Q&A: What Are Your Twin Flame Love “Lessons”? (Part 2)


twin flame love

Did You Know Many Twins Are Made to Challenge Each Other, to Break Down 3D Boundaries and Open up to Unconditional Love? Discover What You Are Here to Learn About Love, and What Lessons Are Mapped Out for You And Your Twin…


Today I want to share some important info with you. Spirit has asked me specifically to write this article for the Twin Collective, and I’m really excited to share this with you.

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Nothing Is As It Seems On The Surface

You yourself and your Twin Flame carefully engineered circumstances, themes, “lessons” and awakening for you – before ever coming to earth. Astrology can be read as a “map” to this energetic preparation and blueprinting your did for yourself.

Even something like someone having a difficult relationship with their parents, or feeling alienated from other people, can be read from their birth chart. The energies present in your chart from birth is called in Hindu tradition your “dharma” – your path staked out by your soul for your life, composed of your desires for learning, past life experiences, focus areas, strengths and weaknesses, wounds to heal and so on…

The key to your love experiences in this life are in your birth chart of the energies you brought with you to life. Your Venus placement (and your Twin’s) can tell us so much about the plans you made for yourself in love for life… In fact, spirit asked me directly in a dream to write this article to help the Twin collective.

Although Western Science in modern times has dismissed the scientific merits of astrology, it was for millennia considered a genuine “science” especially amongst the societies that invented sophisticated mathematics, astronomy and other sciences we rely on even today.

How The Cosmos Can Tell You Your Secrets

To explain briefly: We live in a universe of energy. Atoms in constant motion. We are not solid, but tiny particles vibrating at particular frequencies. All the planets in our solar system, earth included, have a unique energetic frequency and powerful gravitational field. These are all modern scientific facts.

When the planets move in their orbits around the sun, their impact on each other and on earth and its inhabitants shifts. Just think of how the Moon controls the tides on earth, that an outside planetary force shifts the tides in and out. The human body is largely composed of water… So, I’m sure you agree it’s not exactly illogical to conclude that planetary movements have an impact on us here on earth.

Discovering The Deeper Themes Of Your Love Life

Astrology can help you discover more about yourself, your path, your strengths and weaknesses – and it can also help you with your Twin Flame dynamic and making sense of this ever-unfolding journey between you.

When we’re born we have a particular set of energies currently influencing us and the planet – spirit shows me this as a “map” of the energies we came to earth with, deliberately planned by you because your particular desired life path would benefit from you having certain traits and strengths and weaknesses to use and to learn from.

You and your Twin Flame carefully decided how you dynamic would play out once you were born – to learn, explore and to equip yourselves to come back together.

What Lessons In Love Did You Pre-Arrange?

Today I want to share with you how we can discover deeper themes and “lessons” you’ve set out for yourself in this life regarding love. Your deeper motivations, your unconscious fears, your desires, what you’re attracted to and where you might need more balance emotionally and in relationships.

The placement of Venus in your chart is the first thing an astrologer will look at in a love reading for you. So today, I want to show you how you can interpret this yourself to illuminate and uplift your path, to find your personal blocks so you can clear them, understand the deeper motivations behind any lingering fears and challenges to help you understand your inner love patterns and open up to unconditional love more and more.

You can find out the sign placement of Venus in your birth chart and your Twin’s here (you don’t need to know the time of birth in order to find this out – use 12pm if you don’t know your time) :


You can also go to the site to calculate you and your Twin’s synastry.



Venus in Virgo
“The Mission Of Love” 

The 6th house of work, service, health
Earth sign
Ruled by Mercury
Feminine energy polarity
(The below description is also a tendency if Venus is in your 6th house)  

Your tendency in Love:

You are very talented at the “service” of love, loving to heal others. Spirit shows that you are a natural healer of emotions and energy. You can feel the heart of others and know what is wrong. You feel that you are here to heal the world, and that you have an important mission in life. Sometimes it depresses you to feel that you haven’t “done enough” with your life, and you can often down-prioritize your own love, romance and personal happiness in favor of work and helping others.

Venus in Virgo (also a tendency for Venus in Cancer) often expresses the pattern of the
“martyrdom” of love – being there and loving others and sacrificing so much you feel neglected and abandoned and invisible. Remember you have to let others know what you need from them – you deserve love and attention just as much as anyone else.

You can be extremely self critical and can often hold back from engaging with others or opening up to them. Self love and relaxing your standards is a big lesson for you. This energy is strongly self limiting, there is a powerful feeling here of feeling alone deep down, even in a crowd of people – if so it’s because you don’t love yourself. On a deeper level there is an alienation from self to this energy.
Spending time nurturing yourself is a powerful thing for you – to learn to take care of yourself the way you would love a pet. To above all know that it’s OK to be “selfish”, to enjoy yourself for “no reason”, to experience the fun of love and to enjoy sensual delights. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. You are always loved. Love is who you are.

Your lessons in Love: Learning to love yourself above all. Self love and accepting yourself in all ways is what will “unlock” your outer relationships into mirroring this back to you. There is a “stinginess” to Venus in Virgo. A feeling of inner emptiness.

Although you are talented at serving others and being there for them – the “world” in general, you can be a very good activist for the environment – you are often stuck in the pattern of directing all your love outward. There is a sense that you have cut yourself off from the generosity of the universe, from the flow of love.

