Q&A: How To Attract Your Twin Flame (Even If You’ve Never Met)


This week’s question comes from Melissa: “I haven’t met my Twin Flame yet – what can I do to bring them to me?”

A: Thank you so much for your question, Melissa! This is another situation I encounter a lot in my work as an intuitive coach for Twin Flames. I would like to add that all the advice given in this Q&A also applies to any Twin Flames that are in separation.

The very first thing I would suggest to focus on is the idea (the energetic fact) that you and your Twin Flame are already connected on a soul level. You have never separated fully, and there is still an energetic cord connecting you.

You Are Already Connected

Even if you have not met your Twin in the physical yet (and this goes for those who have met their Twin but for some reason are in separation), you can strengthen your energetic and emotional connection in order to manifest a physical meeting.

There’s a great meditation to do this in the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames.

Spirit often compares the Twin Flame journey on earth to a masquerade – because behind the scenes on a soul level we all know our Twin Flame intimately, and we are aware of why we’re here; to experience unconditional love together. However, our “masks” of ego selves present the situation as completely different, that we are strangers somehow, when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Remember that you and your Twin Flame already know each other intimately, you are already connected on a deep spiritual level – having this as your starting point allows for a very powerful intention in terms of ensuring a reunion in the physical.

Increasing Attraction

Energy attracts its like, and you and your Twin are perfectly identical in origin so you are by default “magnetized” to each other.
The issue that often crops up is that as we go through life (many lives if you believe in reincarnation) is that you take on energy and negativity, congestion and so on from other people who are of a different vibration, and from situations that pull you into lower energies such as fear, worry, stress and so on.

Clearing yourself of others’ energies and any lower emotions will be powerful in opening up your inner connection with your Twin Flame again, and once we do this the two of you will increasingly attract each other on the physical plane as well (physical manifestation comes as a result of the energy being in place beforehand).

This is why I’ve included a powerful energy cleanse tool in the Free Kit For Twin Flames.

Methods for Strengthening the Connection

There are many ways to actually start interacting with your Twin energetically and telepathically before you ever meet in the physical, and through this reconnecting on the non-physical planes you are paving the way for an actual meeting in the “real world” happening much faster.

You can, when learning to tune into your intuition, sense where your Twin Flame is, who they are in terms of age, location… When you clear your energy sufficiently, you will be more and more attuned to your Twin in all ways.

My first suggestion right now (spirit always guides my clients to do this with everything they desire to manifest in life) is to start spending some time meditating and focusing on your desires every day. As little of 5-10 minutes a day to get you out of your thinking mind/ego and into your heart will help strengthen the connection between you and your Twin.

Creating With the Mind and Emotions

Creative visualization is such a powerful modality that top athletes and leading lights such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods name it as one of the most important parts of what lead them to success in life, and there are numerous scientific experiments supporting this.

Quite simply, Creative Visualization involves meditating on your ideal situation as if it is already here. So you would visualize already being with your Twin, and disregard any feelings of worry, skepticism and so on. It’s important to get into the feeling of it having happened already.

This helps your subconscious mind reconfigure its activity to support you in getting to your desired goal (the subconscious mind stands for 96% of our brain activity, and science shows we have thousands of subconscious thoughts each minute – so you can see that getting this part of us “on board” for the Twin Flame journey and giving it a goal to work towards is a big help!), and you are matching your energy to your desired goal, which makes you able to attract it and manifest it in the physical.

Asking for Help on the Journey

You can ask your guides for assistance in bringing you and your Twin Flame together in life, and with creative visualization. These methods are also extremely powerful for anyone who’s in physical separation right now.

Remember that the manifestation process can test our faith but don’t lose hope –

Like a seed of a flower grows quite a lot under the ground before we can see it sprout forth over the surface of the soil, energetic work lays the foundations and brings manifestations forth closer and closer to physical reality – but it might take a little while before it breaks through “the surface”.

Don’t lose hope in the mean time, but know that as you are applying your spiritual and energetic work and methods, your desired manifestation comes ever closer. There are many tools in the Vibrational Alignment Program that can help you achieve this, including a Creative Visualization guided audio meditation designed specifically for the Twin Flame connection.

Thank you so much for your question! Sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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