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Deeper insights into the Twin Flame Seesaw Dynamic and Why labels like “Twin Flame Chaser” actually Lower your Vibration and Block your Journey even more…


Every week I come in touch with Twins who call themselves “Chasers” and ask for advice on how to handle their situation. If you Google “Twin Flame Chaser” you’ll find over 40,000 articles on the subject, often including stories of struggle and sadness involving a “runner” who never seems to return.

Because of the underlying energy of labels and the psychology of identity, this is something we’ve never covered in the blog before. But as so many Twins are dealing with this issue and see themselves as “Chasers”, here it is – a new look at the classic Twin Flame “Sacred Dance” and the Twin Flame Chaser dynamic:



#1) The Twin Flame Seesaw

I’m not a fan of new age terms such as the “Twin Flame Sacred Dance” and “Runners” and “Chasers”, because it encourages Twins to buy into the myth of romance as being meant to involve struggle and pain.

And as with everything, once you match your energy to a “truth” it becomes your own energetic pattern and you align with it – creating more of this very struggle with your energy. 

We can see the Twin Flame connection as an energetic seesaw ride. You two aren’t mere “human beings” of flesh and blood. You’re two aspects of the same original energy consciousness – two connected souls who were once one.

And as you interact in life, your dynamic as a pair can tend to go up and down depending on your energies. The aim is to be aligned, in the middle – back in the natural harmony you share as souls underneath all the earth baggage you’ve taken on in life.

Ascension triggers all the old negativity to come up in order for you to reunite from a place of Unconditional Love. And when that old baggage (karma, past hurts, family imprints, genetic negativity) comes up, many Twins’ energy dynamic goes haywire. From the initial bliss, they tumble into the dreaded Runner/Chaser situation full of problems.

If you seem to be in a situation where one of you is closed off and one is desperately open, you’re just in a space of energetic imbalance. It doesn’t mean that this is your destiny as Twins to be forever caught as a Runner and a Chaser. 

Your energies are just out of equilibrium right now, and you can do something about that. You can clear your energy and karma to adjust and heal the things that are causing the imbalances. We don’t have to put a special name on your situation, because that will just make it stick around longer.


#2) It’s Not Who You Are – Beware Labels

Here is a BIG WARNING (yes, in capital letters, that’s how important this is):

Labels like “Twin Flame Chaser” are tied up with judgment and shame and guilt, and are actually lowering your vibration. Which means it blocks your journey even more.  

Shame and guilt are on the lowest end of the energy spectrum. Be very mindful with what you call yourself and describe yourself as, because as we speak and think, we are creating (the throat chakra is key to this – expression through words is manifestation).

You are an energetic being constantly manifesting your reality, and when you psychologically identify with the Chaser label, you become a chaser because you are matching your energy to it over and over. Meaning – more chasing, more reasons to chase, more struggle, more blocks. 

“Chasing is a pattern, an ‘energetic recipe’. It is not who you are. You as a soul are unlimited.” 


In addition, the more you identify with the Chaser label the more you entrench the energy pattern in yourself, and the more you connect with the energy pools of everyone else who’s labelled themselves a “chaser”. You don’t want to be tapping into all that.

I saw a very eye-opening video a few days ago: A film crew interviewed a group of young adults and a group small children about body perception and identity, asking them: “What would you change about yourself?”

The young adults mentioned facial features, weight issues, wanting longer legs, a different forehead, a smaller nose… All stuff we expect to hear. It’s all around us, we’re used to it.

But when the camera crew interviewed the little children, my heart broke. When asked: “What would you change about yourself?” they either didn’t have anything to change, or they answered things like “I’d grow wings so I could fly” or “I’d have legs like a cheetah”… What a difference!

The sad thing in our society is that we learn, as we grow up, that there’s something wrong with us. Unconditional Love is the polar opposite to this – it’s love no matter what. And that’s the love at the core of the Twin Flame Soul connection. 

No one is a Chaser. That’s just a fancy word for a behaviour many people go through, for very good reasons psychologically. Unfortunately words can be very damaging.