When you relax, stop trying to control everything, you can allow the flow of infinite light and love to come forth through you, fill you up and then out onto the world. Careful you’re not neglecting yourself and love by being so busy taking care of tasks and other
people – love is a mutual thing. Saviour syndrome – fixing others, “rescuing them”, isn’t going to satisfy you long term. Pity isn’t love. Others can drain you if you let them, so remember you’re not there just to rehabilitate others and support them – you’re here to receive and enjoy love too.

You could benefit from deliberately focusing on softness, romance, fun, play, lightheartedness and sensuality. Even if it goes against your “nature”, surround yourself with these things to balance the energies – fluffy things, nice scents, indulgence. Remember to ground yourself, and not to be “in your head” all the time.

The Universe’s message for you: Dear one, I am so grateful for everything that you do. You have already helped so many in your lifetime, just from being you! I want you to know that your biggest mission, your biggest contribution is to love and cherish yourself. Just being who you are, helps others. When you do this, your whole energy field radiates light onto this planet and helps others too.

But in order for this to happen you must center within yourself and find the light that you
are, to dwell in inner love. Move away from your duties and perceived requirements, all the shoulds and musts, and relax. This is what we ask of you, for you to unlock your divine mission, to experience love fully. Let go of the outer duties, and relax. Of course, do what you need to stay financially and physically cared for, but the more you can let go of your outer duties, the better. What I ask of you, paradoxically to your senses, is to do nothing.

You are usually so busy mentally, and so good at finding what can be improved upon, that it is good for you to do nothing. Think nothing. Drift along the river of no thoughts, no cares. This is your mission – to dismantle the world’s perpetual perception that there is something wrong. With you, your love, the world. What is there was nothing wrong? What if everything was in perfect divine order?

This is why I say go within, to the space where you and the universe meet and you are pure light. There, nothing is ever wrong. All is well. When you’ve found this space of completeness, of peace – then you may go out again into the world and into relationships, but from a new place of wholeness. Your whole world will be transformed. All is well.

Blocks to clear to open up fully to love: Fear of not being perfect, fear of rejection (especially for perceived imperfections), fear of letting go, fear of losing control, guilt for focusing on yourself, an underlying feeling that you exist for others and can’t prioritize your own happiness, guilt for spending money or enjoying life

Self love can be difficult to shift into because of ingrained programming that says it’s not OK to love oneself – but you can clear that programming right now to open up the flow of love, uplifting your path and attracting a blissful relationship from a place of wholeness within. Go here to find out how. 

Venus in Libra
“In Love with Love”  

The 7th house of marriage and relationships
Air sign
Ruled by Venus
Feminine energy polarity
(The below description is also a tendency if Venus is in your 7th house)  

Your tendency in Love:
You are a born diplomat with a built in sense of beauty, grace and harmony. As the second “home” of Venus (Taurus is the other), Venus in Libra means an emphasis of the Venusian traits but with a slightly different expression due to the air element. You have a natural refinement, elegance and sense of harmony and you are attracted to someone who expresses this “inherent beauty” of being, both inside and out.

You would not be attracted to a stereotypical slob, someone who wasn’t concerned with the expression of beauty. You love socializing and parties, and it’s not just because you enjoy the excitement but you love the flow of harmony between people.

You are actually quite sensitive in love, and very alert to disharmony, which can bother you. As your love focus embodies “balance” and harmony of the scales you have a natural talent for understanding others and acting accordingly – you are centered outwardly in many ways. The Twin Flame union process would in some ways come more easily to you than many others because you are by nature drawn to cooperation and unity in love. Your innate tendency isn’t to cast blame or look for differences but to seek to understand others and reach harmony.

Your lessons in Love: 
You can have a tendency to fall in love with love, to crave romance and you feel drawn to the heightened state of existence that comes with infatuation and giddiness of new love. The problem is that relationships don’t always continue that way here on earth. Things can get “normal”, and that can be frightening to you. There’s a sense of sorrow in you when a relationship loses its initial excitement. You need to feel like it’s the first time every time in a lot of ways, but not everyone is able to give you that or even understand that need.

Boredom and staying at home in front of the TV is anathema to you. You need to feel that your partner is a social butterfly with you, that they are wooing you every day, not just in the beginning. Love to you is a dance. You want to celebrate life and love each and
every day and it’s an important thing to you – beauty, refinement, romance…

A challenge for you could be to find this romance and beauty in everyday life – but you can work it in when you’re aware of this. Using your talent to create and instil romance into what might otherwise be a “normal life”. To be like a butterfly among weeds, making them seem as beautiful as flowers just by being around your “magic”. A challenge for you is that you are so sociable and good with people that you can give others the impression you’re not ready to commit. Sometimes you might need to make an extra effort to show your partner you’re loyal and committed to them. 

The Universe’s Message for You:
Dear one, you are so loved. I see you out there brightening up the lives of others everywhere you go, shining like the light that you are. What I wish for you is to turn your gaze back unto yourself so that you can also benefit from the wonderful charm and light you offer the world. Do not pour from an empty cup. Your lessons are a lot to do with self versus other, identity.

It’s an important balancing act to not let go of your own self so much that you forget you have a purpose of your own. Prioritize your own happiness. Get to know yourself as much as you love to know others. Please yourself as much as you enjoy pleasing others. You are an adept at love as human romance and socializing, but remember that love is an energy that flows through you and is you.

