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Why Purification of the Soul can Wreak Havoc on Your Journey: What Limitations Have you been Hiding from Yourself? Your Soul’s Gift to You is Showing it up so you can Clear it and Unite with your Twin in Love…

This week’s question is again something I’ve been asked by many of you:

Q&A: “What is Twin Flame Ascension and How can I Make it less of a Struggle?”

Twin Flame Ascension or Twin Flame Awakening is the energetic process of remembering our soul self, and releasing anything that is out of resonance with our true self and path.

What Ascension ultimately does is to elevate our energetic vibration into a higher realm where we can function from a place of unconditional love and light, thereby connecting with our Twin Flame without barriers, and functioning as an energetic gateway of high vibration energies onto planet earth.

The Meaning of 11:11

Awakening is often signalled to us by our guides with the repeated sign 11:11, which indicates that “it has now begun, you are being triggered to remember who you are as a soul and to come back together with your divine mirror (your Twin Flame)”.

This tends to happen around the time we first connect with our Twin in some way, whether that’s on the soul planes through dreams or in waking life, or online and communicating with them. Sometimes it can happen just before, so that we are prepared and recognize them as souls when we interact.

Bringing you and your Twin back into Harmony

In the universe, only you and your Twin Flame have the exact same energetic frequency – you are identical on the energetic level, deep down. However, in living on earth and interacting with many people and taking on negative energies of fear and worry and shame and so on, your energy becomes congested and weighed down.

The Twin Flames will most often be out of energetic alignment with one another when they initially meet – because of this “baggage” clouding your energy.

When you meet your Twin, your energies interacting trigger a release of negativity  – everything of a constricted, negative energy frequency is released and brought up for you so you can let go of it and rise up into love, light, joy, peace and all the higher, expansive frequencies.

So that you are able to yet again be in complete and perfect harmony energetically – being tuned into that same frequency again.

Letting go of the Baggage

On the energetic level you and your Twin Flame connecting sets off this chain reaction that is designed to cleanse your energy completely – this is Twin Flame Ascension (Ascension means rising up. It’s like you’ve been a balloon weighed down by rocks hanging off you, and as you remove the rocks bit by bit, you automatically rise higher and higher).

Anything you’ve taken on in life from other people and negative events (and past lives if you believe in reincarnation) that is OUT of resonance with that core “Soul Song” or frequency you and your Twin Flame share, is pushed up to be released for good so that you are in perfect harmony again.

To read more about the meaning of 11:11 and get a free energy cleanse tool to begin uplifting your energy and accelerating the Ascension process – go here.

Common Cause of Running and Separation

Many people don’t realize that this is a cleansing and purification process, however, so a lot of Twins get stuck in loops of negativity where they hang onto this “old baggage” instead of clearing it out.

This is most often what’s causing running and separation – being stuck in a negative pattern of energy.

I went through this process myself for a long time and I know how challenging it can be, especially when old hurts and unhealed wounds are brought up to be released once and for all. It’s not easy to release everything that comes up, because it’s painful and we have a personal connection to it all.

Ways to make it easier

I was shown tools by my guides as I went along, tools that allowed me to clear the energy instantly rather than having it hanging around and messing up my life (when karmic patterns come up they can really wreak havoc on our situation).

They even showed me how to see the past so I could rectify any karmic patterns that had become like blueprints in my space, stuff that had been creating separation and suffering on autopilot for me most of my life. I cannot tell you how much lighter and freer I feel since getting rid of that stuff.


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#1) It’s not a Punishment, it’s a Gift 

This release process is something that will actually help you enjoy your life more and more as time goes on, by giving you a chance to eradicate false limitations and negative beliefs you may have accepted into your space.

Some people go through their whole lives “asleep”, never finding true satisfaction – we get the chance to “clean up” our energy and living life from a place of joy and love. It might take a little while to fully get there, but it’s absolutely worth it once you do!

#2) It’s Not Forever

Although Ascension isn’t a process that has a clearly defined end – we evolve and rise as we live and learn more and more – but it is not meant to be endless. At some point you reach a plateau of lightness where you stabilize and can function from a place of inner peace and joy.

At this point you and your Twin will also be in a harmonious connection. The aim is to get you two into a space where your energies flow openly with one another again. That’s why the blocks and resistance are being released right now.

How long Ascension takes varies from individual to individual but ultimately, you are meant to reach that plateau of living from a place of love as soon as possible so you can live your life here on earth.

#3) It’s Meant To Bring you and your Twin Closer, not Further Apart

The blocks and resistance between you and your Twin are nearly always hidden on a subconscious level and you would most likely not even be aware of them.

For example, you may want to be together with your Twin but actually have a subconscious fear that “love hurts” and that “men can’t be trusted” – these things are working against each other energetically. Like trying to drive a car left and right at the same time. It won’t work, and leads to frustration and stagnation.

So for you and your Twin to get closer, your soul is doing you the favor of showing you your blocks so you can clear them once and for all. Once the blocks have been blasted out of the way, you will be open to each other.

I created the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames with a powerful energy cleanse tool so you can begin clearing this stuff right now!

#4) It’s Something you Agreed to Before you Came to Earth 

This process of Ascension is something you’ve planned yourself along with your guides and your Twin Flame.

When we come to earth we forget our eternal soul self, but deep down there is a knowing inside – of both this and many other things regarding your life’s plans and your relationship with your Twin. Your intuition can help you tune into it.

#5) There are Tools and Methods that can Ease/Speed Up the Process


Meditation helps you raise your vibration, which is a help in allowing the negative “gunk” to be released; and it also helps you stop your mind from identifying with that old baggage so much. The thing is, if we identify with negativity, we keep “calling it back” and associating with it, embedding it deeper.

Energy clearings and karma work are an amazing way to ensure that the negative stuff goes out the way it’s supposed to instead of hanging around in your space and creating complications and challenges on your path.

And because the Twin Flames are the same original energy consciousness, any clearing work you do will help your Twin too and positively impact the whole dynamic between you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x 


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