Q&A: Twin Flame Timelines – “What if We Met Too Soon?”


This week’s question comes from Katherine, and is an interesting one. She asks: “Is it possible to meet your Twin Flame too soon?” 

Thank you so much for this question Katherine – it’s something I’ve been asked by many of the hundreds of Twin Flames who contact me every week.

What If…

I completely understand the logic behind your question – that maybe if you had more time to do your inner work before you met your Twin, your journey together could have been more harmonious and smooth…. 

This is a tempting thought, and I completely get your question. However… To be completely truthful – it doesn’t matter. What happened happened – and as energy beings everything we experience is in alignment with something inside of us. Things happen as they’re a match energetically.

The real truth is that the situation in the now moment is as it is. We can never change it by analyzing the past or questioning it. So the best thing I can advise you to do is to learn from the experience, and concentrate on manifesting your present and future in the highest and best way you can.

How to Manifest a Happier “Now Moment”

I’d advise to always focus on staying grounded in the present moment because looking back to analyze complicates our energy and involves us in ego more and more.

The analytical ego self always wants to control and structure, whereas our spirit self encourages us to flow with the energies and stay grounded in the present moment, because this is where manifestation happens. 

If we are looking back, we are not present in the now moment to manifest that happy Twin Flame Journey we desire – in fact, we’ll only be manifesting future things that are in alignment with that past problem we’re so busy trying to understand.

Proven Methods

It really does work wonders to focus on positive manifestation – methods like Creative Visualization has been proven to get results and actually create new neural pathways over time.

It’s an ancient method that originated in Hindu religious rites and today it’s actually the method so many of our world’s leading lights (from sports people to “celebrities” like Oprah Winfrey) used to get to where they are today.

If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind Creative Visualization, have a look at this article in Psychology Today. And if you’d like to give it a try yourself, there is a specially designed guided audio meditation for Twin Flames in the Vibrational Alignment Program – a guided meditation visualization which takes you through creating your ideal with ease. All you have to do is listen along.




#1) “Everything Happens for a Reason”:


This might sound like a cliché but let me explain it a bit more and you’ll see why this is such a widespread saying: On the energetic plane, we can only create what we are in alignment with – what you get is what you’re energetically “wired” to get.

Nothing in life happens unless you are inviting it in energetically on some level: you can only ever meet your Twin if your energy is in alignment with this and open to it.

Look at your reality, your life the way it is right now – it is an outside mirror of the energy you are holding inside. This means that if you met your Twin before you felt ready, you were in alignment with that.

And if there are other things you are unhappy about in life, you are in alignment with that too – for example if you are experiencing a lack of love or money, it’s because your energy field is wired to create your reality that way.

This might be a harsh truth to hear, but everything in your life is due to the energy you hold. The great thing is that once you realize this, you can adjust your energy to serve you better.


#2) You Were Already Scheduled to Come Together

You and your Twin Flame’s souls are eager to get you together in life, as you both planned pre-birth, and they will push you toward each other as soon as your energies are adequately in alignment.

This means your conscious self might be completely unaware of it, but somewhere on a soul level you and your Twin have been triggered to emit a “homing signal” to each other that pulls you closer until you meet.

Your soul might have been ready before your conscious self was, but your energy field was nonetheless aligned with receiving your Twin.

#3) You Are Part of a Greater Whole


All Twin Flames on Planet Earth are an important part of the planet’s own Ascension process and have agreed to come together and energetically clear themselves of negativity in order to function as a gateway of new influxes of positive energy.

You volunteered to this as a soul before coming into life, and it means that your Reunion with your Twin on the earth plane will have been planned to progress a long time ago and a lot of energy will have been put into ensuring it – your soul and your guidance team will have been working to get you together around a certain timeline when you were energetically in alignment with it.

This means that often, at least one of the Twin Flames will have experienced a “dark night of the soul” in the period before encountering their divine mirror self – to retrigger the Twins’ shared core inner frequency and shedding enough extraneous energy to ready the pair to come together on the physical plane to continue the Ascension and Awakening process on the way to Twin Flame Union.

The push for reunion can feel tough as all the negative baggage comes up, but it’s a necessary part of the process to get it cleared so you’re in alignment with the Union. Clearing your energy is the only effective method I’ve found to clear the causes of Twin struggles and reach a state of harmony and Union.

This is why I created the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames, so you can begin clearing your energy too and experience the huge positive shifts that come with that.

#4) Nothing is Ever “Wrong” or “Too Soon”


If something happens, that in itself means you are “ready” for it and in alignment with it – because your energy field will not allow in anything that is a mismatch with how you are wired. We’re wired to experience what we’re in alignment with

If you feel that you weren’t ready to come together with your Twin, that’s due to subconscious fears being triggered (so that you could clear and release them).

Your guides and your soul will never push you into anything you won’t be able to handle (but they might push you into something you feel frightened of so that you can confront your limitations and realize your true inner strength).

Our energy field or “reality field” functions like a filter to our experiences.

For example, if you have never felt truly loved, your energy field will be wired to not allow in feelings of being truly loved – if you subconsciously believe that life works in a way where you never  feel prepared, this is something you’ll be attracting too.

I know it sounds almost sadistic (I’ve had long discussions with my guides about this), but the laws of energy always work in the same ways – we get what is in alignment with what we’re sending out – like gravity, these laws are always “on”. They do not waver.

For us, it can be either a gift or a curse depending on how we use our energy. If we’re sending out negative signals unconsciously, this whole system can feel like a punishment – but the gift of energetic laws is that once we learn how to focus and shape our energy consciously, we can create and experience whatever we want.

If you can shape your energy to allow something in, it will eventually show up. That’s guaranteed.

#5) You and Your Twin Flame are a Perfect Match in Every Way


When you come together with your Twin, you are both “home” – you belong together. You share the exact same core frequency as souls. There is not another being in the entire universe who is as “perfect” for you and as in alignment with you as your Twin.

However, many experience struggles on their journey. This is never because you and your Twin are incompatible, though. Any problem or challenge that crops up between the Twin Flames is due to congested and negative energy and karma – underneath all this, you are blissfully compatible in all ways at all times. You can watch a brief video about how this works here.

In order for you and your Twin to come back together in love in this lifetime, you had to begin the process of purification and Ascension at some point to get back to that pure core frequency or “soul song” – and your soul’s logic is that the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll reach that point of unity once again.

Let me just say this once more for emphasis: the Twin Flames are always perfectly compatible. Any problem or dissonance whatsoever is due to outside energies, trauma and karma that you’ve taken on and experienced throughout existence. And the good news is, that stuff can be cleared.

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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