As an infinite being you are love. This is a perspective shift that can help you feel more fulfilled. You have the channel, now allow love to fill you up from the inside out before you give it to others. Do not be so quick to turn away from yourself. You are deserving of love also. 

Blocks to clear to open up to love:
Fear of boredom, fear of the “real world” and the plainness and uneventfulness of everyday living, fear that you will never find someone who understands your need for romance, fear of settling down with the wrong person, fear of having your “wings clipped” by a partner, fear of wasting your life, fear of losing your attractiveness, an innermost feeling of sadness that no one really knows you because you’re so focused on everyone else…

Discover how to clear unconscious blocks in the way of harmony and love here

Venus in Scorpio
“Seeker of Depth” 

The 8th house of sex, death, rebirth
Water sign
Ruled by Pluto
Masculine energy polarity
(The below description is also a tendency if Venus is in your 8th house or interacting with Pluto)  

Your tendency in Love:
Everything goes deep with Scorpio. Some people can find you a little too intense but for you it’s a part of how you function purely instinctively – you can’t handle staying on the surface. You feel drawn irresistibly to the depths, intensity, danger, life and death. In love, you have a powerful magnetism and allure to others, there’s something about your energy that sizzles with sex.

And no wonder, having the ruler of your Love placement be the god of the underworld. Scorpio is really all about the alchemical process of transmuting darkness into light, to go into the depths of the most danger and emerge transformed.

Spirit shows us the ancient mysteries where the initiates had to “die a symbolic death” of their earthly ego self in order to embrace their infinite spirit self, their “christed” nature of pure light, and become immortals while still on earth. This is the journey of Scorpio, and for you it happens in the realms of love. Love and sex for you is transformational. Truly taking you to the depths and changing you at the core.

This can, understandably, be frightening – when we go that deep we lose control, and this can trigger a lot of fear. Therefore, Venus in Scorpio usually keeps the reins tight.
Control is important to you, on an unconscious level – you fear it yet long for it. You rarely let go and if you do, it gets really intense really quickly because there’s so much pent up frustration being expressed. But at the core it’s losing control you long for more than anything. To surrender to yourself and to another person.

To surrender to life. This tension between control and letting go can be excruciating for you, and many people with Scorpio central in their chart struggle with this longing all their lives – feeling that there must be more. That there must be a deeper truth, a deeper transformation, some deeper experience of living, some feeling that’s eluding you.

Scorpio is the sign of psychoanalysis and mysteries, and so your love life is set to be tinged with these themes – the unconscious is strongly involved. When you’re attracted to someone it’s like a fire burning in you, a magnet pulling you to them. But it can take you a long time to admit this to yourself, not to mention the other person. You’re not exactly quick to show someone that you’re interested, and Venus in Scorpio is notorious for playing games – the unconscious motivation is to test what the power relationship is and whether they’re safe to trust or open up to.

Some people with Venus in Scorpio have taught themselves to stay on the surface and enjoy series of one night stands to get to feel the heightened connection with source, the wonder of sex and intimacy without having to open up and risk being hurt. But there will always be a deeper need for emotional connection being pushed down in these people, and this need won’t leave them alone.

Scorpio’s simmering intensity and alchemical transformation of base human nature into immortal soul is perfectly at home and aligned with the nature of the soul mate and twin flame connections. Connecting to higher awareness through sexual intimacy, in a physical and spiritual event that transforms both participants for good. 

Your lessons in Love:
Some astrologers believe that Scorpio placements reveal past and early life difficulties around power abuse, being hurt and misused emotionally or physically, and having an innate fascination with/fear of power for that reason. Whether you believe this or not, one of the biggest lessons of Venus in Scorpio is that it is safe to love, and it is safe to open up. There is a strong suspicion towards others and the world with this placement, but the truth is you are an infinite soul who is always at home in the world and can never be hurt.

Once Venus in Scorpio embraces their inner light and infinite power and opens up to love, from the inside out, this sign can blossom into one of the most caring and loving partners anyone could have. The depths of feelings will then not feel frightening anymore. To embrace and love your own shadows is another lesson of this sign, the truth we’re being given from spirit is that when we fear something in others we are really feeling it in ourselves – that’s where the fear comes from.

Venus in Scorpio forms strong attachments and can feel destroyed beyond repair if this is broken, so many try to not open up, so they can avoid attachments. This only works on the surface. Learning that no one and nothing can ever really be taken away from you is a lesson Scorpio is learning in this life. Love frightens you because it can take away your power.

Rising up into the higher vibrations where love is the power and to feel safe with yourself above all, will transform you. When you’re centered in love inside, you won’t feel the need to protect yourself and you will blossom. Sexual expression is essential to you and you need to be with someone who can also feel deeply, engage in deep sexuality even decades into your connection, and who can allow you to express your innermost feelings without judging.  

The Universe’s Message for You:
Dear one, I see you working, struggling to understand the mystery of life, the meaning of love and relationships, who you really are. I commend you on your efforts, your tireless seeking for more than the mundane. This is such an important talent to have in your world. Yes, there is meaning!

Yes, there is more than most humans ever expected! And the meaning is inside you – you were right all along in diving deep into your own soul. You knew. The portal to the Universe is inside you. The darkness becomes light if you go deep enough. You are there already. You are the light you seek. This is what will transform you – you are your own answer.

