9 Signs Of True Twin Flame Recognition


What Really Happens When Twins Connect? 9 Signs Of the True Twin Flame Encounter and Connection – Soul, Eyes, Heart …

After Twin Flames 11:11 having been online for a few years now, I have heard from thousands upon thousands of Twins from all over the world, both as personal clients and via the article comments and the emails I receive every day. I’d like to thank everyone who writes to me!

I want you to know I do read all of your emails but in order to keep the blog active and the articles timely I can’t respond to everyone personally. I like to focus on answering your concerns and questions through the blog and focus on the questions that the majority of you ask.

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Riding The Twin Flame Rollercoaster

After been through Ascension myself and doing intuitive readings for and coaching Twin Flames all over the world, I discovered what really works and what doesn’t – to resolve the typical Twin Flame issues of Running, Struggle, Separation and the rollercoaster of emotions most Twins in Ascension go through.

Energy really is the crux of the Twin Flame connection: When your energies are aligned, you exist in harmony together. When your energies are imbalanced, there are flare-ups of conflict, negativity and problems.

This is why energy management is the deepest and most effective way to shift your Twin Flame connection into harmony, love and joy.

You and your Twin Flame share the same core energy frequency, as the only two beings in the universe that are exactly the same energy. However, throughout life as you interact with other people, experience hardships and take on toxic energy from people and places, this core frequency gets “polluted” and the Twins are brought out of their innate harmony.

Twin Flame Recognition – The Soul Song

When the Twin Flames meet and recognition happens on a soul level (as shown below), your energies begin a purge of any energies that are out of resonance with your core frequency – your “soul song”.

This process of releasing all past negativity in order to raise your vibrations and realign you and your Twin back into harmony, is called Ascension (you can read more about it here).

The problem with Ascension is that it brings up all the past negativity, all the “baggage” again. This can feel really awful, and it often triggers bouts of Running/Chasing and Separation between Twins. For an infographic on Reasons and Solutions To Twin Flame Running, go here.

Many Twins really struggle with the release of negativity during Ascension, The Free Help Kit can really combat this and help you move out of struggle for good. It really works – just have a look at these testimonials from other Twins

Moving From Mind to Intuition

As you may already know I’m a firm believer that information can be an incredible, helpful thing in life – but we can get too much. Too much thinking, not enough conscious action.

If you look around you at society, it’s part of the problem these days – it’s not that we don’t have enough insight or information, it’s that we have so much we can’t think straight because our brains are buzzing with a million things at the same time!

There is such a thing as information addiction. And information isn’t something that can “magic” a solution for you, no matter how tempting it seems. If your energy stays the same, you’ll keep attracting the same things.

So in these intensely mentally frantic Gemini times, I decided to keep it simple and put up a lovely, colorful infographic. In fact, as you’ll see in Monday’s upcoming article, a theme for these times is to let go of the intellect and center ourselves more into the heart and intuition…Because your heart and intuition know the solutions to your struggles. The mind only knows how to find more problems.

When I was meditating yesterday, I was given the insight that a block for many is the getting attached to the mythology of their own journey – to become absorbed in the addictiveness of the drama of the Twin Flame connection…

And that’s a mental/emotional thing. Once you take charge of your inner commentary and dialogue, you can help yourself so much… To do this, become aware of how you’re thinking and speaking about your Twin and your connection.

Negative, blame/complain-driven patterns are most often inherited or taken on from others – so if that’s your pattern, don’t feel bad. It can easily be cleared with energy tools to allow you to move out of the cycle of negativity.

Let Your Soul Run The Show

If you forgot, your soul has a blueprint to how to get you to where you want to go. Your soul really has the answers if you learn to listen – with your intuition. It’s how you could recognize your Twin even if you’d never met before. It just “clicks” – something that defies analysis and any prior experience.

To give you a reminder that the journey is about action more than it is about “understanding every little thing” – let yourself remember the weird and blissful first encounters and the dizziness of recognizing your Twin Soul.

You were probably not able to understand it or explain it, yet it was likely one of the peak joyous, blissful, intense moments of your connection! That’s because your Soul was running the show, not your mind. 

Let that ground you into the completely illogical, un-analyseable, amazing nature of the Twin Flame relationship, and allow your mind to relax for a minute.

Here are 9 signs of true Twin Flame Recognition.



As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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