Q&A: “Do Same Sex Twin Flames exist?”


Same sex twin flames

This week’s question comes from Tatiana B.: “Do Same Sex Twin Flames exist?”

Thank you so much for this important question, Tatiana!

I have not seen this really discussed much in Twin Flame circles, and I am happy you gave us the chance to be open about this. I realize I might be stepping on some toes when I write this (I hope not, as love is a limitless energy that defies categorization) but there is nothing dictating that the Twin Flame pair must be a woman and a man.

The basic reason for this is that Twin Flames are connected on the energetic plane and belong together in spirit or soul – the physical body is simply the current “house” of the spirit.

Misinterpreting spirit

Let me explain: According to spirit, the idea that Twin Flames must be a man and a woman in a romantic, sexual pairing, is simply a misunderstanding, or a misinterpretation of energy terms. The misunderstanding is based in the fact that male and female energies have been automatically equated to mean male and female biology, or man and woman.

Spiritual terms and energy terms can unfortunately get distorted or misunderstood when interpreted through our physical world, human perspective. Remember that all information that exists on earth from spirit, has come through a channel of information. Therefore we advise you to always listen to your own heart when reading any information about the Twin Flame dynamic.

Ultimately, only you know what is true and right for you. Sometimes you’ll be able to feel this deep down, like if someone is lying to you and you just know they’re not telling the truth – you might not be sure why or how, it just feels like a lie. If something doesn’t resonate with you – leave it, and go with what does resonate with you.

Trying to categorize the unfathomable

We are all energetic beings beneath our names and bodies and families, all our earthly information and experiences, and it’s the eternal soul self that lives on no matter what.

Our souls are not easily defined, nor are they limited. So when we try to discuss spirituality through “real world” perspectives and categories things often get skewed, and sometimes mistranslated and misunderstood. It’s like trying to catch water in your palms – no matter how close your hands are, water always slips through. Energy is not something that can ever be contained in categories – it is flowing and ever-changing.

The meaning of male and female

When Twin Flames are described to be male and female, this is not meant in spiritual terms to necessarily a biological man and a woman. It is indicating the nature of the energies, and the archetypal male and female energies are simply terms to describe two different energies that embody different traits. That is not to say that these energies belong or express themselves exclusively in male or female bodies. It is human culture that has equated one with the other.

We all have a combination of energies, at varying degrees. A man can be of a predominately “feminine” energy and a woman of a predominately “masculine” energy – even without this affecting their sexuality (they can still be heterosexual). If you think about it, I’m sure you have female friends or family members who are more or less “feminine” than each other, and male friends or family members who are more or less “masculine” than each other.

More common than most realize

If you believe in reincarnation, we have all been both women and men and various ethnicities throughout existence. Who we are as a spirit goes way beyond gender and the physical body. So does our connection with our Twin Flame.

In my overwhelming experience and from communicating with spirit, the Same Sex Twin Flames are in fact more common than most realize. Often they are homosexual, sometimes heterosexual.

They are here on earth to break open old paradigms around love and to teach the value of unconditional love by example. We live in a society with set ideas about what love is “supposed to look like” and where people are most often loved “because” of something…

The Twin Flame connection, on the other hand, is unconditional – above all and beyond words, beyond labels. A Twin Flame loves the other both for no reason and for all reasons. There is no limitation to Twin Flame love. And this energy of love is powerful – a Twin Flame pair in love can deeply affect people around them simply by existing in such a state of heightened love.

Beyond words

For those of us who have felt the depths of the True Twin Flame connection, we know that there are no words that can sufficiently describe the all-encompassing, magnetic intensity of this connection. Twin Flames are infinitely varied, and this is part of the very purpose of us being here – to expand the ideas and concepts of love in society. Many face large age differences or contrasting religious backgrounds, or social differences. Having to, and wanting to, embrace love across society’s perceived boundaries is a common thing for Twin Flame pairs.

Just think back to two of history’s most famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who most certainly acted and seemed like Twin Flames – their underlying purpose was to build bridges of love where there had been intense conflict between opposing forces; to unify where there had been separation.

Although their tumultuous love and ultimate demise has become one of the most famously sad love stories of the ages, it still provides a source of insight about the depths of true love and that no boundaries can contain it.

Thank you so much for your question, Tatiana! Wishing you love and light on your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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