Sit in peace, meditate regularly, to feel this. You can then go into your relationships from a place of joy instead of restlessness. Everything is so simple you would never have thought it. It is love. Love for yourself and love for others, come through your very being as the greatest most benevolent power in the universe. Enjoy your sexual expression, it is good.

This is also something I wish to impart to you – sex is not bad or evil. When you express joy and happiness and love for another through sex, it is pure and joyous and good. Seek your own heart, it will always lead you right. You are the seeker of answers, and our answer is: You are home, you are loved, you are good. 

Blocks to clear to open up to love:
Fear that nothing will ever truly satisfy you, fear of your own emotions and depths – that there’s too much “darkness” in you and you won’t be able to handle it, fear of power being misused against you, unconscious fear of opening up because you feel you will get hurt, fear of losing control, fear of being direct and upfront with others, fear of others knowing your secrets, fear of abandonment, fear of betrayal, fear that you’re a “bad person” or don’t deserve love

Venus in Sagittarius
“The Adventure of Love”  
The 9th house of philosophy, expansion, spirituality
Fire sign
Ruled by Jupiter
Masculine Energy polarity
(The below description is also a tendency if Venus is in your 9th house/ interacting with Jupiter)  

Your tendency in Love:
You are love’s great adventurer, you love travelling and exploring the world and you are someone who is gifted at seeing the heightened perspective in everything. The born optimist, in some ways. You are charming and great at socializing, and you love the chase of romance and sex. You have a tendency to be interested in the idea of love, the meaning, the point to it all. And you love living the good life.

Ruled by Jupiter, the sign of expansion, your tendency in love is “more! more!”.
Some people would complain that Venus in Sagittarius likes to play the field too much, but really it’s an expression of the excitement you feel for love. It’s like love and life is a big banquet with so many different things to offer, and it’s only logical to you to want to try a bit of each dish. Anything else would be a waste!

There’s a sense that the excitement can get boring in itself to you though – after all, it becomes a habit just like anything else – and at a certain point in life you long for that one person who can satisfy you, who can be home to return to from your social adventures and learning experiences, that one person who is your “other half” and can share all the fun and stories with you.

You enjoy being around others who are equally as excitable and fun loving as you and who also love to learn and explore literature, philosophy and the meaning of life – but there’s a sense that you might actually love and feel relieved to be with someone grounded and safe eventually. At a certain point in life Venus in Sagittarius turns their voracious attention away from the “everyday real world” and onto higher pursuits of philosophy, spirituality. Exploring the deeper meaning of love and life. Seeking to understand.

For someone who’s in love with a Venus in Sagittarius person, your best bet might just be to let them finish playing so they’re “done” with it, and show them all the while how loved and understood they could be in your safe haven later. And to show that you will allow for personal freedom within the relationship – not infidelity, but that you wouldn’t try to control the person and keep tabs on them all the time. Trying to control Venus in Sagittarius will only lead to frustration and aggravation for both parties. 

Your lessons in Love:
In many ways you are someone who helps teach others about the unconditional nature of true love. In being so free and enjoying your personal space, not wanting to be controlled, you are pushing others to reevaluate how they operate in love. Controlling someone and keeping tabs on them isn’t love, and that’s instinctively how you feel. You can learn a lot in relationships in terms of balancing the interests of one person versus the other. You certainly don’t want someone to not care about you, you want them to want you but you also want to feel like your own person.

So for you it’s essential to reach that balance of freedom and commitment. And if someone is willing to show you the trust and willingness to let you be yourself, you are very comfortable with responding, showing them you love them and that they’re the one you want. You have an innate instinct of seeking to escape others’ control, to be free. In many ways, being free is your prime instinct in love, so there is a definite challenge there.

You, more than many others, are learning in this life about the balancing act of free will in love. You need to be with someone who understands that you won’t be the type to want to stay home and watch movies and cuddle all the time. Another lesson is that the one who loves you might not be waiting around while you enjoy the “banquet” of life and excitement. Some Venus in Sagittarius regret not taking the chance on love when they could, because later down the line the person has moved on..

The Universe’s Message for You:
Dear one, I love to be on this adventure through life with you! You have such an unbounded spirit for excitement and fun and we love this! You never lose your childlike innocence even in your darkest moments. I commend you on this.

You are born free of guilt, free of shame, and you carry this with you. You are correct – you should have no guilt, no shame. You are so pure, regardless of any action. As an infinite being you innately understand the “game of life” – that everyone is responsible for their own happiness and that you’re here to live your own bliss. It is not up to you to make someone else feel loved or happy, that is their inner journey, their inner alchemy.

You understand that you can love from your heart, but you must never be forced to pretend to love or want to commit if that is not the truth. This is a gift, but not all understand it. Do not fear your own heart, because it knows this.

Your heart knows that love is given joyously, not demanded or created under obligation. You will meet those in your life’s journey that will try to coerce you to love them, to try to guilt you into committing to them, but you will also meet those who accept your willing love as the greatest gift of all. They understand. Be yourself, Venus in Sagittarius, life is there for the taking and many could learn a lot from you – it is up to each person to make the most of existence, and no one is responsible for fixing or loving anyone else. You know the truth: Love is a gift, not a duty.


