner power that you are beneath all and any negativity, emotional baggage and “history”.

#2) Managing your energy consciously:

You are an energetic being creating your experiences moment by moment, day by day, and in order to make the most of life and experience that true joy and connection with your Twin (which you can already feel in the pit of your being is possible) – it’s important that you clear your energy of others’ influence and past negativity and patterns.

Negative karma and energy patterns are what create repeated struggles, hardship, lack of love and drama between Twin Flames.

Once you learn to clear these negatives, you are opened up to create more of what you truly desire. You won’t be stuck on a subconscious autopilot of trauma and drama anymore.

Watch this brief video below to learn more about where the Twin Flame Struggles stem from and how to not only deal with it but solve it for good.

twin flame video

You Already Knew All Of This

Above all, remember that you’re not small! You’re not weak! You’re not powerless! You are an infinite soul who bravely decided to come to earth and to re-encounter your Twin Flame so that the two of you could come together in harmony the way you were at the dawn of existence, and to be a source of light and unconditional love on this planet.

You and your Twin wouldn’t have come here unless you knew deep inside that you could succeed. 

And before you came here, you made agreements with dozens of other souls both on earth and on the higher realms, who would help you get to that point by sending you signals and providing you with the information and guidance you would need to get back to each other. Remember.


Being Open To The Help You’ve Asked For

Now, on this journey it’s important to make sure that your energy field is open to receiving that guidance and that help. Most people’s energy field is so blocked that love and abundance are deflected automatically even though the universe is working to bring them everything they want and need.

My Energy Clearing Sessions For Twin Flames takes you through blasting through any blocks to receiving, any deep-seated issues around self worth and blocks to self love, plus we upgrade and rewire your entire reality blueprint so you can finally start receiving.

We also focus on downloading new blueprints and programming for you to get moving to Twin Flame Union with ease, no matter what’s happened previously on your journey.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light! I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit!

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