Be aware that even if you fit into traditional descriptions of the “Twin Flame Chaser” it’s simply due to the energy you hold, and which is coming up for you to clear it right now. There’s a reason you’re “chasing” – you’ve been energetically triggered.


#3) The Chaser Patterns – Survival, Karma of Fear

The strongest energy patterns and karmic wounds we have, relate to survival. This is what the 3D reality is rooted in, and I’ve seen this time and time again in Twin clients from all over the world.

The so-called “chaser” polarity stems from a subconscious belief that surviving and keeping your loved ones close to you and safe, involves controlling them. Energetically, emotionally and psychologically. It means your energy is pushing for it. 

If you at some point have experienced (for real or as a child perceiving it to be so) that someone you loved was about to leave you – this creates deep wounds psychologically and energetically. 

You see this very clearly expressed in children: some are happy and trusting when their parents leave them at pre school, knowing that they’ll be taken care of and their parents will be back, no problem.

Other toddlers, on the other hand, have severe separation anxiety just to leave their parents out of sight for a few minutes – crying, screaming, panic. These are subconscious patterns at work: The child feels that their very existence is threatened by their parents leaving them.

It’s stuck in them on a deep level, the fear-based belief that they will be abandoned. And these can be children (like me) who have parents who wouldn’t dream of leaving them. But the fear pattern is still there, regardless of the reality of the situation.

Now, this fear doesn’t just go away when the child grows up. In most cases, fears like this just get buried under a lot of other patterns and energies so they become less noticeable. And as the Ego Mind gets more and more cemented and the child learns to rationalize and think analytically, they push this fear of abandonment further and further down.

The Ego learns to deny it. I know this both from my background in psychology, and also as a child who was exactly like that, and as an adult Twin Flame who had to confront and clear this in order to reach harmony with my Twin.

On the Twin Flame journey, this stuff is sure to come up to the surface. Because it keeps you from being open to Unconditional Love, your soul will push it up. Whether you’ve been aware of it or not, it’s been blocking you from being fully open to your Twin.

Fear has been keeping you out of alignment with Love. They’re on opposite sides of the energy vibration scale. Like two completely different radio channels, you can’t be tuned into both at once. 

When you have a look at what preconceptions or fears might be motivating you to feel unsafe and like you need to control things, then you can clear those things out of your space and open up to a whole new energy configuration – beyond “Runner” and “Chaser” labels.

Please don’t ever believe that you are a Chaser. You just might have some energy patterns that have been triggering you to feel afraid of losing your Twin, or to feel that life is safer if you actively control things…

As mentioned, this can come from childhood trauma or even past life karmic experiences where you “learned” that surviving and keeping your loved ones safe involved controlling them.

Often this means you’re sending fear based energy attachments into your Twin, which can be uncomfortable to them as Twins are so attuned to each other. Happily, these can be cleared with ease using energy clearing tools. We go through this in the audio clearing sessions for Twin Flames.


# 4) You Can Change It

It’s not a given that all Twin pairs have a Runner/Chaser dynamic or have to go through this period. And even if you’re in a situation that ticks all the Runner/Chaser boxes, remember that it’s just energy expressing itself and triggering you – and you can change it.

If you feel that you’re a “Chaser”, simply clear your energy and shift into a different vibration where you feel safe to open up from a positive place without fear. This will change the whole dynamic between you and your Twin.

Because the Twin Flame relationship has been so mythologized over the years, it’s been locked into a lot of “truths” that don’t necessarily serve the Twin Flames themselves, so take any rules and set ideas of stages with a pinch of salt.

Like my Twin Flame said to me the other day – we (Twin Flames) love each other, and everything else comes second. Stay rooted in that love, and there’s nothing we can’t deal with.

Relationships always involve back and forths, ups and downs – and after all, the whole Twin dynamic is about reaching a place of balance and openness to Unconditional Love.

So if you feel stuck on your journey, know that it’s not hopeless. Please don’t give up. Stay away from labels, clear your energy, keep an open mind – and give your journey a chance to blow wide open into new and positive experiences.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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