Blocks to clear to open up to love:
Fear of being controlled, fear of getting stuck, fear of stagnating, fear of there not being any deeper meaning to your life, fear of having wasted your life, fear of old age, fear of losing your attractiveness, fear of having your freedom taken away, fear of others seeing you as boring, fear of “missing out” on life

Venus in Capricorn
“The Commitment Of Love”  

The 10th house of career, achievement
Earth sign
Ruled by Saturn
Masculine Energy polarity
(The below description is also a tendency if Venus is in your 10th house/interacting with Saturn)  

Your tendency in Love:
Capricorn is the “achiever” of the Zodiac and your allure is power, position, even money. That’s what you tend to be attracted to, in some form or another – even in terms of a spiritual guru type of person – the pinnacle. You often put your heart into work more than relationships, and you instinctively feel that life is a lot about creating, building, achieving for the long run. You feel that you are here on the planet for a reason, and you are quite patient in working on it steadily until you reach your goals. You need to feel that your love supports you in your career endeavours, and you enjoy being admired by your love.

You can be very slow to show interest in love, and often you nurse a crush behind the scenes long before ever reaching out to the person. You could need to work to be more demonstrative in love, because you can easily come across as a bit offish. It’s not because you intend it to be that way, it’s just the energy configuration, that it’s a bit “hard and cold”.

Once you commit, you commit for the long run, you don’t really enjoy short flings, you don’t really see the point to it. If you do, you stay emotionally detached. In fact, emotional detachment is something Capricorn is known for – keeping a “cool head”, so in love, you could use a very demonstrative and warm partner to help you open up. Many Venus in Capricorn people are deliberately matched up with soul mates and partners of other Venus placements to learn from this and become more relaxed and open in love.

Your Lessons in Love:
Life doesn’t have to be so serious! You are here to enjoy life, and sometimes the best thing is to relax and have a good time, let your guard down and open up to others. Work will never truly satisfy your heart because work is not a living consciousness you can connect with and receive love back from.

With Venus in Capricorn you are learning to show your feelings more to others and trust your heart as well as your head – helping humanity through bringing in new codes to balance the traditional roles of life. Another lesson is that life really is short, and it’s worth showing people you care about them and engaging with them. You might feel that it’s “understood” that you love your partner, but they might need to hear it. And it’s not wrong for them to feel that way – it’s easy to show love once you get used to it.

You can be very hung up on career matters and finance. As you might view it: the ‘real facts of life’, but actually love is what will fulfill you in the long run. Meaning – don’t down-prioritize love in your life. Many people with Capricorn placements spend their later years regretting that they mainly focused on achievement and practicalities during the first parts of life, and they missed out on things like initial romance, the carefree time of youth and being with their children during infancy.

Another lesson is to loosen up on power structures – you and your partner can be equals, that doesn’t have to undermine you. Try not to ‘manage’ your partner or treat them like an employee. Having your Venus placement ruled by Saturn is also a karmic indicator. Saturn is the “great karmic teacher” and having this Venus placement indicates there might be wounds from the past that impact your love life and relationships now.

There is a reason why you feel your heart is safe only when it’s closed or turned away from people. Getting to the bottom of karmic wounds, past life betrayal, abandonment and other hurts can really free you up to embrace the love side of life and blossom into a whole new way of living. To say it with an image: the film of your life going from black and white into color.

Another indication for Venus in Capricorn is that you have already been connected in love with someone before you came to earth, you have such a strong pre-existing bond with that person (such as a soul mate or twin soul) that you have been unavailable to others in this life – a feeling that you were already “taken”. 

The Universe’s Message for You:
Dear one, I am so in awe of your dedication and your talent for wonderful creation. You are a great gift to the world with your sense of entrepreneurship and your incredible understanding that things can become real if you just take the time to make them so! Builder of empires, creator of wondrous things.

You are someone who understands that manifestation can take time, but you are willing to put in the effort. Make sure you apply this to love also – you can have a tendency to feel that the frivolous romance of love and infatuation is not for you. You think you have more serious pursuits to tend to.

This is a misunderstanding, in essence. Because you truly deserve to have fun and play, and your journey is a lot about loosening the reins on yourself and living in the understanding that you deserve love no matter what – you don’t have to “earn” it by being successful at anything. And when you live in enjoyment, your work will be propelled forth by the high vibration energies you bring to it.

You are a great gift to those you love, because you are so reliable and so dependable. Be mindful that you enter into love from a perspective of the joy and enjoyment of love, not because of responsibility. Venus in Capricorn are among those who have a tendency to marry early in life based in a perception that it’s proper or because you feel you owe the commitment to your partner.

We urge you to focus a little bit more on your own enjoyment in life. Work will always be there for you, commitment is available to those who seek it – you deserve to love and be loved in a way that is pure pleasure, pure bliss. Ultimately, you are not responsible for anyone but yourself – everyone is an infinite being incarnate, no matter what they believe in the here and now. Freeing yourself from others’ attachments and commitments will enable you to feel alive in a whole new way.

Blocks to clear to open up to love:
fear of letting go, fear of losing control, financial fears, fear of not excelling in life, fear of letting go of your financial/career demands and goals and “losing out”, fear of prioritizing love, feeling that love is unimportant, fear of opening your heart, fear of opening up to other people, fear of betrayal, clearing past life karmic cords/vows of chastity/servitude etc.

