Q&A: How Forgiveness Can Get You to Twin Flame Union


Why and How Forgiveness is the Quickest way to clear Twin Flame blocks and End Separation, plus How to get over the 1 Core Belief that Prevents you from Truly Letting go of Hurt…


I’ve been asked this week to address one particular issue on the Twin Flame journey – Forgiveness. Spirit has shown me that when done “correctly”, Forgiveness has the power to free you from negativity and help you move on from past cycles of struggle and pain – and to effectively get you to the harmony and the unity you desire.

Forgiveness is not always so easy in practice, however, because the Twin Flame connection often entails wounds and hurts it can be very challenging to let go of.
Forgiveness is something many Twins have a hard time with, and understandably so.

So I’ve been asked to deal with the real reasons behind this, and to give some practical advice on why Forgiveness is necessary, and why so many find it a challenge.

Strength or Weakness?

If you’re finding it hard to forgive or let go of hurt, there’s nothing wrong with you – it’s how we’re taught to be in our society. I was reminded that our Western World both today and for centuries has focused on non-forgiveness, holding onto resentment and conflict. Just look at history.

The core values our society admires and that we are taught to aspire to, are things like strength, fortitude, independence, power. And Forgiveness goes completely against this.

On the Twin Flame Journey, these value perceptions and core beliefs around what it means to be an admirable and “strong” person, are subconsciously sabotaging our efforts to forgive and to let go of the very things that are bringing us pain.

How We’re Taught to Not Forgive

Many if not most people, have a subconscious belief trigger that causes a lot of resistance in the face of Forgiveness. We feel that Forgiveness means to give up our power, that it makes us weak, that it makes us “spineless” and that it somehow entails letting someone treat us as a doormat.

We equate forgiveness with weakness. 

However, the message I was asked to give, is that the situation is not like that at all. Forgiveness is actually something that frees you from negativity. Forgiveness means taking back your true power. Forgiveness enables you to let go of attachments and hurts that have been holding you back. To forgive means that you release the hurt from your space.

You’re Hurting Yourself Most of All


As the Buddha famously said: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else – you are the one who gets burned.”

Here’s how it works: When you’re holding resentment or anger toward your Twin, you’re actually holding the hurt inside your own being. You’re staying attached to the situation that hurt you. Holding on to the feelings of hurt. And the more you think and feel this, the more you’re feeding into the energy of that hurt.

It becomes a part of you, over time – lowering your vibration and creating a block on your journey. It becomes an impasse you can’t get by. So in effect, many Twins are contributing to their own separation by feeding old wounds and hanging onto negativity.

And please don’t think I’m judging or that I don’t understand – this was how I was brought up and how I lived too until I was shown the power of changing my perspective. Here’s an article about 5 huge mistakes that nearly cost me my Twin Flame relationship – so you can avoid these pitfalls.

The “Magical” Solution 

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things we can do on this journey. It helps to release negativity, heal wounds, release old attachments, increase self acceptance and self love (when we feel hate for another, it’s usually tangled up with guilt and shame, which are two of the lowest, heaviest energies on the spectrum).

In order to fully release old negativity and open up to forming new bonds from a place of Unconditional Love with your Twin Flame, forgiveness is essential. 

Moving Toward “Heaven on Earth”

Buddhism understands and explains very clearly that as long as we hold onto events and people with our energy and emotions – attachments, they call it – we are unfree. We are held in place by these attachments, and it becomes hard to transcend into higher vibrations.

When we let go of those things more and more, however, we are able to transcend into the higher vibrations, into “heaven on earth” or Nirvana. No more karma to resolve. Being energetically free.

On a daily basis, it really helps to keep this in mind when encountering others. The more we judge, the more we engage our energy with others, and their issues can “stick” to us.

We are all energetic beings, and although we can’t see it with our eyes, when we interact with another – even if it’s through a tv screen or a computer – we’re interacting with them. Needless to say, you don’t want to paste your energy onto someone who’s going through some difficult issues, and you don’t want them to paste their energy onto you either.

Essential to Twin Flame Union

The Twin Flame Ascension process is all about a purification of the Twins’ energies to return to the core frequency or “Soul Song” we share. In Ascension, it serves us best to avoid taking on others’ energies because they’ll just have to be purged again anyway in the process toward Union.

So one of the biggest things we can do to move toward Twin Flame Union, is to be willing to forgive. Both our Twin, ourselves and anyone else we’ve encountered in life. Because in energy terms, every time we have an angry or hurtful interaction with another, our energies get tangled up. And unless we untangle them by forgiving and releasing, we’ll have a very complicated web of hurt stuck in us and around us.


* Remember that you are not condoning the negative behavior or pattern – you’re simply releasing it so it’s not in your space hurting you anymore. This also helps your counterpart to move past the energetic pattern and actually behave differently and “better” in the future.

* You are not weak for forgiving. In fact you are strong enough to take care of yourself by releasing the hurt. Keeping the hurt around would just hurt you more

* Consider this: that part of the hurt is rooted in you feeling ashamed or angry with yourself for not having “seen it coming” or for allowing another to treat you badly. So forgive yourself too

* Behind every hurtful action there is fear and hurt – when people hurt someone else, it’s because they are acting out hurt from themselves

* Consider the other person’s perspective – try to put yourself in their shoes, why did they do what they did, why did they say what they said? There is usually a different explanation than what we’ve perceived from our perspective of anger. For example, if someone uses hurtful words, they’re often expressing a deep-seated pattern of feeling that they have to defend themselves from others – meaning that they’re afraid of hurt

* Remember that we are all souls in human bodies – our actions are a result of the patterns and beliefs we’ve taken on in life. Your Twin isn’t a “bad person” if they did something hurtful. They could have been acting on patterns, others’ influence or even based off negativity from spiritual parasites

* Forgiveness isn’t a one-off action, it’s something we do over and over on our journey, and it gets easier and more enjoyable each time. Make it a habit to let things go if they’re not serving you.


You can – right now – release a lot of old negativity and tension from your energy field. Namely negativity toward others who have involved with your Twin, especially those who have been romantic or sexual partners (go here to read more about Twin Flame monogamy).

This is something that’s locked deeply in most Twins, and it’s extremely beneficial for you to release it:



* Take a few moments, close your eyes and take three deep breaths, silence your mind.

* Connect up to the source of light 300 feet above you and let this light fill your entire being.

* Set the intention that before you stands every person who was ever in love with, was close to or had sex with your Twin Flame. You can see them, or just know they’re there. 

* Tell them that you forgive them, and that you forgive them for any negativity they may have caused you. Ask them to please take back any cords they’ve had in your Twin Flame, if they are ready. Most will do this once we ask.

* Now, ask these people to please forgive you for any negativity you may have brought to them.

* Feel the release of tension. You may even feel a tingle or chills from letting go of this negativity.

* Tell them thank you, and send them love on their way to find their own union and happiness.

* Feel the warmth and freedom from letting go of this negativity and tension.

* You’re now freer than before. Your energy field is clearer and so is your Twin Flame’s.

* You’ll also want to forgive your Twin Flame for any past or current hurt. But if you don’t feel ready yet, practice by forgiving others. You’ll soon notice how much lighter and clearer you feel after practicing forgiveness.

Until next time, I’m sending you Love and Light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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