Venus in Aquarius
“The pioneer of Love”  
11th house of friendship, the avant-garde, technology
Air sign
Ruled by Uranus
Androgynous energy
(The below description is also a tendency if Venus is in your 11th house/interacting with Uranus)  

Your Tendency in Love:
You are by nature very open minded, it’s as if you are lightyears ahead of mainstream culture on earth in terms of how you look at life, love and existence. You understand that love isn’t bound by rules, and you often feel like an outsider because you’re not interested in the traditions of love and the typical human ideals of marriage, family, the myths of goddesses and gods coming together.

For you love is holier than the human traditions and rules, and love is purer than that. You have your own personal beliefs around love and you instinctively feel that love is about a bond between two people more than anything. Friendship and feeling understood is an important part of love for you, in fact you often are friends with someone before starting a romantic relationship. In many ways you are fortunate because you don’t deeply care what anyone else thinks about your love relationships.

In fact, this is a gift. Spirit shows that you are here in many ways to assist humanity in expanding and breaking up and reforming its conceptions about love and relationships. You might have unusual relationships in life, or meet a partner via the internet, or be alternately friends and lovers with someone. And this is OK, it’s part of the process and you know that as long as it feels right, it is right.

With you there is a sense of someone with a galactic otherworldly background, someone
androgynous in nature who is neither particularly masculine nor feminine. That’s one of your biggest gifts. You are here to help humanity move out of the polarity/separation driven perceptions of love – the old 3D “rules” of men and women’s interactions. To bring forth new styles of relationships, new forms of love and romantic identity, both for men and women.

You might experience an interracial relationship, or choose to never get married even though you’re in a committed relationship, or to be with someone in a different age group from yourself or be bisexual in some way, or you might just have an androgynous energy signature and appearance. Be proud of this, is spirit’s message. You’re a pioneer of love. There is a sense of your background being almost from a civilization of beings who have a culture for openness and understanding in love, and that you are here as a teacher for others.

You instinctively understand that right and wrong are concepts, not hard facts. You understand that each person is a unique individual who deserves to be respected for who they are. You are a talented communicator and gifted at using technology and mass communication to get your perception out there somehow. You are here to be seen, as an example.

Your lessons in love:
You can come across as disinterested because you’re usually in your mind thinking about
something, so you could benefit from deliberately showing love and affection for others. You’re not an overtly emotional or “warm, loving, flirty” person in love. Feeling like an “outsider” in life is something you have likely struggled with, and there is an alchemy to this.

Instead of letting it hurt you and lead you to pull away from others, learning to be comfortable with who you are and not comparing yourself to the “mainstream” and their gender stereotypes and relationship “rules” – you will be the happiest when you get comfortable with your own uniqueness and find others who are also unique.

Again, social media and the internet figure strongly for you – where you can bond with others based in shared interests and beliefs. Inner child healing can very powerful for you, to help you clear any old disappointments and hurtful experiences from childhood and teenage years, and open your heart to love.

The Universe’s Message for You:
Dear one, I are so proud of you, volunteering for this mission of bringing new templates and programming to earth!

Many of you come from far away and have come here to help balance the earth plane and pave the way for a more open and all-encompassing energetic reality on this plane. I want you to know that you have felt like an outsider for a reason – if you were a part of the crowd you would not have been able to help. You wanted to be an observer so that you could keep your higher vibration perspective and programming intact.

I am so proud of you. You are teaching earth that love is infinite, that there are no rules or
boundaries to love, and this can be challenging as human society has been resistant to change. We urge you to disregard the human traditions, habits and viewpoints as much as possible, and live in your own world on earth. Be in your own heaven on earth, however that looks for you. Enjoy this.

A key to your happiness will be to not concern yourself with what’s come before. Go with your feelings, your intuition – what feels right and light to you. That’s where your happiness and fulfilment lives. It is in your living in love and joy that you help the planet and yourself both. We commend you.

Blocks to clear to open up to love:
Feeling like an “outsider”, hurts from youth based in not fitting in, feeling unsafe to open up to others, feeling like you don’t “belong” anywhere or with anyone, wanting to not be on earth/in a human body (unconsciously), fear of your own emotions that can’t be explained, frustration/dislike towards people, feeling and fearing you’ll never meet anyone like you or who “gets you”, anywhere you’ve taken on others’ programming and patterns that disrupt your own, comparing yourself to others


Venus in Pisces
“The ocean of Love”  
12th house of the unconscious
Water sign
Ruled by Neptune
Feminine energy polarity
(The below description is also a tendency if Venus is in your 12th house/interacting with Neptune) 

Your tendency in Love:

You are by nature a very soft and sensitive lover, and you long for a spiritual union with another. You almost feel like the world is too much for you and too harsh sometimes. Spirit shows me you can end up feeling like the problems of the world are your own – you feel everything very strongly and are very empathic, unconsciously matching your energy to that of others, especially those hurting and those unable to defend themselves.

In love, your heart is attuned to the higher frequencies of unconditional love and you already have the templates of oneness with all beings and all things activated – however, this can be the very thing that causes problems for you.

Because of your energetic openness and sensitivity, you can end up (and probably have early in life) absorbed others’ feelings of sadness, hurt and fear. Clearing this from your space and reclaiming your own heart, will free you up to live joyously with your sensitivity instead of being clogged up with others’ hurts.

In love you can come across as otherworldly and almost inaccessible to “mere mortals”, and to many you’re a mystery they feel they could never figure out. You have a very strong sense of the higher dimensions to how you operate – having an innate understanding of the oneness of all beings. Learning to communicate with spirit will be very healing for you, as you get to communicate with high vibrational beings who understand your sensitivity. As the “born dreamer” you seem to have a built in memory of the unconditional love and acceptance of the soul realms, and being on earth and being faced with the often harsh energies and actions of human beings can be a real strain on you.

However, throughout life, there is a part of you that will never give up on the subtle feeling that life and love could truly be “heaven on earth” – that something different is possible. A part of your challenge is to bridge the dream with the real, to help create “heaven on earth”, the balancing point between everyday life and the ideals.

Your Lessons in Love:
In this contrast between your high ideals versus the “real world” you often end up seeking into fantasy in a way of escaping the harshness of society.

You have to be careful you don’t project too much onto others. This is a tendency for you – to meet someone and see what you wish to see rather than who they really are. This can lead to disappoinment. For you, it’s an important lesson in love and life to learn to manage your energy and differentiate between illusion and truth so you can “see clearly” and “feel clearly”. You’re encouraged to focus inside on your powerful source self and not to seek fulfilment outside of yourself or looking to be “rescued” by someone or something. It’s an illusion that you need rescuing. You are everything you need to be.

You need to be with someone who shares your high ideals and understands your sensitivity, someone who can meet you soul to soul in a place of spiritual love where you connect not only physically but as souls. You have the gift of understanding spiritual, non corporeal love, possibly more than any other, and this is a gift. Your journey revolves a lot around understanding your own sensitivities and coming to terms with where you end and someone else begins.

Staking out your own boundaries is paradoxically what will help you benefit from your innate freeflowing, all-encompassing patterns of higher vibration love. To succeed in this, it’s crucial to learn about energy – especially to shield yourself and clear others’ energies out of your space.

Careful you don’t absorb the collective energies and others’ issues because that will only plummet you back down to the low vibrations (lethargy, passivity, pessimism, blame are especially indicated) when you by nature “belong” up in the higher registers of love and peace and light. Your journey is often the biggest rollercoaster of love among the signs, because of how emotionally sensitive you can be. But once you learn to protect your energy and stake out your own course consciously you can truly blossom.

This is also important in relationships, and even with the Twin pair where you are meant to be “merging” on an energetic level, you will benefit from learning what truly is “your stuff” and what is from their ancestry/lineage/background. This complete harmony healing will help you avoid absorbing negativity from your twin and clear attachments from others.

Sometimes you believe something to be “your feeling”, when it’s actually just “drifting around” in your surroundings and picking up on someone else’s thoughts/feelings/energy intuitively. You are already so adept at “letting go”, “surrendering” and “flowing with the universe” – your lessons actually revolve around balancing this with the more masculine polarity energies of conscious action, centering in self, being aware of your own needs and desires and making sure they’re met.

Spirit’s message for you:
Dear one, we see you struggle with the flowing of intense emotions through the earth plane. We want you to know something: Yes, you are one with all things and this is true. However, we urge you to re-conceptualize this.

The truth is that as your source self, your true divine essence, your IAM presence – you are one with all others’ divine essence, their IAM presences. Your soul is one with their soul. But your human self is not one with their human self. As a human being on the earth plane, we urge you to not see yourself as one with all the other humans in the 3D realms.

It is you as source who is one with all, not you as a human. Refocusing in this way will help you avoid taking on other peoples’ energies and hurts and issues. Because those things really are “their stuff”, not yours. It is not up to you to heal the world or take on others’ lessons to help them. They must travel their own path. If in doubt, you can ask “is this my hurt?” or “is this my fear?” and we will help you differentiate.

Your gift in being on earth is to show unconditional love and help this into the earth planes but if you become congested with others’ low vibrations, your unconditional love will drown in congestion and negativity and won’t do you or anyone else any good. You must honor your own wellbeing and keep your own space defined, so that you can from that place of living in your own light, share this with others.

In love, we urge you to focus inside and ask – What would make me happy? What is it I need out of this? And don’t let go of that. You are not the one who always needs to back down, to help others, to sacrifice. You are worthy of having things your way. Setting strong intentions and knowing you are worthy, will carry you a long way. We see you. You are not lost to us. We are always with you and you deserve great things.

Blocks to clear to open up to love:
Escapism/addiction patterns (whether they’re about food, drugs, alcohol, tv, gossip or other compulsive behaviors), lethargy – feelings of “why bother”, fear of never finding someone who will understand you, fear of disappointment, fear of standing up for yourself or feeling there’s no point, unconsciously not wanting to be on earth – expressed as a drifting through life almost as if you’re just waiting for it to be over,

For you, it’s crucial to clear out of your system other people’s love issues of betrayal/hurt that you have absorbed, and reclaiming your own space. Discover more about how to do this here.


Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

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“Cassady’s teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my partner. Now I can greet my fear and anguish with peace and love. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident. Thank you Cassady!”

Kate, California, USA

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  1. My twin and his wife recently had an unplanned pregnancy, which is tying him to his marriage. Is that possible Cassady or is the child actually part of the ‘destined’ engineered circumstances ?

  2. Cassady, how does one love themselves when they have such horrible qualities? I did the chart and it confirmed all the things I hate about myself. Some spiritual teachers say that we were all created perfectly and we are so lovable, but how can that be true when people like myself have such repulsive traits?

    • Angelosophy, no qualities are “bad” or “good” – you’re an infinite soul of light! I’d suggest reading the message from spirit for your sign once more because you’ll realize there’s nothing “wrong” with you!

      If there are traits that bother you or block you, go ahead and clear them and the root causes. Look deeper, because judging yourself can be very damaging – it certainly blocks your Twin connection. What if your reaction is your soul lifting up the blocks so you can clear them? And where did the judgments come from? Who said it’s “wrong” to be a certain way? That’s another thing to clear… Again, look deeper

      Cassady x

  3. Oh my God, that just went straight into me. My Venus is in Pieces and my twin’s in Libra. How peculiar to read about your own experences in this way. Got a sence of relief in knowing there is a much bigger picture to look at, including even the smallest details of what you precive to be “just your personality”. Thank you Cassandra!

    (I been following you for about 5 month and have your vibrational alignment program. Just wanted to take the opportunity to also thank you for reaching out from a place of positivity. Of all the “twin guides” i’ve seen you’re the only one that manages to always keep it light and i appreciate that very much.)

  4. Wow. I won’t lie, I was a bit surprised to read what mine and my Twin’s Venus signs were (I’m a Virgo with Venus in Leo, and he’s an Aries with Venus in Pisces). I knew after reading my bit on Leo last week I was happy to understand fully what my personal blocks are in love (totally dead on btw!). To read this one this week for my Twin, I feel like all the pieces are starting to click together more.

    For one, it explains why my Twin may have married his false Twin so quickly now (less than 3 months after he ended our relationship), because with a Pisces in Venus he takes on her energy and problems and explains more of what he meant months ago when he talked about wanting to help her (she has a 1 year old daughter from another man). It also explains why he chose to stay with her long past when it was obvious they were not compatible in any way, shape or form: he was just looking at her and seeing what he wanted to see (which I believe was simply the few attributes she shared with me).

    It also explains to me about why when my Twin and I first became a couple, the first month we were together he immediately told me he felt like we were meant for each other and that we were soulmates. At the time, as much as my soul obviously believed that too, I thought he was nuts lol, because how could he possibly know that so soon??? But after reading this article, it’s so very obvious how!

    As always, thank you Cassady! Your wisdom and guidance through these blogs are a bigger blessing than you can possibly ever know to me 🙂

    • Wow, that’s fascinating! Thank you for sharing! I’m so glad you got insights into your situation – astrology really can be a helpful map especially to “seeing the bigger picture” of our path and situation <3 Sending you love and light x

  5. I’m hoping you can answer this for me. I just spend over an hour meditating and connecting with my twin flame. My question is I don’t think his spirit/soul left I’m pretty sure he stuck around this time I keep feeling like something or someone is hitting the bed like bumping against it but no one is there.

  6. Thank you Cassady! Interestingly, although we are 11 years apart in age, my TF and I share the same Venus in Pisces. It definitely helps me understand many of the challenges faced on this journey back to each other. Blessings. <3

  7. I know my Twin;s birth date. You can always ask your Twin on the other side to show you the symbol of what energies/feelings he holds toward you.

    Your twin seems to be saying the “lessons” aspect doesn’t exactly apply to those on the other side because they aren’t carrying earth plane ancestral energies and challenges like we do here in the physical.

    But you can definitely get an indication for how he feels that his love for you would be expressed in the physical. He’s showing me a swan for you right now, and I also saw a lion… <3 x

    Sending you love and light

    • Thank you for responding I appreciate this.. I know mine Twin Flame Birth date as well. He is a Venus in Scorpio and his sun is also Scorpio and I’m a Venus in Aries and my sun is a Taurus… He has have shown me swan too, two swans forming a heart. What would you think the Lion mean if you do not mind me asking??

  8. Thank you so much for sharing, Alicia! I’m so glad you got these insights : ) Yes, spirit always knows who is out there and will be reading the messages so they really are meant for you. They know what you need to hear 😉 I’m glad you’re understanding more about your energy and how fear can block us, the energy clearings will move you out of the past relationship negativity. At some point you’ll look back and not have those feelings anymore.

    You might find karma clearing and updating helpful in this period, if there were particularly traumatic experiences involved and there are still attachments between you from your past relationships. The free kit is very thorough but it the energy cleanse doesn’t deal with karma at all. When we clear karma it’s essential to have free will acceptance and awareness so I’d recommend one of the energy clearing sessions for Twins, or the full Vibrational Aligment Program to really get to the bottom of those things. Have a look at http://www.twinflames1111.com/store to see what resonates most with you – your soul will be nudging you to what’s to your highest good right now

    Sending you love and light! <3 x

  9. Hi Natica,

    Thanks for raising this important point! Yes, many empaths if not all will resonate with the Pisces message. A lot of the meaning of these messages can actually apply to not only Venus placement, but Sun and Moon/Ascendant/Midheaven placement especially. You might actually have your Sun or Moon in the 12th house or have Neptune central in your chart – which is the case for most empaths… For empaths Pisces/Neptune/the 12th house is usually involved.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  10. Cassidy… I cant find a description on Venus in Taurus, the 10th House. There is descriptions for the others and not that one. It goes from 9 to 11. Skips 10

  11. My Venus is in Aries, and my twin’s is in Gemini, but I can’t find neither one of them here! Hope you post them 🙂

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